R & B with a hint of neo soul, feel good music that can be listened to for years to come..Music with a meaning and a purpose. My songs are real life situations that I or people in my circle have been through; It is me at my best. Check out video for Norma Jean at www.myspace.com/ebonewood !!!


It couldn’t have been said better…. ‘A diva is a female version of a hustler. With that said, a diva is one of the many words to describe R & B songstress Ebone Marlowe. Born & raised in Baltimore, MD , Ebone became mesmerized by the power of music, immediately realizing her passion in life. On her upcoming album , Collage, one can hear the power & passion in the music, a collection of lush and velvet-like melodies of love, relationships, determination and real life lessons anyone can relate to. At a young age, music provided inspiration and a way into a world where anything was possible. Idolizing such artists as Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, & Mariah Carey to name a few, she began applying her talents to good use, singing in school and mall talent shows. “I would see these beautiful women on tv that looked just like me, sounded like me, and were fierce ! From then on, I knew I had the ability to share my god given talent with the world, that’s where it all began. Of course I was the normal kid, but you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t on tv where they were, doing what they were doing, I loved the feeling I got while performing for people, so I knew this had to be my dream.” She quickly drew attention from people near and far with her demanding, yet angelic vocals, often being compared to R & B icon Brandy. “Brandy had one of the most beautiful voices, so to be compared to her vocally was really cool.” The first years of Ebone’s career have produced two previous albums, ‘In the Beginning’ and ‘Im Ready’ , in which she expresses her hunger and desire to be part of an industry that one can only dream of – “I want tours, and plaques, and Grammys, play my songs til these people can’t stand me – so come & get me , cause dammit, I’m ready.” Aside from two albums, she has also collaborated with Baltimore heavyweights such as Joe Deluxe, Harm City’s Finest, Young Ducki and Al Great, to name a select few. Ebone has also performed in various shows, including the African American Heritage Festival ‘06 in Baltimore, an annual & cultural event held in the famous Oriole Park Stadium. Ebone’s style is infused with feelings of love, growth, womanhood, and more. This is clearly evident in ‘I Love Me More’ where she reminds a former lover who tries to make his way back into her heart why he left in the first place, insisting that she indeed loves herself too much to fall for the games a 2nd time. Collage also shows its intimate side with ‘Norma Jean’ , an ode to a lover that whatever problems he faced that day, she can make it all better with a simple switch of the hips, all he need do is “close his eyes & hold on to what’s in front of him.” An even more human side is unveiled in songs like ‘Singing 4 My Life’ and ‘When My Heart Can Beat No More’ , where she talks about how she wants to be remembered once she steps off this ride we call life. Collage captures the timeless essence of any girl in a time and place that bleeds the last moments of innocence, while clinging on to the sometimes unbalanced and unfamiliar , yet breathtaking journey known as womanhood, all the while releasing her inner most thoughts and feelings in such a way that only makes you even more proud to be a woman. Aside from her current project, she is working on an up and coming web page ‘Uzuri Nation’ , a site dedicated to building the self esteem and confidence of women all over the world. Ebone is finding her audience through heartfelt, intensely personal music that can strike a chord with anyone through a steady stream of performing in Baltimore, Atlanta, New York, and wherever her dream leads her. The foundation of her music is set between a passion that burns deeper than someone would ever know, and love for an art that speaks for generations past and to come. One thing is for sure, this diva plans to stick around for a long time.

Past performances include, but not limited to:

Geisha House, Atlanta Georgia (2008)
African American Heritage Festival (2006)
2 one hour sets at the Notre Maison ,Baltimore, MD (2005, 2006)


Norma Jean feat. Joe Deluxe

Written By: Ebone Marlowe

Come inside my world, let me relax your mind.
One thing that I can promise you, a real good time.
Dim the lights, sit back let me perform for you.
I got the golden key , here's what I'm gonna do.
Close your eyes; hold tight to what's in front of you, I wanna take you on a ride, ooo wee I'm so drawn to you. Dont ask why, just know I got the best for you.
Anything you need , ooh boy , I'm gonna give it to you.

Chorus: Red lights all around, surround ya baby, I wanna be the main attraction drve ya crazy. I aint your girl tonight, call me, your dreams, your deepest fantasy. 2x

You deserve the best, you worked so hard today.
Im here to take all of your needless cares away.
Wont call it quits until I leave you satisfied, so tell your friends you wont be coming out tonight.
Close your eyes, I'll be whatever you desire, I wanna take you on a ride, ooh wee, the ride of your life. Tonight's your night, don't front, dont resist the fire.
Dont you say a word, I know it's burning deep inside.

Chorus 2x

Bridge by Joe Deluxe


LP's - In the beginning
I'm Ready
Collage (most recent, still under construction)

Singles - Norma Jean pt. 1 feat. Joe Deluxe

Set List

Covers - N/A
My typical set averages from 15 minutes to an hour.

Songs - Norma Jean
(video on myspace.com/ebonewood)
I love me more
A long time
Heaven (feat. Al Great)
Come Home (feat. Al Great)
When My Heart Can Beat No More