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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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Echoes de Luxe @ Geno's Rock Club

Portland, Maine, USA

Portland, Maine, USA

Echoes de Luxe @ Pianos

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Echoes de Luxe @ Dragonfly

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA



"Echoes de Luxe capture the sexy, sultry way that rock music can be twisted to drag their listeners in" - Haus of Music

"On Monday, October 26, 2011, Echoes de Luxe played a classy and resonating live show while bathed in red at The Satellite in Los Angeles, California." - Buzzine

"The title track for Echoes De Luxe up and coming sophomore EP Hold On is mesmerizing to say the least. From note one, it takes me to a place that doesn’t exist in my daily realm of tasks and to do’s. It literally floats all around me..." - The Ripple Effect

“Offering a little something for everyone, the EP’s title track gently pushes and pulls while songs like 'Don’t Change' pummels through with raucous rhythms and wailing guitar." - Buzzbands LA

Echoes de Luxe’s Hold On is for people who like The Killers (if you didn’t pick up on that before), as well as The Filthy Pillows and Apple Horse. Hold On is available now for those who want music that’s attractive, but has a sense of disturbing drama to it. - Golden Mixtape

These six songs are some kind of crazy Beatles-like pop rock mixed with the sounds of Friday Night Lights and I don’t even know what else, but it is engaging. - Raised by Gypsies

Disconcertingly confident and melodically unbroken, these Los Angeles based Dream-Rock visionaries define the pure nature of current independent music. With some industry big guns to champion their flawless harmonious quantities and complex moody Rock, Echoes de Luxe provide an atmospheric glimpse into how this genre should be portrayed. The music video for `The Ride` includes the insanely gorgeous Kelsey Gunn courtesy of the 5 second films series and although the track is pretty faithful to the hugely successful 2009/10 demo, `The Ride` has evolved into a slightly more sinister relative complete with a sporadic drum style and a venue busting chorus. Indie aftershock or mainline Rock N`Roll, Echoes de Luxe open the experimental musical door with very subtle 20lb sledgehammer.
- Mojophenia

Echoes de Luxe- "The Price of Love"

"They're a local L.A. band who make roll to the beach, buy-the-groceries music sound sexy. I do neither of those things."

-Dave Navarro - Maxim Magazine

I’ve been a fan of LA-based rockers Echoes de Luxe for quite some time now; unlike most other bands foisted on me these days by either MTV or VH1 (when they actually get around to playing music videos) or other douchey hipsters trying to exert their own inflated sense of cool by talking up one obscurely-named, emo-influenced, noise groups, Echoes can actually play their own instruments well and the singer can ACTUALLY SING!

Moreover, the band’s mix of electronic texturing mixed with shifting rhythms, solid guitar playing, and contemplative lyrics make for post-Floyd space rock with enough space to move into various other sonic spaces at will. The guys recently posted their latest work, The NotreMonde Demos, online for free download for anyone interested.

The 7-song playlist is a marked step up from their initial EP and shows a band that is further settling into their sound with confidence building. Most importantly, the guys are putting it up for free!

At the very least, you get a great set of music for zero pennies and at best, are turned onto a new band that puts faith back into us disappointed by the Bieber onslaught.

Click here to listen to the songs and download the entire album for free - Vegas Outsider

Echoes de Luxe is the kind of band you want to hang out with. Comprised of Rick Swan, Brahm Bourque, Justin K. Smith and Matt Lesser, EDL is band of East coast friendly misfits with enough style sense to make you feel, well, in-superior. Aww. Well, that’s what bands do – give us non-musicians something to strive for, so you can’t blame them. I sat down with lead singer Rick Swan to talk fashion, mustaches and Jaws. Here you go.

JB: So we’re gonna talk fashion today. Not sure if that’s what you signed on for, but -

RS: Well, luckily they go hand in hand.?

JB: Not a lot of bands think so.?

RS: Most people see a band before they hear a band these days. It didn’t used to be like that.? I remember being a huge Depeche Mode fan and then my dad gave me this calendar of the band for Christmas and I was like 11 or 12, and it put me in a tail-spin: ‘I like the music of this band, but the their look is so strange.’ Of course, it made sense later. But as a band I suppose you don’t want [fashion] to be the focus, but these days you kind of have to accept the fact that it is part of all of it and use it to your advantage. ?

JB: It is. And it’s unexpected. What’s your dream locale to play??

RS: Hammersmith, PA.??

JB: Three words to describe the EDL sound.?

RS: Raw yet refined.?

JB: When did you first pick up a guitar??

RS: When I was around eight, but that was only for like a day. But, I remember going to a friend’s when I was like 15. He was the type of person you would never expect to have a guitar, and he had this electric guitar in his bedroom, and I was like: ‘If he can play the guitar, I’m definitely going to play guitar.’

JB: Rank these: food, water, new guitar, the perfect pair of jeans, being a full-time musician.?

RS: How about being a full-time musician with a bottle of water in my hand? Wearing an awesome pair of jeans and holding a brand new guitar. I think I cheated.?

JB: It’s okay; you’re probably allowed to cheat. Let’s talk clothes. Three words to describe your style.?

RS: Urban English cool.?..does that sound egotistical??

JB: No, not at all! But we’ll add that just in case. Do you have a fashion inspiration or icon??

RS: I think you can rock anything as long as you own it. You could walk down the street wearing a Cosby sweater and neon sweat pants, as long as you know how to walk with it. I guess that’s what inspires me. ?

JB: And the hair – what’s the inspiration there??

RS: Well, I’ve done probably every hairstyle you could possibly imagine. Long hair, short hair, spiked hair, mohawks – everything. I guess I’ve just been trying to find what really works. Like with music. But to be quite honest, I think this is the hairstyle I would like to keep for a long, long time. ?

JB: I know you’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on it. (Rick’s hair is amazing. That’s all I’m gonna say. You have to go witness it yourself.)

RS: It’s been getting some pretty good feedback, from what I have heard. I was in Vegas when it was really long, and people would ask if they could get a picture with me. I think they thought I was someone else, but I have no idea who. ?

JB: This is a little Pop Quiz. Ready? Eyeliner or no eyeliner??

RS: Man, that’s tough. I’ll tell you, I was probably the only kid in my high school that actually wore eyeliner in Maine, and amazingly enough I never got beat up. Pretty remarkable. I would wear silver pleather pants, purple hair and eyeliner, and no one fucked with me.?

JB: Well, you just lead into my second question in the Pop Quiz, which is: Black or silver pants??

RS: Aww. These days I would say black. If you asked me when I was 17, I would say silver. ?

JB: See-through shirt or no shirt??

RS: I would have to go with ‘no shirt.’?

JB: Really? Cuz if there is anyone I know who could rock the see-through shirt, it’s you.?

RS: I’d probably have to wax my chest…see-though shirt with chest hair – weird, right??

JB: What’s your favorite place to shop??

RS: Gotta say, I don’t have one. Everything that I really love is either given to me or I found at some vintage shop somewhere.

JB: When you are rich and famous, which will you do first: develop a perfume line, a clothing line or a signature guitar??

RS: If I felt more confident about my actual guitar playing, I think I would do the guitar. But, I have to be honest, it’s tough to find clothes that really fit right, so for my own selfish reasons I would probably create my own clothing line so I always have shit that fits.?

JB: What’s your signature accessory??

RS: I rock a bandana. Well, besides the hair. And there’s the ‘stache.

JB: It’s a great mustache, and you totally rock it. If you were in a fire and could only grab two of the following, which would you pick: toothbrush, your favorite jacket, your address book, your favorite guitar, your second favorite guitar, your girlfriend’s favorite jacket, or your girlfriend’s guitar. Go.?

RS: Aww - Citizen LA

Echoes De Luxe continue to spread the word by recently unveiling their latest release as a free download. an affection for worn out vinyl album covers and flickering Prog-Rock solos is not essential, these guys have a savage regard for dangerous Rock`N`Roll melodies and hard hitting rhythms. Here all major Rock influences are tweaked with purpose and drive, one minute you`re long hair, leather and eye-liner, the next is a laser light fury and stoners delight - Epic possibilities for a band moving in the right direction, only a matter of time and minor investment needed to unleash this superb potential. - Mojophenia

"This band is true rock and roll" - Citizen LA

...There�s something so gritty about their sound, like warm keg beer, but still so tight and together, like a smart leisure suit topped off with a jaunty ascot. Are you still with me? My favorite track off their debut EP is One Minute More. - LA Metblogs


'Hold On' EP (Oct 2012)

The NotreMonde Demos (Feb, 2010)

Echoes de Luxe/Echoes de Luxe-EP (Mar 13, 2009)



Combining their love of anthemic 70s arena rock with the incendiary spirit of Jane's Addiction, Echoes De Luxe mixes the best of the past with a progressive sensibility on sophomore EP Hold On. The truth is, it's difficult to pigeonhole the three piece collective. The seven tracks on Hold On run the gamut from soaring, arena-ready anthems to restrained slow burns, creating a listening experience that is simultaneously familiar and fresh, accessible yet challenging.

Echoes de Luxe released their debut EP in March of 2009. Mixed by Alex Newport (Jubilee, Mars Volta), and mastered by Pete Lyman (Mars Volta, Death Cab for Cutie), the five songs won them an early champion in Jane's Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro. He played their songs on his weekly radio show "Dark Matter" and invited the band to perform on-air in the Indie 103.1 studios. After playing shows in support of the EP, the band began work on self-produced recordings in their home studio. Releasing them as The Notremonde Demos in February of 2010, the songs garnered them some more critical praise.

In August of 2011, Echoes de Luxe teamed up with Velvet Revolver's Dave Kushner and veteran engineer Ryan Williams to begin work on four tracks for Hold On. "The focus for this album was melody and story. I wanted to capture the elements that I felt we had just begun to scratch the surface on with the Notremonde demos," explains singer/songwriter Richard Swan.

Taking lessons learned from the veteran producer, Echoes De Luxe finished the record in an empty church in Silverlake, CA. According to the band, working with Kushner was challenging yet yielded excellent results. "Having self-produced everything before, it was a challenge to relinquish control to someone, even with as much respect and confidence as we had in Dave’s talents. Ultimately and without surprise, the songs came out far better than we had hoped, and it was all down to the creative partnership and fun working atmosphere."

The band released the 'Hold On' EP on October 16, making it available through their Bandcamp site and all major music retailers.