Ebenezer D.O.T.

Ebenezer D.O.T.

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopPop

Ebenezer Dot?...Yea! Ebenezer Dot. From driving behind influences like Jay-Z to OutKast, Ebenezer Dot hit the right turn signal and shifted into his own lane. A breathe of fresh air in the stuffy world of rap, "Double Ova Time" is cruising in that lane bringing an unmatched talent to Hip-Hop Music.


Every once in a while there comes along something special, something more than what’s only seen on the surface. "Since I was watching Ninja Turtles with a bowl of cereal, knew I was a miracle", as Ebenezer would say, these individuals come about whether the world recognizes them or not. One of these individuals is the South Carolina bred Ebenezer Dot.

The "Perfect Pisces" born on the 12th day of the 12th sign, Ebenezer Dot led a life directed by creative arts. The self-proclaimed "True Dreamer” circled all that he did around some type of creativity. Everything from clothing design, to creative writing, Ebenezer guarded these many talents for a long time before finding what would become the ultimate avenue of expression...Music.

Refusing to be in a box, Ebenezer Dot will not settle in as the average person recording rhymes over beats. Restoring the truth in what we call artist, he only wants for you to see what is already true to himself. "Use to dream of NBA, nowadays we hardly play". The only artist that matter are the ones who not only make you jam in the club as you sip and celebrate, but penetrate to your soul within those 5 minutes of music and freeze those times forever. He goes in "Double Ova Time". He is Ebenezer Dot.


Ebenezer Dot's "Good Resume" LP (unreleased) Lead Single "I Love It When You Hate" in rotation at Club Ritz - College Park, GA, Masquerade - College Park GA