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‘Afterparty’ is the new single from UK R&B funk maestro, Ebenus. He comes from South London and has recently made the jump from producer to artist. He both wrote and produced this track, demonstrating a man who feels he has been in the background for far too long. He cites legendary artists such as Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson as influences. Along with that esteemed bunch he has also absorbed inspirations from hip-hop, classical, contemporary R&B and dance. It certainly seems that Ebenus can talk the talk, but as the saying goes, can he walk the walk?

Well, to be honest, this track gives points for either side. It begins with a simple mid-tempo electronic beat with Ebenus singing the main lyrics of the song, namely “Afterparty”, pretty much repetitively after that. There is a funky bassline, and 70s-style synth that accompanies the vocal and beat. The track is really up-tempo and certainly brings a smile to your face. You can definitely imagine either chilling out to the song in a trendy London bar, or even getting those dancing feet moving in a nightclub.

Where the track falls down for me is that it’s just not really pushing any boundaries or breaking new ground. The reason the track works in a trendy bar is it’s simplicity. It wouldn’t grab your attention as being anything special nor would it as being particularly bad. It’s a non-impact song that I’m afraid won’t help Ebenus stand-out from an already saturated market.

That said, he does have an album out shortly and, with the artistic freedom that will allow him, we may see a different side to Ebenus. With the wide range of influences he has, coupled with his extensive production experience, he certainly has the background to come up with an album that can take on the R&B circuit
- john sidwell

"uk based producer graduates from producers chair to artiste spotlight"

Interview by Howie Mitchell

Producers can be artists, too. And after spending the last six years polishing other people’s records, the U.K.-based Ebenus decided it was time for him to strut his own stuff, an invigorating amalgam of classic Michael Jackson pop, Prince-ly funk, and James Brown-fueled R&B.

Howie Mitchell: You’re based in the U.K. I don’t hear too much hip-hop or R&B from England; in fact, I’ve probably heard more trip-hop than rap from the U.K. Why do you think the British haven’t staged an invasion with hip-hop stateside as they have done several times with rock since the Beatles?

Ebenus: Well, I just think there hasn’t been any proper investment from the U.K. record companies in U.K. hip-hop artists. Look at artists like Sway; they had to go to the U.S. to get a ‘proper’ deal. We have rappers like Ty who should be blowin’ up big in the States.

Mitchell: Who were the first hip-hop artists that you heard and enjoyed? Did they continue to influence you? If so, in what way?

Ebenus: Tracks like Doug E. Fresh’s “The Show,” Whodini’s “Freaks Come Out at Night.” Hip-hop tracks like this have influenced me over time because you can put acts like Run-D.M.C., L.L. Cool J., Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Biggie - they’ve all had some indirect influence in the music more so because I’ve really connected with the tracks that made people get on the dance floor.

Mitchell: There are some obvious ’70s disco flavors in your music. What attracts you to them?

Ebenus: Well, I just love the feel-good tracks that encompassed the whole of that era…Chic, Donna Summer, early Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind and Fire. It was a time of great songs and great singers. The grooves almost made you get up and dance; they locked you in spritually and physically.

Mitchell: What qualities do you feel separate you from other R&B acts out there?

Ebenus: That’s a difficult question. I know in my mind I love to do what ever I feel at that moment in the studio, whether that’s a hip-hop beat, dance, jazz or gospel…just so long as it makes me say ‘Yeah, I can feel that music.’

Mitchell: How long did it take you to develop your own style?

Ebenus: I’ve developed my style over many years but I’d say over the last four years since I’ve spent more time experimenting in the studio with equipment and mixing it up with old and vintage stuff. Now I’ve got nearer to where I want to be at. I’m still on a journey, though!


- thebeatdontstop



Head bobbingly good dance with a disco undercurrent…

- subba-culture


The House That Funk Built - Album release in 2007
New Single - Afterparty due for release mid June



July 16 2007 marked a seminal day in the history of funkand Dance Music, for that day marked the release of the debut album from South London's finest, Ebenus. The House That Funk Built was a simmering concoction of funk, jazz, hip-hop and R&B. The scintillating collection offered something to party to, to chill out to, and to merely listen to.

After considerable success in his homeland, Ebenus was ready to rock the USA. He took the album to WMC Miami 2007 where it received rave reviews. One panellist said: "I'd definitely play that in the clubs. When that bass comes in, it's wicked. Yeah I'm feeling it."

Ebenus himself says of the album: "It wasn't something that I really thought about, it just happened. I was creating more and more tracks that sounded really good, so I said to myself, 'why don't I produce an album of this music, and it went from there."

Ebenus, a native of South London, had been writing and producing for local artists for some six years now, as well as providing backing vocals for many. In short, he has been a fixture on the UK R&B circuit for over half a decade. After such a learning curve, the time was ripe for his first long-player.

Ebenus's influences include Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, along with the motley collection of inspirations that is hip-hop, classical, contemporary R&B and dance. However, Ebenus is one who has truly absorbed all his influences to create a passionate, funky and melodic style all his own.

He says of his eclectic sound: "I suppose that I'm a house that has many different tenants, but we all get on well harmoniously.

"My personal vision is to be respected in the music industry, and eventually produce and write with other talented artists, allowing them to flourish musically and spiritually."

Some reaction to The House That Funk Built:

"Great album. All the tracks are very strong, hard to choose between them all, gets everyone on the dancefloor, great reaction from start to finish, will do very well when released."

"The Disco Funk era is back in town courtesy of the classy arrangement that puts a smooth vocal in exactly the right position with a constant dance rhythm and some funky percussion work. This will be a great live sound and will certainly achieve some high acclaim."

"This collection of tracks all have their different pace & qualities. Funky, Fresh and some tough percussive sounds with the added vocal drives give these tracks some very good prospects."
The album got great critical acclaim in the USA and is now in the studio working on the sophomore release.

Now comes The Afterparty……

Afterparty is the new single from London's finest purveyor of funk, hip hop, Ebenus.
Taken from the forthcoming album also entitled ‘Afterparty’, a simmering concoction of funk, jazz, hip-hop and R&B. The track was recieved at this years midem conference, by none other than the legendary Louis Vega(Masters at Work)...he played to an unknowing crowd who went mad for it...Yet even the legend that is Louis Vega couldn’t get a copy, as it was already assigned for someone else!!!!"

Early reaction’s from around UK clubs include…

’Funky,Fresh and some tough percussive sounds’

‘Great funky rhythms and basslines’