Echelon is an innovative rock band with undertones of blues, country and classic metal. Echelon derives inspiration from the rich musical palette available in the 21st century, and fuses these elements into a hybrid form of Rock and Roll.


ECHELON, formed in September of 2004, effectively blends eclectic roots and disparate influences into a unique matrix of original rock music. The core of ECHELON’s sound draws its character from American and British rock of the 60’s & 70’s yet is sheathed in a timeless package with a distinctly modern edge.
Dorian Cornwell (drums), lately of the progressive rock group “Seeping Knowledge”, and Dave Myers (guitars/vocals), who previously co-fronted the new wave/garage-rock outfit “Tongue Noir”, found each other through an ad in the local music pages. They shared an instant and remarkable rapport and soon began a new band. The two convinced Abraham Willock (bass) from the pop-rock project “Young Urban Misfits” to come into the picture. Abraham added a solid bass line and coined the band’s enigmatic name. At the same time Abraham joined up, Craig Anderson (guitar/vocals/harmonica), a solo acoustic act who mixed Neil Young and Bob Dylan covers with his own compelling compositions, signed on to complete the lineup.
ECHELON performs high-energy rock ‘n’ roll as well as they entertain in relaxed acoustic settings. The band’s flexibility and improvisational skills blend well with their penchant for musical variety; all four members of ECHELON exhibit prolific compositional abilities and musical creativity. Interested in the living traditions of jazz, blues, folk, country, classical, and other timeless music, the musicians imbue original material with a distinctly “classic” spirit, which is also exhibited in their interpretations of previously existing works. They enjoy showcasing the best and most remarkable examples of cultural and popular music through the large catalog of cover tunes they regularly perform.
There is a “searching” quality to the work of ECHELON. It is a voyage through a strange and spacious land, wild and otherworldly – an invitation for the listener to journey across vast open spaces where the imagination can wander. Their electrifying rock sound is balanced by a narrative and poetic quality that is complex, soulful, and melodic.
A few of the artists from which ECHELON takes inspiration are: Bob Dylan, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Slayer, John Coltrane, Muddy Waters, Mogwai, Guns N’ Roses, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Mötley Crüe, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, The Misfits, The Clash, and Jimi Hendrix.

Venues we've played include: (Denver Metro Area):
The Larimer Lounge
The Gothic Theater
The Minturn Saloon
Cricket on the Hill
Herman's Hideaway
House of Rock
Iliff Park Saloon
Ironworks Brewery
Café Cero
Quixote’s True Blue
Dulcinea’s 100th Monkey
The Oriental Theater
Boulder Area
The Catacombs
The Cannon Mine Coffee House
The Buffalo Rose

We've played alongside signed and unsigned artists such as
Born in Winter
Breeding Ivy
Crusher Bound Cadillac
David Shook Band
George & Caplin
Heaven’s Night
Hissi Fit
Hot Whiskey
The Mercury Project
National Blues Arsenal
Vacant Excuses
Yelling Man
Yetsgo One Thrust


Our soon-to be released album was recorded at Colorado Sound, the top music recording studio in the Rocky Mountain region by owner, studio manager, and chief engineer, Kevin Clock. Kevin has hosted national artists such as D'angelo, 'NSYNC, Ginger Baker, eminem, Gladys Knight, Styx, Steve Miller, Method Man, Redman and The Fugees.

We have received airplay on local radio station KGNU (88.5FM Boulder/1390AM Denver).

Set List

We play sets typically from 45 minutes to an hour, and from one to three sets a night, depending on the venue.

Typical set:
1. Golgotha: 4 min. Blues- Stonesy sort of song.
2. Lady Rose: 5 min. Pop- rock ballad, Beatlesque.
3. Secret Life: 5 min. Rocker that gets peole moving.
4. Eskimo Blues: 4 min. Rollicking blues number.
5. The Wanderer: 6 min. We call it "Desert Rock".
6. Wind and Soul: 7min. "Driving" song.
7. Enrapture Me: 5min. Riff- heavy rock.
8. Harlan County: 5min. Populist protest song.
9. For your Love (by the Yardbirds): We play this song like it's surf rock on acid.
10. Encore is usually a Hendrix or Black Sabbath cover.