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Timeless lyrics and beats harmonized to create a masterpiece.


Eboo’s music is a reflection of his roots. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California and having lived in the Bay Area, Illinois and New Jersey, Eboo has incorporated his life experiences it into his musical style.

Eboo’s first solo album, "This IZ Me" features 14 non-stop, hard-hitting tracks that are guaranteed to make you move. The album encompasses all different moods, from the hard-core hood anthem "Real Cali" to the blunt, in your face sexually descriptive "Sex Fiend", all the way to the touching dedication "Mama", there is definitely at least one track on the album that every hip-hop fan can feel.

Featured on the album, are Eboo’s fellow Hall of Fame group members, Executive D and Da Kid St. Nick. Also featured is Thomanika, who lends her talents to two tracks on the album.

"This IZ ME" blends strong lyrics with even stronger beats that put you in a melodic trance. This is an album that you will never get tired of listeing to.


Debut album - This IZ Me - on sale now

Available at cdbaby.com, Apple iTunes. Check out Eboos's myspace page at: www.myspace.com/eboo2006

Set List

Set list:

1. Breakin' Backs
2. Liftoff
3. Where Would I Be?
4. Sex Fiend
5. Go Home Wit U

Set length - 15-20 minutes