EbonyBrownBand Plays R&B, Dance and Funk music. Interacting with the crowd is our specialty. Contributing to the symbiotic relationship between musician and audience is what we play for as we set the groove so people can snap their fingers, stomp their feet and get up and dance. ebonybrownband.com


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We're a band that's always out looking for a great time.
Though we are from all walks of life, we are drawn together by a force much more powerful than any one individual...MUSIC.
MUSIC...to hear it, to feel it. You need not be of the culture from which it derives in order to embrace its passion and meaning. Envite us into your world and feel yourself captivated...in OURS!

Raymond Battle:
Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, I had a wonderful life living in Wrigleyville, 3 blks east of Cubs Park.

There was a magical richness of life and diversity growing up on the north-side of Chicago; my friends were Jamaican, Puerto Rican, African, Mexican, Korean, Filipino and European just to name a few and I loved all of their food and music.

I was about 12 yrs old when I turned the family stereo up-loud and turned my mom's pots and pans upside down on the kitchen floor and with two butter knives taught myself how to play drums. My mom's beautiful singing voice has always inspired me but now I mostly produce the music rather than trying to sing.

My dad taught me how to play 'Freddy's Dead' on the bass, written by the late Curtis Mayfield. Two albums my Dad owned were played by me constantly. Phil Collins band 'Brand-X' and Romantic Warrior by the group 'Return to Forever'. Jazz fusion -- that blew my mind. Founding The EbonyBrownBand is a dream come true and I'd like to inspire someone else in music before I'm through.


Cover Band


Set List

Please Don't Stop the Music (Rianna)
On and On the Beat Goes.. (Madonna)
Magic (Robin Thicke)
I Wish (Stevie Wonder)
Early Morning (Gap Band)
Love Calls (Kem)
Deja Vu (Beyonce&JayZ)
Love Injection ( )
Brown Skin (Indie Arie)
Real Thang (Jill Scott)
Golden (Jill Scott)
Fact Is I need You (Jill Scott)
You Don't Love Me Anymore (Dawn Penn)
Sweet Thang (Chaka Khan)
No One (Alicia Keyes)
Nice and Slow (Usher)
Outstanding (Gap Band)
Now That We've Found Love (Third World)
Cold Sweat (James Brown)
There was a Time (James Brown)