An original rock band that has not lost sight of the real reason we're playing music - to play music. A mix of 70's songwriter and 90's alternative with a touch of garage rock thrown in for good measure.


EchoFarm has been together for over 8 years. We have recorded with prestigious studios such as Pumpkin Studios and Studio Chicago. We have played venues such as Star Plaza Theater, Abbey Pub and Underground Lounge. We have received radio play on XROCK103.9 and the now defunct Zone 94.7. We recorded our first full length album in 2006. 2007 has been a promising year so far. We are looking to return to Pumpkin Studios in the fall to work with Grammy Award winning engineer Gary Loizzo.


Painted By Fear

Written By: Patrick Harvey & Eric Fine

Dark Secrets hide
Those secret fears
You cannot deny
Those Secrets here
When you're alone
When you're feeling well
Have you no regrets?
Secrets I will tell

So you're stuck in a corner
Painted by fear
Wish I would've warned you
You were much too near

The ground is heavy
The ground is white
Is this a winter
In someone else's life
Your threats are harmless
More weak than strong
You never answered, baby
What took you so long?

You paint a portrait
Right there in front of me
Come to see it's not
Holy Matrimony
And I know it's gonna go
On and on again
Be this still the heart you want to free
Could it be that this
Is a part of me?


Written By: Eric Fine

I can't help but wander
Who's gonna pay my bills?
Sittin' under the covers
I'm gonna get my thrill

I'm gonna sit here
Sleepin' creep into Yah!
I'm gonna sit here
Sleepin', creep into you

I can't compromise this
All those sleepy days
One foot in front of the other
Will it lead you my way?

Become Fall

Written By: EchoFarm

I said last night that
I'm done for real
The words you said
That will never heal
Where to go, What to do
Your summer dress turned me blue
Turned me blue

Could it be that when
We could stand
Ocean's water,
Will it feed the land
All of me, All of you
Your summer dress turned me blue
Turned me Blue

Could we stop and just take this
All the way to Heaven
Now I know it's not too far
All I hear is that you
put the snake inside you
Now I know it's become fall

What's it take just to see the light
Out of the dark
Just to see the sky
All of me, all of you
Your summer dress
Turned me blue, turned me blue

Life, without you, could stand
So please hold on
To this, your dreams, for me
Where could it be
Life as it seems in the pillow
of your mind
Stay close to your kids
Hold on to your dreams


2001 - Self - Titled 7 track demo featuring a remake of Tommy Tutone's 867-5309.

2003 - StudioChicago Demo - four song demo that featured "Bringing It Back To You" which was played on Chicago's 94.7.

2004 - Pumpkin Studios Demo - four song demo recorded with Grammy winning engineer Gary Loizzo(Styx, REO Speedwagon). Received extensive airplay on XROCK 103.9 and were invited to play at the prestigious Star Plaza Theatre as part of the Region Rumble - sponsored by Nightrock Radio & Midwest Beat Magazine.

2006 - Left Waiting Forever - Recorded at Thunderclap Studios over the past five months. The first full length album from EchoFarm with packaging provided by Discmakers. It looks to go into rotation on XRock 103.9 in the next few weeks with the singles, "Poison Me", "Creep" & "Twofold"

Set List

The typical set for the clubs we play are 10-14 original songs. In parenthesis is the album it came from.

1. Poison Me (Left Waiting Forever)
2. Thirty Years (LWF)
3. Become Fall (2004 Demo)
4. Columbine (2001 Demo)
5. Postcard (LWF)
6. Again (2003 Demo)
7. Until The End (2004 Demo)
8. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica Cover)
8. Suddenly (LWF)
9. Twofold (LWF)
10. Duck and Run (3 Doors Down Cover)
11. Creep (LWF)
12. Bringing It Back To You (2003 Demo)
13. Redefined (Unreleased)
14. Livin' My Life (LWF)

This is about 1hr. - 1hr. 15 min - A normal night for us.