Ecce Hobo

Ecce Hobo


Ecce Hobo (pronounced “etchay hobo”) creates arty pop music with influences as diverse as German cabaret, The Kinks, Gregorian chant and Johnny Cash. Their songs are melodic, catchy and sometimes sardonic.


The band's principal writer is John Feodorov. Also a visual artist, john was a featured on the PBS series, "Art:21 - Art for the 21st Century." His art has been exibited nationally and his music was featured in the Chris Eyre film, "Bringing It All Back Home."

In 1996, John and Mark created the group, Skinwalkers, whose songs The Rocket called a "catagory-defying surprise." (Ned Rust - The Rocket) and "totally modern and cutting edge" by Fact Sheet 5.

Seattle Sound magazine has called the new Ecce Hobo CD "A collection of upbeat, yet disquieting songs... the inclusion of philosophy in a rock record is rare and refreshing."


The Moon

Written By: John Feodorov

Cold and lonely, she wanders
From the darkness of the East
Hovering over the Earth
Spying on man and beast

The moon is throwing shadows
The moon is rising high
The moon is spreading silence across the sky

Cold and lonely, she wanders
Never making a sound
As she floats over valleys
As she floats over towns
And when she reaches the ocean
The waves will sing a lullabye
And as their melody is ending
She'll slowly close her eyes

The moon is throwing shadows
The moon is rising high
The moon is spreading silence across the sky


Debut CD "Where The Devil Dances" on our own Ambiguous Music label. Track 4, The Moon, is currently streaming on various internet radio stations.

The CD also features the talents of:
Paul Amiel: Keyboards, flute, harp, vocals
Amanda Sloane: Keyboards, vocals

Set List

Our typical set is between 40 - 60 minutes and consists of all original material. We use LCD projections and props in our performance.
Set list: Hobo March, sermon, Evil Ways, Man On A Street, Calling My Own Name, Satan's Dug, Voices, Exit The Sun, The Ballad Of Bob And Betty, My Soul Is Saving Me, Freeway Song, Hobo's Lament, God's Eye, Where The Devil Dances.