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Original songs with a bluegrass flavor

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He Knew Me Well

Written By: Eben Salter

He Knew Me Well
by Eben Salter

When I was young and in my prime
I had the call to wander for a time
And hour by hour and day by day
I made my way I made my way

One evening as the sun went down
I met a man on the road outside of town
Though I would be upon my way
He bid me stay he bid me stay

His back was bent his hair was white
His face a shadow in the night
He looked at me and I could tell
He knew me well he knew me well

He spoke of things so dear to me
He knew my friends he knew my family
And when my fear I overcame
I asked his name what was is name

Some all me Fate he said to me
I am the keeper of mortality
And on this night someone is due
But its not you it is not you


And when a mist began to rise
I bowed my head to rest my weary eyes
And by the light of early dawn
The man was gone the man was gone

Sometimes at night in dreams I see
The shadow of my mortality
For who that night I’ll never know
Was called to go was called to go


Cross My Mind

Written By: Eben Salter

Cross My Mind
By Eben Salter

Its been awhile since we parted
Since we came to the end of line
Do you ever think about me
Do I ever cross your mind

It was long ago much too long I know
But once in a while I find
Like the flicker of a firefly
In the twilight you cross my mind

Do you spend any time thinking of me
Do you hold on to memories past
Or did you forget me completely
Have you found your freedom at last

In the stillness of the evening
When the stars start to sparkle and shine
I wonder if you’re lonely
And if I ever cross your mind

Well I promised I’d always be near you
And you promised you’d never leave me
But always is never as long as it sounds
And never always comes eventually

Now its long gone and we’ve moved on
But have we left each other behind
I just wanted you to know that
Sometimes you cross my mind

Oh I hope it makes you smile
If I ever cross your mind