Houston, Texas, USA
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Entertainer/Rap Artist specializing in various forms of rap, hip hop, and club rap.


EBC is an American Rap Artist, Music Producer, Video Director, Actor, Model, and Entrepreneur born and raised in Houston, Texas. He began rapping at the age of 9 with influences including Houston rappers Lil Flip, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, Geto Boyz. Additionally, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Ludacris all gave influence to the vast spectrum that EBC includes in his music.  He decided at the of age 13 that he wanted to be a rap artist. EBC attended Bellaire High School where he juxtaposed a vibrant acting and modeling career along side High School sports.  While passing time in the football and basketball locker rooms, he dropped freestyle verses with fellow players of the team in the locker room and on the tour bus.  By the end of high school, He had picked up many instruments and became proficient with piano, guitar, and bass. EBC installed his first set of 15'' subwoofers in his car and became interested with the technical aspects of Music Producing. He enrolled in Audio Engineering courses at Houston Community College before he graduated so he could begin learning how to produce his own music professionally.  

After graduating high school, while still taking his HCC courses in the summer, EBC attended the University of Texas at Austin the rest of the year. He excelled in producing both locally successful Party tracks including "Let's Party Tonight" and "Cutie with a Booty", as well as some popular film projects. During college, he played his first show at Austin's Tinniest Bar in Texas, from there EBC began to DJ various venues and play live shows for the greek and indie rap community in Austin.  He has captivating stage presence and knows how to interact with his audience to create an excellent show that leaves fans wowed and wanting more. 

EBC continues to play live shows, and has released his new album in 2014 entitled "Dirty South Hustle" featuring fan favorites "Livin' The Dream" , "Kush (You Know I'm Lookin Sexy)" , and "Pullin Up". 

Through the internet, EBC also has a growing fan base in other parts of the world including South America, Europe, Mideast, Asia, and Australia.  EBC is currently working on an tour schedule and new album set for release in 2015. 


Livin the dream

Written By: ebc, eric blum cohen

let me take you back right quick


I remember the days back chillin in school
sittin in the classroom and actin a fool
tryin to come up in this world, i got big dreams
but I'm sitting seventeen and not knowin what to do
but keep banging my screw
man my jeep was jumping
the lights didn't work, but them fifteens thumping
rollin up the dank while we ridin around
had the music turned up and the windows rolled down
while i was bumpin that biggie, that fifty, zero, and pac
and i was jamming the dre and the snoop non stop
i was leaning with my flip and the swishahouse crew
and thats when i thought, well i can do that too
so i threw on a cap and created the mack and
i picked up the mic and i started to rap
then i opened a tape and i laid out a track till the 713 said i can feel that

Chorus x2

Now all my life is surprising and my fears are capsizing
and all i feel is rising because i'm livin the dream

Now i'm twenty three on the mic reppin the south
slanging these beats in the studio in the back of my house
you know i got the skill, and i got the motivation
and i made a little green so I'm running my mouth
and now i know I'm looking flashy and i sound a bit cocky
but its only because my pockets feelin really stocky
and I'm beatin up these beats like my first name is rocky
and i finish with a ball like my last name is shockey
you see, I'm hitting these hoes like I'm hitting these flows
and I'm flipping this dough like I'm rocking my shows
and I'm a go all night, ill spit it off the cuff
my fans in the crowd, they can't get enough!
so ill say it again until its rushing through your head
you jam it in the shower, you jam it in the bed
and right here with my mic is where i will stay
till all you got is good feelins comin your way

chorus x2

Now they calling me a rich boy and sexy to boot
while I'm chillin in the sun in my drop top coupe
its this h-town hustla comin at you with a twist
one hundred percent to blame for these haters looking pissed
you feel me?
can't be stopped catch me running in stride
and i still got the beat bumping out of my ride
and i still running wild with my motley cure
and I'm still big pimpin like the jigga man too
got me livin for today so i can see tomorrow
got me building it up, i ain't sinking with the sorrow
and all the djs just can't resist writing my name at the top of the list
cuz my sales be soaring, catch me blowin up the chart
the rap game needs me I'm just playin my part
and I'm speaking my mind and its comin from my heart
and I'm livin the dream and its only just a start

chorus x2