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The best kept secret in music


""Just As He Is" is just fine"

Desert Post Weekly
By Mona M. de Crinis
Ebin Barnett - ‘ Just As He Is’ is just fine

I’m not a big fan of metal anymore unless it’s sterling, gold or platinum. My musical tastes have softened considerably over the years. I’ve moved beyond the soulful screams of Robert Plant and Steven Tyler to the more mellow sounds of Van Morrison and Tim Mcgraw. Once in a while, however, I find myself craving some gutsy rock vocals and ambitious guitar riffs, but I still don’t want it to occupy the entire CD. Give me a little wailing and then bring me back down with a soothing, sensual ballad. To find an artist who can provide both in one collection of work is quite a discovery.

Ebin Barnett’s sophomore CD, Just As I Am, offers a sweet coupling of hard rock, blues, a little rap and rich baritone vocals in a style that is truly unique to this 21-year old local singer/songwriter.

"If Eddie Vedder and John Mellencamp had a child together and asked Edwin McCain to be the godfather, that’s the best way to describe my music," Barnett explains. He lists Rob Thomas, Creed, John Lennon and Elvis as some of his biggest influences. His wide taste in musical influences mirrors Barnett’s own ability to mix it up stylistically, although he falls more toward the Creed side of the rock’n’roll barometer.

The single, "Breakout," is a hard-edged rock anthem in which Barnett pushes his rocker growl to the limit with row, powerful emotion. Sometimes it’s a little hard to understand what he’s saying during these intense vocal workouts, which is unfortunate because his lyrics are very poetic and reflective of a soul that belies the artist’s tender age.

It is in his ballads, such as "Mona Lisa" and "Angel of My Life," that Barnett really shines. His voice is deep and passionate, resonating with a lushness that lures the listener into a state of divine awareness. You can hear every nuance; every breath that holds is young lifetime of experience, as he seduces you with sound, substance and an undercurrent of intensity.

His vocal Mastery isn’t the only thing that differentiates Barnett from the throngs of other artists trying to make it in the unforgiving world of music. He’s also an accomplished musician. From guitar to keyboards to the harmonica, Barnett plays a majority of the instruments on Just As I Am, which he also produced (except for two tracks that were produced by John Rodman).

For someone so young to be so talented versatile and filled with such depth and range surely heralds a successful musical career. Don’t be surprised to see Ebin Barnett staring back at you one day from the cover of Rolling Stone. - Desert Post Weekly

"Ebin Barnett - Just as he is"

June 26, 2003
Desert Entertainer
By Rachel parker
ebin barnett—just as he is

Every now and then a performer comes along that you just know is destined for success. Such is the case with local rock singer-songwriter, Ebin Barnett.

Originally from Jackson Hole, Wyo., Barnett moved to the Coachella Valley in 1999 to pursue a musical career. By early 2002, he had already released his debut CD, Freedom on his own label. He also wrote, produced and played all the instruments on the CD. Since that time Barnett has performed throughout the Coachella Valley, winning over new fans at every show.

Much has happened in the last year for 21 year-old Barnett, including last October when he signed a management deal with Mystic Avalanche Entertainment headed by Tracy Dietlin. Barnett says that was a real turning point for him.

"Having a manager that believes in you makes all the difference. She’s very focused and works hard at taking care of all the business. So I have more time to devote to my music and writing songs," he says.

As a result of that team effort, Barnett has just released his sophomore CD, Just As I Am on his own indie label, ATG Records. He says that this CD is quite different from the previous one.

"Everything is tighter and the songwriting is better on this album. And it’s more In your face than Freedom was."

The CD is filled with hit-worthy tracks and is solid from start to finish. It could easy hold its own on the Modern Rock carts. Just As I Am starts out with "She Moves Me," which is a moving ballad of epic proportions. Then, Barnett makes the transition from soulful, acoustic ballads at the beginning of the disc to funky, hip-hop flavored tunes and then on to full on hard rock tracks on the last half of the CD. Just when you think you know his style, he pulls out something else and surprises you.

Aside from having a deep, sexy voice and being extremely easy on the eyes (ok, let’s just say downright hot), he is also a very talented songwriter. He says that his goal is to be the ultimate songwriter and to leave something behind that people will listen to for years to come.

Barnett already has enough now material written and ready to record for his next album. But for now, he’s busy promoting Just As I Am.

"Now that we have the CD released things are really starting to happen," says Barnett. "My manager is working hard at getting it out to TV & film people, college radio, booking agents and A&R people. We’ve actually already had some positive response and interest from A&R at a couple of the major labels. So she’s going to be setting up some showcases with them.

"She also has me lined up to be a featured artist on a radio show in the next couple weeks."

Throughout the summer Barnett says he will be hitting the streets of LA and San Diego, playing wherever he can. Then in the fall he will embark on a West coast college tour.

Barnett truly shines during his live performances. So if you’ve never caught one of his shows, you can check him out this weekend. The CD release party for Just As I Am is on Saturday, June 28 at Zurr’s Sports Bar in Rancho Mirage. The show is all ages, but 21 to drink, runs from 8-midnight and is $10 at the door. Casey from 99.5 will also be there hosting the event.

It promises to be one of the most exciting local events of the summer. The party has quite a line-up including; the punk-rocker band, Losing Team, rock band, Ornament, grunge-rock singer, Junior, stand-up comedian, Scott Crofoot and then Barnett performing at the end with a full band, which includes Mondo Flores and Tim McMullen formerly of Lung Cookie.

I’ve been performing solo for awhile now and I’m really excited about playing with a full band again," he says. " The hard rocker in me comes out and there’s a whole different energy and dynamic to my performance. This whole show is definitely going to rock."

Barnett’s solo performance on Thursday night at It’s A Grind coffee-shop in Palm Desert, where he hosts an open-mic night every week, was absolutely amazing. Just a guy and his guitar rockin’ the house on every song. Even as a solo act he gave such a powerful performance that he blew everyone away. I can’t wait to see him with a full band.

Barnett’s CD is now available at the Record Alley His website is in the process of being completely re-done, but you can still check it out at ebinbarnett.com. - Desert Entertainer

"Deep Soulful Pipes"

On his second full-lenth collection. Barnett and backups offer 'She Moves Me," a song which spotlights this performer's deep, soulful pipes which are reminiscent of Eddie Vedder. After the delicately played yet fully arranged "Mona Lisa." the acoustic blues rant, "Breakout," really shows what a presence this guy's voice has! - Music Connection / LA


Singles have received light to heavy rotation:
Break Out
Mona Lisa
Who Am I?
Blood Brothers
Run Away

Just As I Am


Feeling a bit camera shy


"If Eddie Vedder and John Mellencamp shacked up and had a kid together, then asked Edwin McCain to be the godfather- he would sing my song," says 21-year-old Ebin Barnett with a chuckle.

With his sexy, soulful baritone voice, his melodic songwriting talent, skillful guitar playing and dreamy, rocker good looks- Ebin is the complete package- making him a contender to be the next big thing as well as a career artist. However, it is the latter that interests him more.

"I’m in this for the long haul," says Ebin. "Being a hip to the moment temporary icon is easy, but having a career that spans lifetimes like Willy Nelson, Bono and Johnny Cash- that’s what I’m interested in. It’s not where I’m at when I’m 25 or 30, but what I’m still doing at 50 and 60. My goal is to be the ultimate songwriter and leave something grand behind that people love to listen to for years to come."

"Influences? Elvis, yep. The Boss, yep. Johnny Cash, yep. Sex, you better believe it. My dad, yep. George Michaels, NO I don’t like public restrooms! Carcassi, I love classical guitar. My friends, yep. And of course countless others I won’t mention… but most importantly My Creator." Ebin says with a sort-of half confident half cocky smile.

Performing since the age of five, Ebin is no newcomer to the world of entertainment. He learned the rudiments of his voice and the soul from which to sing, by growing up in the church’s gospel music in his rugged, mountain hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. "I love singing gospel in the gorgeous area I grew up in. Man!" Says Ebin "I grew up in God’s natural beauty and am always inspired by it."

His passion for singing started at the tender age of five, followed by the guitar at 12, and the writing of his first song at 14. By the time he was 16, he was traveling all over the West coast playing lead guitar and singing with his father, John Barnett, who is also an entertainer.

"It’s just in my blood," says Ebin. In the blood indeed. Johnny Barnett, Ebin’s late grandfather, was nominated in 1968 and 1969, for Country-Western Entertainer of the Year. "My whole life changed when I met my grandpa for the first time at 12 years old and saw him play the guitar. I knew what I had to do… PLAY!"

While music has always been the air that he breathes, at one point Ebin thought he was headed in another career direction. "I really thought I was going to be an Olympic ski racer like Tommy Moe," admits Ebin. "I was practically born on ski’s. I started at three. I was a championship skier that was disappointed if I wasn’t on the highest podium. I skied every day and dreamed of snow at night." At 14 he moved from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Driggs, Idaho and gradually music replaced skiing.

He has approached his music career with the same passion, dedication and determination that made him a championship skier. In 2000, freshly 18, Ebin moved from Idaho to Palm Springs, California to continue his musical journey. At that time he continued writing songs while working as a busboy, a knife & home security salesman, an audio engineer "And other jobs we don’t talk about…" says Ebin. His music stayed consistent, however.

In early 2002, he released his debut album, Freedom, on ATG Records. Ebin wrote all 10 songs, played most of the instruments, and produced the album himself.

Freedom was a great springboard for his career and sparked enough interest to get him gigs throughout Southern California at coffeehouses, small bars, large nightclubs and private events. He has also performed at several festivals including Rocktoberfest 2002, Art Alliance Kaleidoscope 2003, and The Desert Sun teen website launch party, where he jumped off the stage and played a smokin’electric guitar blues riff from his song "I Know You Want Me," directly to the mayor of Palm Springs, who was seated in the front row.

During his live shows- whether playing solo with just his acoustic guitar and harmonica or with a band- Ebin has the ability to command his audience’s attention and hold them in the palm of his hand.

Ebin has appeared on the CBS Channel 2 Morning News show with Craig Michaels in February 2003; CBS’ Eye On The Desert in November 2002 with host Patty Daly Caruso (Carson’s mom); again in April 2003 with host Christine van Blokland; and recently sang the national anthem acapella on the CBS Channel 2 Morning News with Craig.

His songs are being played on radio stations in California, Wyoming and Idaho and he has been interviewed on KKJT 96.3 the Jet in Joshua Tree, on Mix 100.5 with Brian "Stage" Garris in Palm Springs, and on M 99.5 Rock Alternative with DJ Kacey, DJ Dwight & DJ Laura in Palm Springs. He receives heavy rotation on M 99.5 fm as well.

Ebin just released his sophomore CD, Just As I Am, on ATG Records. Not only did he write every song on the new disc, but he also played just about every instrument again, including acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, keyboards, bass and drum programming. He