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Växjö, Kronoberg, Sweden | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | SELF

Växjö, Kronoberg, Sweden | SELF
Established on Jan, 2020
Duo Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"EB11 She"

EB11 - She

review by Rosberg Lima exclusively for BRUTALISM.com

EB11 mixes several elements of modern Rock. Captivating melodies, it would beat simple with heavy sounds of guitar. The combination is perfect; moments of music it calms appear during all this demonstration. They are four music totaling a more than eleven minutes little. In spite of being a production independent the sound it was very good. One greater band for the scene Rock 'n Roll.

http://www.myspace.com/eb11music - Brutalism.com

"Eb11 She"

She ep

While Miami may be better known for its Sound Machines and Dance Music Conferences, it’s by no means The Town That Rock Forgot. It is, after all, where a young Brian Warner found his muse before transforming into Marilyn Manson. So too has Eber C Pitrelli, AKA EB11, found metal on the beach when he put his current band together. Always on the move, however, the Venezuela-born soloist continues to travel around the world as he spins a heady sound that takes in everything from driving Seattle grime to infectious grunge pop.

There are only four tracks on this disc, but between them they display a veritable cheese board of rock turns. “Myself Again” is a domineering introduction. The spidery riffs mix with edgy synths and the whole thing powers into an 18-wheeler of a track complete with rousing foghorn chorus. It’s the hardest thing here with touches of Trivium, The Deftones or even Korn, plus a manfully direct Chris Cornell-style vocal. But what the other tracks lack in heviosity, they make up for in inventiveness.

“Going On” combines skittering military drums with the tortured melodies of Screaming Trees, while “Be The One” takes on the bouncy blues of The Lemonheads and The Spin Doctors for a bit of superior radio-friendly action. The standout tune, though, has to be the title track. The strange blend of almost folky melodies and bursts of insolent guitar highlight a simple dark story. “She’s lonely, nobody but herself,” sings Eber before the whole thing escalates towards a big noisy passionate finish. Thanks to EB11, there’s a corner of the Sunshine State that will be forever dark.

by overplay
Visit eb11 page

- OverPlay.com

"Eb11 She"

EB11 - SheTasty fanzine london 
Miami-based songsmith EB11 has put together a crunching rock EP here which transcends the common place OC sound track genre by actually sounding like he means what he sings about and then layering tons of dirty guitars over the top. Vaguely reminiscent of London's Flight 14. I;m not sure it would keep my attention for a full length release but as a quick rock out it sounds great.
SB - Tasty Fanzine

"Eb11 She"

EB11 She

This track kicks off with a hugely catchy guitar riff that echoes its way through the entire song. EB 11 backs this up with a powerful vocals and emotive lyrics. Of Venezuelan and American descent, EB 11 bends genres together to come up with his sound which is neither metal nor straight rock, but a smooth amalgam of both. His is an epic rock voice in the tradition of power rock over the last twenty years.


- Matchbox Recordings

"Eb11 She"

Eber Calderón, por su parte, es otro talentoso joven radicado desde hace algún tiempo en diversas partes del planeta, siendo las Islas Canarias su actual lugar de residencia. Este caminar por todo el mundo le ha permitido hacerse de sólidos conocimientos a la hora de encarar un género universal como el rock y aunque su música no deja de acusar las influencias de personajes como Jon Bon Jovi y de Steven Tyler, su personalidad queda definida perfectamente.

Eber nos presenta un ep con 4 temas de su propia inspiración en los que tocó todos los instrumentos. Y atención a este producto, ya que aunque para efectos de difusión no califique como producción local, las contadas emisoras que se dedican a radiar el género bien podrían llevarse una sorpresa con temas como “Myself Again”, “She” o “Be the one”.

Y ¿Porqué no? La sorpresa podríamos llevárnosla todos si este joven se convirtiera en nuestra máxima estrella internacional en este campo. No es muy difícil, pues sus composiciones e interpretaciones reflejan, a pesar de su elaboración, un alto nivel de comercialidad.

- Magazine/Digital

"EB11 She"

I absolutely love this. This is so up my alley of music I have been listening to lately. This has the Breaking Benjamin, Three Doors Down, Fuel sound. Heavy rock. I could totally see this on the radio and being a hit, especially the She song. A little heavier song, for maybe Octane on Sirius satellite radio for Myself Again. The craziest thing is this is a one man band. That amazes me, because I hear a lot of one man bands and usually it doesn't sound very good. This is even mixed perfectly. Sounds completely professionally done. I listened to all of the songs on his myspace page and each one of them is great.
- Jens Metal Page

"EB11's She"

EB11 – One Decision
2006, EB11

Tenerife, Spain’s EB11 has a second home based in Miami, Florida. This two-hemisphere quartet lists references including Three Days Grace, Metallica, Dream Theater, Green Day, Nirvana, Three Doors Down and Pink Floyd. Their sound is straight up modern rock. Their 2006 EP, One Decision fits right into the Modern Rock mold.

She opens with Myself Again, an energetic rocker about running away from change. She is a radio-ready wall-of-sound rocker with real commercial potential. The best track on One Decision is Be The One. EB11 comes off sounding a lot like Better Than Ezra in a catchy song full of great hooks and transitions. She closes out with the martial rhythms of Going On. This one is a little more typical of the Modern Rock genre but still quite catchy.

EB11 gets better as She progresses, and the EP is definitely worth checking out. - Wildy's World


EB11 has released one EP so far. This EP is available in all mayor online music retailers.
The song that gives the title to this EP and the first single from the album, "She", has gotten great reviews from the media and radio airplay from several online stations, as well as regular radio stations.

This song is also being featured in two compilation albums that are sold world wide online and in stores. These compilation albums are:
Just Talents 2 (Research Music)
Stay In The Box (Matchbox Recordings)

The song "She" is also part of the sound track of the video game "Motor M4x".

Our song Ejoy the Ride is featured in the CD compilation Positive Music 2010 released by Raging Storm Records.

Currently mixing LP and planing our first US tour



We are just two guys that love to make that kind of music that makes sense to us and so we do...

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