Ebenezer and the Hymnasters

Ebenezer and the Hymnasters

 Bloomington, Indiana, USA

An autoharp, a saw, a canary, a fiddle, an insecure marching drum married to a washboard, a guitar, a lapdance, two pairs of vocal chords and a slightly upright bass.


Ebenezer And The Hymnasters are a "Folkestra" who can practically raise the dead with their electric and eclectic versions of old timey spirituals, murder ballads and story songs. Through their music they will introduce you to people and places from the not to distant past. Three part harmonies soar over the sounds of the fiddle, the singing saw, electric slide, washboard, autoharp, guitar, bass and drums. Their performance will both take you back to simpler times and give you hope for the future.


Stars are Cheap

Written By: Bruce Benedict

Stars are cheap and stars are small

Let’s count the steps down to the old dance hall

I’ll twirl you, I’ll kill you like I used to do

The old man will beat me, we’re long overdue


I ain’t got no home at all

And the sky up above is no roof at all

It’s tears and it’s sun and its cold to the top

And God never made it to know no stop


Stars are cheap and stars are small

I loved you, I lost you way back in the fall

Anthems and notions we’ll drown in the sea

And leave this whole place to the orphans and Indians


Stars are cheap and stars are small

I’m dreaming big dreams of truckin’ that haul

Right out of this city, right out of this world

A son with no hope is a son with no soul


People are cheap and people are small

Whiskey and night sky aint’ no good for me at all

But headaches and hangovers and lost lovers brawls

Head home in the morning with only sunshine and sorrow

Pleasant Street

Written By: Bruce Benedict, Kyle Ragsdale

We’re leaving Pleasant Street today

You’ll pack the girls and drive away

We’ll pack and go our separate ways

I’m taking a flight to my hometown

We’ll drive the lonely hours there

We’re leaving Pleasant Street

We’re leaving all our friends today


You’ll put the tractor in the barn

It’s much colder where you’re from

We’ll park the cars upon the lawn

We fight our hearts both turning numb

We’ll sit for hours in the old churchyard

You will stand like the barren fields

And grieve the loss of a father’s strong arms

I will feel the concrete; I will seal the stone


We’re leaving Pleasant Street today

We’ll pack our darkest cloths

Get your black coat get your black shoes

Then when we’re gone, they’ll fill our hearts

They’ll fill our home with all the love they have

and lot’s of flowers for the dead.


We’re leaving Pleasant Street today

We’ll miss the Sunday dinner

They’ll miss the storm of winter

They’ll leave a plate

They’ll clear the snow away

And when we find we’re home

They’ll wrap us in the arms of love


We have gone to bury our fathers

Rescued from death - raised up to heaven

They will find one who’s built them a mansion

Right by the side of the golden parade

Down Pleasant Street


Written By: Bruce Benedict, Kipp Normand

Every bird will fly when there’s a fire

And every man will stand to watch the flames

And every priest will pray for his own spire

And Fountain Square is losing one tonight


Every ear will hear the siren’s calling

And every bell that rings is our distress

And all our hearts will echo with the horror

And all our darkest fears will be confessed


Hotter than the August sun

Watch the ashes rise like the prayers of the people

All our memories (and confessions)

Drifting up to heaven like the dark snow of winter


Everyone that comes will be a witness

And everyone who comes will build it back

Better than in all its former glory

St. Patrick’s church will stay alive tonight


Hotter than the August sun

Smell the smoke like sweet perfume that carries our transgressions

All our years and dreaming

Vanish in the Roiling clouds and drift up to sunless skies


Think of the hand that struck the match

Think of the blood that quenched the flames

Think of the one who gave his breathe

Think of the one who calls your name


Songs for the Fountain (2007)
The Golden Parade (2009)
Manifest Destiny (TBA)

Set List

Rosa, You Were Late Tonight
Banks of the Ohio
Daughter from the Dust
Sooner than Later
Stars are Cheap
Fire Inside
Your Name is a Hurricane
Pleasant Street
Fountain Square, Please Don't Die
Dove on a Wire
I'll Fly Away
Manifest Destiny
The Sky is Falling
Gallow's Pole
The Darkest Night
Nova Scotia
Oh, My Love
Agamemnon Dead
Trip on the High Seas