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Echoes of Wonder

Band Alternative New Age


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*Echoes of Wonder – "One and Only Tear" – 1998
1. Caige Song------------7. Come Around
2. Heart of Stone--------8. Twilight
3. One Night--------------9. Eggs
4. Dissipate--------------10. Dark Fade
5. One and Only Tear--11. Cuban Cigar
6. 2000 Man-------------12. Solaris

*Echoes of Wonder – "Acceptance" – 2004
1. The Light Before------6. Acceptance 1
2. Acceptance 3----------7. Lonely Scruff
3. Lifeline------------------8. Acceptance 2
4. Wonder Sight----------9. Simple Mistake
5. My Maker--------------10. Big Sur Sunset

*Echoes of Wonder - "Because of You" – 2005
1. Because of You--------5. Right Side In
2. In Search of Prey------6. Little Drummer Boy
3. Mountain Side----------7. Insane Comedy
4. African Instinct---------8. To Be Gone

*Echoes of Wonder - "Echo System" – 2005
1. Kaloidescope-----------5. Silk
2. Echo System------------6. Secrets
3. Try N Hard---------------7. Eulogy w/ Gene Gott
4. Abstract

*Echoes of Wonder - "Mind Motion" - 2005
1. 2 Lion Byte--------------4. Mindmotion
2. Highdown----------------5. Bottoms Up
3. Abstract------------------6. Stillness

*Echoes of Wonder – "Red X" – 2006
1. Tilt Me--------------------8. Tater Tot
2. You’re Beautiful--------9. Sightmare
3. Snot Rat----------------10. Nix It
4. Red X--------------------11. Cure Sake
5. Memories---------------12. Exist 2 Me
6. Dirtbag Rag------------13. Dustbutton
7. Q, U & A

*Echoes of Wonder - "Diaries without Words" -2006
1. Ominous-----------------7. Wake Up & Live
2. Deceptions--------------8. Decay
3. In Between--------------9. Distant 2nd
4. Again--------------------10. Single Sextion
5. Will You Belong--------11. Echo One
6. Heaven or King

OCT. 24, 1991 - NOV. 12, 1992


Feeling a bit camera shy


California was the place to make it in the "big time" back in '93, so we thought. I was 13, when I was inspired by POPS, doing what he loved to do, every Saturday night, Saturday stress relief as the Blazier Bunch would call it. Pops and Uncle Chuck would always be up to "doin' a little "pickin' and a grinnin", while sweating their..... off, playing the Blues!
Uncle Chuck was a madman on a harmonica whose vocals style, have been compared to John Fogerty! Due to one of Pops band members becoming "flakey" & quiting the band, (which all bands have experienced that situation), my brother, Chris Blazier, got thrown upon the "throne" to fill in the voids.
Also, in 1993, Pops found this "CAT" Gary, a "hick", who also loved playin' the Blues. The next thing I knew, POPS, Gary and Chris had started a new band project.
I remember, to this day, sitting upstairs hearing them jam out a good 3 to 4 hour set every Saturday night. It was about this time that I started showing an interest in what they were doing. Never having a lesson in my life, I began to work with the tones learning to play “by ear.” Before you knew it, I could play a full scale in "A."
I remember to this day asking Mom if she thought Pops would mind if I could go downstairs and jam with them. Of course, "THEY WOULDN'T MIND!" So there I was, playing in a band, with my Dad and brother! Who would have ever thought?
We had been playing together, for about a year, when California experienced the "Big Landers Quake" causing Pops and Mom to "book" to Arizona. Chris and I stayed, in California, so that I would be able to finish out the school year. It was about this time, 1994, when we played with Gary, with no bass player. I had to cover the bass lines for the time being with the style of the Doors. That's when I really buckled down and taught myself how to play.
Chris and I then moved out to Arizona being right along side POPS again. Over the next 2 years, we played together as a band. You can imagine all the technics and sounds that I taught myself on the keys.
Pops moved to Orlando in February of '96 and by April, I followed. Chris stayed in Arizona so again, we lost another key member, our drummer.
Pops and I played together, with my drum machine, and started doing some writing. This is when "Echoes of Wonder's" existence became known due to wanting to share my "sounds" with the public. "Echoes" had been in the "closet" far too long. By October, Chris moved out to Orlando and the 3 of us was back to playing together again just like we had never been apart.
So, due to our Blazier “blues” roots, our band, “Papa Woody”, with its sounds of “BLUES-PSYCHO ROCK,” was born. “Echoes of Wonder” is another of my “states of mind” that has developed into its own unique sound. Our "Papa Woody" sound, honors our “true blues” roots. So, here's to: Alvin Lee, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Roy Buchanan, Stevie Ray and so many more blues greats who had inspirated us Blaziers, to make the sounds that we do.
The "Echoes of Wonder" sound was developed to memorialize someone who was near and dear to me.
I can say that I’ve already made it! So, I thought it was about time to allow "Echoes of Wonder" to be shared with the world.
So I would like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Joshua Blazier and I am "Echoes of Wonder."