Ebony-Jane Carroll

Ebony-Jane Carroll


I am a LYRICIST desiring to work with artists/bands who are in search of quality lyrics for their own tunes. I believe we are all talented in our own unique ways and I know what I can bring to the mix. I am here to help musical/vocal talent create original songs that they can call their own.


I love music. I love writing. I love being a Lyricist.

I have been writing poetry since I was five years old and that has morphed into song writing, I am now 24. My favorite lyricists just to name a few are John Mayer, Dallas Green, Ray LaMontagne, Jon Foreman & Sting.

I have a passion to see great artists/bands make quality records with words that impact. From simplistic lyrics that connect to poetic lyrics that inspire wrapped in fresh concepts and unique styles.

In need of LYRICS? Email me at: bintialymoses@live.com


Working on an EP at the moment for a new artist.
Short Film - http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=Er0G3hfhLiQ