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"She's Got Us Pegged"

Echofarm - Left Waiting Forever
Written by Kristen Brown

Semi-acoustic rock for the sensitive souls.


Echofarm has stumbled onto the scene with their debut, Left Waiting Forever, with quite an enticing offer. While many bands around them take the flashy route of wielding their bold, heavy guitar riffs and solos with masculine fury, Echofarm seems to have taken the path less traveled to reach a potentially similar audience. With their generally acoustic guitar driven sound fused with heavy, strong bass, they seem to have found an interesting middle ground between, strangely, Dashboard Confessional and something along the lines of, say, REM for example. Left Waiting Forever isn’t nearly conflicted enough to be ultra-sensitive emo, or theatrically executed enough to fit with modern, or even a lot of 90s alternative mainstream rock. Nor is it anywhere near as pounding and heavy as a lot of indie hard rock. Which leaves what looks like it could be a little something for fans of all three.

Dominantly, Echofarm has mastered the concept of an acoustic-guitar driven rock song simply enough. They range from the relatively easy, summery feeling “Black Orchid”, to the strictly acoustic and semi-emotional “P.M.”, with ninety percent of the album falling somewhere in between. However, underlying the majority of the album’s softer surface are a few songs that stand out from the rest as being pretty straightforward modern indie hard rock.

“Painted By Fear”, with its desolate lyrics, sad, wailing guitar, and mention of “dark secrets” and heavy ground, the album temporarily pays a visit to the depths of post-grunge influenced unhappy underworld. Thus, the hard rock fans are potentially drawn in along with the alternative lovers. Unfortunately, while their valiant efforts to be more eclectic and broaden their genre is admirable, its clear their strength lies on their softer side. Although, with some time and further experience, they may be able to pull off harboring a hard rock side, as there are glimmers of a few good guitar riffs.

- CD - Kristen Brown

"From Eugene Foley"

The group writes strong melodies and they really stayed in my head.
The lyrics are solid and not cliche or tired, like many other acts.

This is clearly a project I'd like to keep an eye on.

Eugene - Eugene Foley


Chesterton's Echofarm is a band to keep an eye on in the coming months and year. Their eponymous four song EP, released late last year, is an outstanding collection of tightly crafted and arranged pop. What started as a covers band in 1998, Echofarm has evolved into an accomplished original rock group with a steadily growing fan base. Blessed with not one but two talented songwriters, these guys are not amateurs; they are pros.

"Become Fall" opens the EP with a bang. Whether it be a break-up song or a gloomy state of the relationship address, Eric Fine's urgent and persuasive vocals mirror the agitated tone of the electric and acoustic guitars. Heard on several local and Chicago radio stations, Tom McClure's "The Year Before" is the should-be hit from the EP. His raspy and soulful voice brings to mind Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas or CCR's John Fogerty. Brian Fine's jangly rhythm guitar and Jerry Snyder's crisp and masterfully understated drumming shine throughout the entire disc.

Like many Echofarm fans, I am looking forward to the release of their first full-length album. Scheduled to be recorded later this year, the new album will be met with high expectations. If this EP is a sign of things to come, be assured they will not disappoint. Until then, keep checking this site for upcoming Echofarm shows and pick up a copy of Echofarm's new EP, a must-have for any fan of the local music scene.

Eddie Stix - 04/10/05
- NWI Live


2001 - Self - Titled 7 track demo featuring a remake of Tommy Tutone's 867-5309.

2003 - StudioChicago Demo - four song demo that featured "Bringing It Back To You" which was played on Chicago's 94.7.

2004 - Pumpkin Studios Demo - four song demo recorded with Grammy winning engineer Gary Loizzo(Styx, REO Speedwagon). Received extensive airplay on XROCK 103.9 and were invited to play at the prestigious Star Plaza Theatre as part of the Region Rumble - sponsored by Nightrock Radio & Midwest Beat Magazine.

2006 - Left Waiting Forever - Recorded at Thunderclap Studios over the past five months. The first full length album from EchoFarm with packaging provided by Discmakers. It looks to go into rotation on XRock 103.9 in the next few weeks with the singles, "Poison Me", "Creep" & "Twofold"


Feeling a bit camera shy


EchoFarm has been together for over 8 years. We have recorded with prestigious studios such as Pumpkin Studios and Studio Chicago. We have played venues such as Star Plaza Theater, Abbey Pub and Underground Lounge. We have received radio play on XROCK103.9 and the now defunct Zone 94.7. We recorded our first full length album in 2006. 2007 has been a promising year so far. We are looking to return to Pumpkin Studios in the fall to work with Grammy Award winning engineer Gary Loizzo.