Ebonee Arielle

Ebonee Arielle


Original, funky & sexy, R&B Pop with a clever touch of hip-hop and dance - singer / songwriter/ dancer & choreographer, Ebonee Arielle, coined "The Anticipated Queen of Pop"


90210 Records of Beverly Hills' breakout recording artist, Ebonee Arielle, releases her first single, "6 Pack" off her debut solo album, ASK ABOUT ME, September 30, 2008. The "6 Pack" single CD features the main club single a slammin dance / techno mix, the Jacob Archer mix and radio edit.

Her debut single, "6 Pack" is an upbeat club track with seductively playful lyrics. Ebonee Arielle gives a play-by-play of a ladies night out in search of, "a dude with a cocky attitude", then in the chorus sings "I like a 6 pack" and shouts for the men in the party to "Lift your shirt up" (lyrics by Ebonee Arielle). The "6 Pack" single has been submitted for a Grammy nomination for the following categories "Best New Artist", "Best Female Pop Vocal", "Best Dance Track" & "Best Arrangement and Vocal".


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The 19-year-old award winning singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio got her start in the industry in a girl group called STYAL which was managed by her mother, Jacci Deal (owner, founder and CEO of 90210 Records & Public Relations of Beverly Hills). She was home schooled in high school, graduated at 17 from Beverly Hills High and more recently began a pursuit in modern and ballet and primarily hip-hop dance and choreography after she and her former band mates parted ways in 2004.

Even when teaching hip-hop, Ebonee Arielle confesses that she didn't just want to teach dance; she wanted to build self-esteem. She hopes she will also be able to do this through her lyrics. (See below for music and dance credits). Currently Ebonee Arielle promotes fitness, wellness and nutrition through dance and physical activity working with A World Fit for Kids, a nonprofit organization.

On her music she says, "My songs are true to me because I write them. Each lyric is a part of my personality and imagination with the intent to make people dance, feel good and relate." – Ebonee Arielle. "I dance, figure skated, ran track and was a competitive gymnast for several years. Physical fitness – in so many ways – has been key in my confidence and strength, which is why I desire to stay fit and motivate others to do the same!" Ebonee Arielle admits.

Because the "6 Pack" music video would be incomplete without guys willing to flash the camera with their abdominal assets, Fall 2008, 90210 Records & Ebonee Arielle are launching the “6 Packs… Nothing Less “ Model Search & Contest” for the release of Ebonee Arielle’s first single “6 Pack” off of her debut album, Ask About Me - presenting the promotional tour of appearances, performances and the scouring of the nation for Ebonee Arielle’s “6 Pack Posse” to feature in her world premier music video, “6 Pack” that will air on MTV, BET and VH1. Seeking males 18 and over.

The 6 winners will have the opportunity to be featured in the music video and model on stage during performances of 6 Pack and they will be featured on promotional material. Of these winners, we are seeking one grand prize winner to play the love interest, male lead in the music video as well as win a generous prize package!

The "6 Pack" promotional campaign will tour gyms and clubs hosting the model search contest and feature live appearances and or performances by Ebonee Arielle. Dates coming soon…

For more information log on to www.90210Records.com

Send YOUR 6 Pack pics and contact info to
9601 Wilshire Blvd. 1102, Beverly Hills, California 90210
Or email pics with your contact information to info@90210publicrelations.com

You can also post pics on Ebonee Arielle's Myspace Blog! Myspace.com/WeWantEbonee

Be sure to look out for the second single, "You'll Be Sorry"!


Ebonee Talks about the ASK ABOUT ME Album:

I didn't chose to title my album Ask About Me; my alter ego did. I've always felt like I had two very contrasting sides of my personality and that's something I really want to show through my lyrics on this album. There's the party girl inside of me that doesn't want to do anything but have fun, create a scene and be the center of attention - and then there is that girl in me that wants nothing more than to find true, everlasting love and be more focused on the guy of my dreams than I am myself. As a person, I really tend to be Conservatively Extroverted. Maybe I should've titled the album, Oxymoron!

I started songwriting at 11-years-old. In the girl band STYAL, I was the prime songwriter and I got used to a feeling of restriction because I was always trying to write something that the other girls would feel and agree with. I could never really write about how angry I was, or how embarrassed something may have made me felt. Typi


September 30th, 2008 Digital Release:
6 Pack Single:
"6 Pack", "6 Pack" (Jacob Archer Mix), "6 Pack" (dance / techno mix) & "6 Pack" (radio edit)

Previous Album:
Triple Threat - STYAL "Slicker Than Your Average Ladies" 2003

Set List

Ebonee Arielle performs sets 10 - 45 minutes in length. Songs include some or all of ASK ABOUT ME album tracks and other special unreleased tracks:
"Hold Back"
"You'll Be Sorry"
"Naughty Dame"
"My Hero"
"Heads Turn"
"No Matter What"
"6 Pack" / "6 Pack" (dance / techno)
"Pinky Swear"
"If" - Janet Jackson cover
"Nuthin On Me"
"Cross the World"
"Girlfriend Goodbye"
"Rider 4 Life" (Triple Threat album)