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Echo Nebraska

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie


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"Indie trio plays the Dirty Jersey: The Lunas, Echo Nebraska and the Fineprint hit Kamloops on their tour"

An enthusiastic crowd was brought to the Dirty Jersey on Kamloops’ North Shore on Oct. 23, as three Canadian indie bands performed live, each on their own path to success. Although the performances were delayed by the nail-biting end to the Toronto vs. Kansas City baseball game, The Lunas, Echo Nebraska and the Fineprint wrangled the audience in for a spectacular show.

The show commenced with the ambitious orchestral sound and wonderfully crafted harmonies of Echo Nebraska. This band was blues rock meets folk meets country twang, and they delivered it with brilliant execution. Their use of various instruments such as the violin, saxophone and mandolin creates the ensemble effect and compliments their fascinating and storytelling lyrics. Lead vocalist Devan Christodoulou brings a unique style to the show. The diversity in his voice takes the audience to new places as we travel with him through happiness and hardships. This band is as good on stage as they are in the studio, with a rousing live performance that would be a shame to skip.

Echo Nebraska is easily the kind of band that sheds an optimistic light on the indie music scene. Aside from a faulty string broken with a passionate chord stroke, the band did not miss a note. Be sure to check out the band’s single “Hey, Allison” on their debut album “Send the Ships.”

Next up was a Vancouver-born band called The Lunas, composed of four core members. This band had strong instrumentals and captivating lyrics. Even though the Lunas are classified as indie-pop, they often confused their sound with techno and alternative rock elements. They were somewhat outshone by the other artists on stage, and they had a largely generic sound to most of their songs. Some songs were better than others, however their hipster vibe had many audience members out the door mid-song.

The Lunas ended with an epic original song that was just weird enough to work soundly with what could eventually turn into a developed and unique style. The guitar riffs and the use of the saxophone blew previously-set expectations out of the water. With some work, and less distraction, this band could be great.

The Fineprint concluded the evening with classic punk music brought to life with a passionate performance that was loud and energetic. Even with their missing bass player and technical difficulties, they were cheered on by the crowd. This band originated in Kamloops and offers a unique genre blend to the indie music crowd. They offered up four of their own originally-written songs and four covers that were performed with flair. The band’s personal inspirations were prominent in their music and worked coherently with their style. Although the band could use some polish, they gave an overall great performance with excellent stage presence.

The Fineprint is sure to become a favourite among punk and alternative rock music lovers, noticed for their distinct and all around robust sound. - TRU Omega

"Rubacava with Echo Nebraska – The Hidenburg, Vancouver – March 19th, 2015"

Vancouver has created one of the most vibrant indie rock scenes in Canada, comparable to that of Montreal, especially with independent acts currently on the rise. The combination of acts like Rubacava and Echo Nebraska playing together at Vancouver’s Hidenburg makes for a fitting example.

Echo Nebraska has an uncanny ability to use instruments traditionally associated with country or folk music and seamlessly blend them into their own brand of soul-infused indie rock, with a flare for memorable pop hooks. With the addition of flourishing violin passages, the music is subtly enriching without being flashy or overbearing, in a way reminiscent of the Punch Brothers or Dave Matthews Band. The band made unique use of the piano, accenting the remaining instruments with tasteful sonic textures and a variety of serene melodies.

Guitarist Andy Schichter witched between electric guitar, keyboards and banjos emphasizing the band’s musical. Songs like “Nice Philosophy” and “I’ll Get it Right” allows the band to shine. Lead vocalist Devan Christodoulou proved via his performance that the band is no fluke, by allowing his voice to illuminate each track with an understated nuance, especially on their single “Hey Allison”. Echo Nebraska is making a name for themselves with their debut EP Send the Ships, but their live performance will definitely have them accumulating an audience of their own this summer on the festival circuit.

Rubacava took the stage to promote their sophomore release The Magnet EP brought their electrified funk to life with their soulfully sincere songwriting. The duality of the male and female vocals reflects the vivid dynamics within the music, creating contrast between their subdued verses in many songs with vivid melodies, as in “Magneta” and “When I’m Coming Down”. Songs like “End of April” showcase Rubacava’s ability to switch gears effortlessly by swinging from electric rock combined with pop sensibilities to a piano driven soul tinged track. Rubacava is vigorously spirited onstage with their energetic performance.

The highlight of the night was their dance inducing track “Black Calico,” which sparked the audience into motion with its vibrant melodies and various guitar licks, piano hooks and dynamic vocals. With the pulsating bass lines and bombastic drumming over the lyrics “Darkness/with a venomous kiss/that’d bring a demon down/to its knees” definitely had the crowd flowing with the infectious energy of the track and is bound to be the band’s next single. - Lithium Magazine

"Review – “Send the Ships” – Echo Nebraska"

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis

Officially Echo Nebraska is a very young band. But that’s not taking into account the time spent by lead singer/songwriter Devan Christodoulou and guitarist Andy Schichter prepping nearly 20 demos before heading into Blue Light Studio with fellow recruits Karen Hefford, Stacy Mack and Gunn Park to record debut Send the Ships.

Christodoulou and Park had actually been in the process of recording for their band Amber Hills when an encounter with audio engineer Schichter steered their sound into a new direction and provided an outlet for some of Christodoulou’s other compositions. The result may not have been what they initially had in mind, but the stunning five-track EP proves the band at least had the sense to realize they had something great on their hands.

It’s a quick EP that feels like it ends far too soon, with the final notes of “Pilgrim” leaving a sense of emptiness after they’ve faded. Christodoulou’s vocals are filled with richness and complimented by the backing vocals he and Schichter are so fond of. Meanwhile the album teases out the favourite creative instruments of modern folk, folding in the banjo and mandolin as they fill out the band’s restrained dynamic.

Laid out over the sparse strumming of a guitar, “Hey, Allison,” focuses on Christodoulou’s voice as it arches up to the chorus. Crying out, “my baby’s coming back… My baby’s coming through,” he channels the song’s narrative of mental illness into an emotional climax that forces you to lean in and listen.

The gentleness of “I’ll Get it Right” makes a nice contrast as the album winds down from its intense opener, skipping along softly and offering itself up as a mid-EP breather. It’s nestled in between the playful “Nice Philosophy” and the rough-edged “Out of Time,” a dose of peace matched only by the dreamy closer.

Chistodoulou and Schichter were definitely onto something when they whipped up those 20 demos—and again when they selected these five songs to finesse as Echo Nebraska’s introduction. Though as the final, whirring notes of “Pilgrim” echo out—possibly a nifty shout out to their own nomenclature—it’s hard not to wish they’d offered up another handful of those tracks to stretch Send the Ships out just a bit longer.

Top Track: “Hey, Allison”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) - Grayowl Point

"Echo Nebraska - Send the Ships"

Humming synth pad and warm guitar gets the ball rolling on Echo Nebraska's debut EP, Send The Ships. Opening with their single Hey, Allison, a song about someone who struggles with mental illness and the hope that it can be overcome with the power and purity of love's essence, is a catchy start to the EP. This sweet song feels influence by the works of Fleet Foxes, or Matthew Barber, while still being something totally beautiful in its own right.

Next up is Nice Philosophy, a good mix of folk, country and rock. With its palm muted intro and solo vocals that keep the listener tuned in and focused, to the moment the bouncy drums come in and add even more hop to this song, you'll be hooked.

A sweet introduction of guitar and tamborine bliss welcomes I'll Get It Right. A song that feels like a plea to a lover, asking for forgiveness, and promising to not screw things up again. It's a fun song, showered in shimmering guitar, a Doo Wop breakdown, and angelic harmonies similar to those of early Beatles songs. It's the sweet center of this tasty EP.

Then comes the thunder that is Out Of Time, kicking it off with pounding guitar shots. The songs adds a bit of grit to the EP, but the chorus keeps a little of that sweetness around. It has a powerful ending, with the last words of the song held on by piano chords.

Beautiful synth and gentle finger picking opens the final song of the EP, Pilgrim. The song is just so warm through and through. It has big open vocals and awesome harmonies that accompany them. You can easily find yourself getting lost in the beauty of this song with its repeating outro of You'll be leaving here tomorrow, before one more echo of guitar sends you off and the EP is over. - Geyser Music

"ECHO NEBRASKA Show @ The Media Club, Vancouver - February 6, 2015"

By Morgan Berna, Photography by Adam Briscoe

Echo Nebraska took to the stage in the packed Media Club last Friday night. For it being only their second live show, they were met with a huge amount of enthusiasm from the crowd. Clearly they’ve already begun establishing a name for themselves.

They started their set off with the last track on their new album (Send The Ships), Pilgrim. A slow, and beautiful building track. It was a bit of a change for the crowd from the upbeat opening band, however after a few verses the crowd was entranced by Devan Christodoulou's beautiful vocals, and the gorgeous violin addition. What was immediately apparent at the Media Club was the awesome sound quality. You could hear every lyrics, and every chord individually. That’s something a lot of clubs can’t offer here in Vancouver - Truly awesome, clear sound.

Next up was Out of Time, met with cheers. The rocking start to this song gets people's attention. I’ll Get It Right had an awesome jungle style beat, and had the audience clapping. It had 50’s style shimmering guitar, and sounded essentially identical to the album version, which is awesome for a new band trying to get people buying and sharing their album. Only In Dreams sounded very Canadiana with the addition of sweet, gentle mandolin riffs. Hey, Allison was an easy crowd favourite, with lots of people singing along. The song is upbeat, while still having something a little eerie and interesting about it. All Through The Night is Echo Nebraska’s country song, and it definitely got people moving. It was fun to shake up the set, and throw in a different style of sound. Nice Philosophy was another easy crowd favourite, with its groovy beat and lyrics that make you want to sing along.

They finished their set off with Chain of Command, a darker song that still had a high energy. Echo Nebraska truly does have a sound that's unique. They keep things just easy enough to listen to that a wide variety of audiences would love their music, without losing that edge that's all their own. At this show, the audience was definitely left wanting more, and we know we’ll be hearing a lot more about this band over the next year. - Geyser Music

"Echo Nebraska Announces Western Canadian Tour"

Get ready to open your hearts and dust off the dancing shoes (outside the comforts of your own home, that is). BC's Echo Nebraska will be embarking on a western Canadian tour this spring, with a sweet and soulful alt-rock sound that is not to be missed live.

Consisting of Devan Christodoulou, Andy Schichter, Carly Frey, Mike Lauder, and Gunn Park, the five-piece released their debut EP, Send the Ships, in January of 2015. From the bright acoustics of “Hey, Allison” to the electric rock riffs of “Out of Time,” the band conveys a warm optimism that is both genuine and infectious. Check out the colourful video for “Hey, Allison.”

The tour will see Echo Nebraska take the stage with a variety of local acts in each city they visit, including Ah, Venice and Max Pittet (Nanaimo), Octobers’ Joel Ellsay (Kamloops), Justine Vandergrift (Edmonton), and Tiger Moon (Kelowna). They will be stopping at the Biltmore Cabaret (2755 Prince Edward St) on Friday, May 6th, and perform alongside The Ruffled Feathers and Coastline Pilot. Take a look at the full routing below!

Echo Nebraska 2016 Spring Tour Dates:

4/22 - Victoria, BC - Felicita’s +
4/23 - Nanaimo, BC - The Vault Cafe !
4/24 - Port Alberni, BC - Char’s Landing
4/26 - Kamloops, BC - The Grind *
4/27 - Salmon Arm, BC - The Barley Station
4/29 - Calgary, AB - Broken City $
4/30 - Edmonton, AB - Bohemia ~
5/01 - Medicine Hat, AB - Ye Olde Jar Bar
5/02 - Lethbridge, AB - Owl Acoustic Lounge
5/03 - Nelson, BC - The Royal
5/04 - Kelowna, BC - Fernando’s Pub #
5/06 - Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore Cabaret ^
5/07 - Squamish, BC - Howe Sound Brew Pub

+ w/ Kyle Schepens + Chris Jordan (of AZTEC) & Ah, Venice
! w/ Ah, Venice & Max Pittet
* w/ Joel Ellsay (Octobers) & Guests
$ w/ The Provincial Archive, The Velveteins & Fever Feel
~ w/ Justine Vandergrift & Guests
# w/ Tiger Moon
^ w/ The Ruffled Feathers & Coastline Pilot

For more information on Echo Nebraska, visit their website. - The Permanent Rain Press


Send the Ships (2015)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bursting on to the Canadian music scene with the release of a music video for their first single, ‘Hey, Allison’, Vancouver’s Echo Nebraska quickly gained a reputation of combining soul-strung acoustic songs and subtle shades of Americana. Within a week of the band’s launch, CBC Music added the video to their list of Best New Music Videos.

The band grew out of an organic, creative setting that turned into something bigger than they had intended. Vocalist Devan Christodoulou was recording an album with a different band when he met audio engineer and guitarist, Andy Schichter. After heading into the studio to record their debut EP, Send the Ships, they recruited drummer Mike Lauder, violinist Carly Frey, and bassist Dan Ponich to round out the lineup.

Grayowl Point wrote of Send the Ships that, “Christodoulou’s vocals are filled with richness and complemented by the backing vocals he and Schichter are so fond of.” The Permanent Rain Press wrote, “Echo Nebraska has crafted a release as bright and aesthetically pleasing as its cover art.”

Since then, Echo Nebraska has extensively toured Canada, landing in showcases such as BreakOut West 2016 in Regina, SK and Canadian Music Week 2017 in Toronto, ON. Send the Ships has charted highly on numerous campus stations across Canada, reaching a high of #3 on CJSF.

Echo Nebraska is currently in the studio with Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter, Holly McNarland) and Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, New Pornographers). Their first full-length album due in the spring of 2018

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