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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"UndergroundAZ magazine"


UGAZ recently had the priviledge to meet the members of the heavy band ebomb. Combining crushing guitar riffS, tight computer sequencing and an elegant vocal style reminiscent of Alice In Chains and Taproot, e bomb is definitely ready to hit the national forum.
The group consists of drummer John Gilleland, Vocalist Donnie Breksa, guitarist Eddie Lopez(who would rather be known as E Lo) and bassist Tucker (we're not sure if that's his first or last name).
After showing off some material(including a cover of Salt n' Peppa's Push It) in their spacious rehearsal studio, they sat down with UGAZ to talk about what makes them special in the Arizona scene.

To read the rest of the article go to www.ebomb.tv
- Scott Salzler

"Phoenix New Times"

"Planet Sex Pushes Outer Limits"

"The only way I can sum it up is; a freakers ball with bands" e bomb guitarist Eddie Lopez says of Planet Sex, the third installmant in this bands series of risque parties featuring Lezbosagogo, Cut Throat Freak Show, body latex painting, bands and more. Patrons are encouraged to dress in their most outrageous fetish gear and sexy costumes, prizes are awarded for the best outfits. "Any kind of eye candy we want for the show" Lopez says. "We've had girls come out with other girls on leashes, it's pretty much like a circus".

To read the rest of the article go to www.ebomb.tv
- Brendan Joel Kelley

"Playtime Magazine"

e bomb is another act with well founded dreams of success. Well populated and appreciated live performances combined with the success of last years self titled EP contributed to the name recognition they now enjoy. ... Eddie Lopez, Tucker, Donnie Breksa, John Gilleland, you'd do well to remember those names.

To read the rest of the article go to www.ebomb.tv press - Ron Ames


2001: e bomb EP2001 (4 song)
2003: e bomb demo (3 song)
2004: e bomb REHAB
"Broke" and "Junkhead" have been played on 98 KUPD's Larry Mac show since it's release, to great reviews!!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Nothing is new. By now you, the music fan, have read 1000 of the exact same band bios with the standard story: “two best friends from high school formed a band” or “after much searching, (insert crappy band name here) finally found a bassist and are ready to rock the world with their unique style of country influenced classical hiphop” or “after a last minute call to open for a touring act, record company exec/A&R guy liked us much better than the headlining act on the Warped/Ozzfest tours and we began our fairytale walk to stardom.”

Ebomb’s bio does not contain these statements.

“Our Cinderella story is not very Cinderella,” comments lead singer Donnie. “As a matter of fact, it’s nothing like Cinderella. Fuck Cinderella.”

Ebomb consists of four guys who really don’t like each other. One or another of them is always fucking one of the others’ girlfriends and doing way too many drugs. Other times, one of the band members gets WAY too drunk onstage and throws up on the drum riser then starts dry-humping/groping all the strippers (not that the strippers ever mind).

“What? They were strippers,” comments guitarist Elo. “They wanted me anyways. Ask them what the five of us did after the show.”

Sure, Ebomb plays music. Ebomb plays “loud/aggressive music that chicks grind to” says bassist Tucker.

Ebomb’s musical style may best be described as a mash-up of different elements including rock, hip-hop, and energetic sequencing.

“Samples, lyrics, rhythms and corrosive attitudes combine to make the most ‘unique’ element of our music…if there is such a thing as unique…or music,” says drummer Timmy when asked about the uniqueness of Ebomb’s musical style. “Oh, and purple star doggy enchilada shits are unique too. I had those yesterday from too much late-night Mexican food. You can quote me on that.”

Further, according to the band, Ebomb does not care whether you/your girlfriend like/dislike their music. Ebomb does not care if you/your girlfriend want to fuck/not fuck them.

As far as any casual observer can tell, Ebomb apparently doesn’t care about much of anything.

“Look, let me put it this way, stop with the stupid fucking questions already,” said Donnie. Then he immediately hung up the phone.

The facts:

Band Name: Ebomb
Established: 2001
Number of original songs: 23
Number of recorded original songs: 15
Album Names: Ep 2001, Rehab (2004)
Band Members: 4
Largest Band Bar Tab (just the 4 members, one night): $1605.64
Favorite Band Sayings: “Fuck (insert noun here)” and “This is the microphone”.