Ebe is a non-stop flight from London to Tokyo, leveling off in the upper atmosphere. The trip includes ambient synth textures contrasted with live human instrumentation and voice in a UK influenced trip-rock grid.


Two Thousand and Eight marks another rebirth for EBE, the Electronic Rock band from New York City. For over eight years, EBE has been powered by vocalist and songwriter, Harrison Young's unique and forward-thinking musical ideas. The most recent incarnation of the group introduces three incredible musicians to the group to comprise one of the most cutting edge and eclectic bands in New York City today.

On guitar is Matt McDonald, a graduate of William Patterson University’s prestigious jazz program and an accomplished performer, songwriter, and teacher. On bass is the world-renowned bassist, Nick Douglas, who has been touring and recording with the queen of metal, Doro, since the age of 18 . On drums is the multi-talented musician and audio engineer, Greg Inverso, who is also a graduate of the William Patterson Jazz Program.

Singing and playing keys while controlling all of EBE's electronic tracks live is Harrison Young, a theatrically trained multi-instrumentalist-turned audio producer-turned musical director-turned frontman. While providing the voice and electronic aspect of EBE’s sound live, he has been producing tracks as EBE since the age of fifteen, recording nearly every instrument, except for the acoustic drums.

EBE have released three full-length albums of all original music within the past four years. All were released independently and have sold thousands of units collectively, having been shipped to countries all around the world. Their most recent album, called “This Too Shall Pass,” was released in January, 2006. EBE are currently in the studio recording new material as a full band, to be released in early 2009.


2003 - The Logic Gate (Full Album)
2004 - The Death (Full Album)
2006 - This Too Shall Pass (Full Album Available on iTunes)
2008 - Full Album Currently in Production

Set List

A recent 45 minute setlist is as follows:

Hello Tokyo
Reign Down
I'm Afraid Of Americans (David Bowie Cover)
In The End
Our World
One Final Choice
Is This All There Is?
Stop Time

Other covers we play regulary are:

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes
Peter Gabriel - Red Rain
Massive Attack - Teardrop
David Bowie - Life On Mars?
Bjork - Army Of Me