Echofission writes groove and pop-driven songs that explore the gamut of the human condition.


Echofission's songwriting combines the groundbreaking qualities of its influences with its development of a diverse and edgy sound. The band draws inspiration from groups such as: Beatles, Pavement, Duran Duran, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Echo and The Bunnymen, Smiths, Pixies, Screaming Trees, Phish and Alice in Chains. Jazz, funk, progressive and electronica elements are also incorporated.

Our songlist ranges from mellow psychedelia and classic rock to progressive and groove-oriented rock. Lyrically and conceptually, we are interested in exploring the blurred boundaries between reality and fantasy, the conscious and subconscious, the mind and the heart, and confidence and insecurity.

Our flexible sound distingushes us from the generic-formula of most mainstream bands. Also, our experiences performing and working within the music business is substantial.

Echofission is based in Fair Lawn, NJ.


Monsooned in Guam

Written By: G. Zurburg

Monsooned In Guam

This here's a song about me and you, me and you, me and you

Tell me all about the birds and bees, birds and bees, gently

I'm so tired

This here's a song about white lies, white lies, white lies

I'm frightened cause I know to much, too much stuff, too much, too much

I'm so naked

I'm not your one, I'm merely here
The purse is full, a citizen's arrest

Monsooned in Guam, I'm buldin' for the island
Monsooned in Guam, Pacific little island

I took a boat, into the ring of fire
I built a home, upon a funeral pyre
I went to Guam, to sell what I perspire
The natives bought, and plotted to conspire

Monsooned in Guam, I'm buildin' for the island
Monsooned in Guam, pacific little island



"Echofission" LP released by Echofission Nov. 2002.

Streaming: Monsooned in Guam

Radio play:
105.5 WDHA - "Twirl" - Homegrown Spotlight
88.7 WPIR - William Paterson University Radio - "Twirl", "Don't Wake Up" - Regular Rotation

Set List

Depending on the venue, our setlist captures the full-range of our style ranging from mellow psychedelia to intense groove and pop rock.

Each set is approximately 45-60 minutes.

If we play covers, songs are selected that either appeal to the mass audience or are obscure. With any cover, we weave our style with the song's original sounds creating a unique and entertaining Echo-version.