"From Market street to Bleecker street, Echofission a Saddle Brook, NJ based quintet draws a huge crowd whenever they're on stage" says North NJ staff writer Alex Woodson. "Echofission are making things happen in the NJ/NY music scene" Keith Wilson - WDHA.


The world offers so much material. Triumphs, tragedies, anxiety and confidence characterize the human story in our world. Yet at the most basic level of these human situations, something pulsates.

For the past five years, Echofission's songwriting has tapped into this phenomenon. Finding melodies and rhythms to make these life pulses into something tangible has been the goal of the band since it started. Trying to figure out our world using music is the most effective tools they were ever given.

The band begun in the fall of 2001 soon after Songwriter/Lead Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Gebhardt Zurburg and Drummer/Percussionist Jon Abate were introduced to Songwriter/Lead Guitarist/Vocalist John Rango by mutual friend Mod of the now popular Elefant.
A very short time later while in rehearsal sessions for the first album Keyboardist Ken Sidotti answered an online ad and had learned all the songs before the first rehearsal and instantly became a full-time band member. NYC bassist Andy Lowe completes the lineup.

“Echofission” the band’s self-titled debut was released independently in November of 2002. It was a conglomeration of John and Gebhardt's respective song arrangements. Lo Faber, principal songwriter and guitar/vox of God Street Wine, mastered the album. The band set out to promote the CD and form a band centered on the album's tracks along with their own takes on selective covers. Echofission was combining rock songs that did not necessarily follow the verse-chorus-bridge format. The songs seem to be a stream of consciousness. Live, the band explored the sonic landscapes of their songs through extended jams and sound experimentation.

2002 to early 2003 saw Echofission playing many gigs in NJ and NYC. They became regulars at key hotspots like the Whiskey Bar in Hoboken, the Underpass in Elmwood Park, the Lion's Den in NYC and the Elbow Room in NYC. Their first CD release show at the now defunct Elbow Room broke the venue's all-time attendance record.

The recordings for the band’s third release would take place back in Bergen County during the late half of 2005. 2006's "Amplify the Sun" propelled the band into a whole new sonic landscape. The album was released independently on January 14, 2006. The 7-song release featured more structured songs with a mix of hard-edge sound, driving beats and intricate melodies.
The lyrics spoke of current events, dreams, childhood and the cosmos. John and Gebhardt expanded their vocals singing multiple duets on tracks. Jon explored new terrain with his kit and Ken ventured between classic keyboard sounds and melodies to more modern tech patches. The album was mastered by studio-guru Bruce A. Miller who has worked with the likes of Miles Davis, Aerosmith, and the Dave Matthews Band.

Amplify the Sun's CD release took place at Mexicali Blues in Teaneck, NJ. 2006 ended up being the biggest year in Echofission's career. The band released their third album and received heavy press and local radio attention, both in song rotation and interviews. The band played at multiple venues such as Maxwell’s, Whiskey Bar, Mexicali Blues, The Underpass, Krogh’s Brew Pub, Park City, and the Black River Music Festival in Chester, NJ.

Riding this momentum, the band is currently recording tracks for its fourth release untitled at this point but set for release in Summer 2007. The band will feature its new sound at its traditional venues as well as The Princeton Fete at Palmer Stadium, Princeon University and The Second Annual Black River Music and art Festival starting with an official release party on June 16, 2007. The album will feature brand new songs and newer songs the band developed during thier live shows in 2006.

Meanwhile, Echofission has made its film soundtrack debut on "Over The GW" by Nick Gaglia, with its song "Kids" which be be featured on the new album. The film debuted at The Slamdance Film Festival earlier this year. The film will be released in NYC in Spring 2007.

The band looks forward to 2007 being a successful year and looks forward to reconnecting with its fans at shows. Check out the band at its page. An electronic press kit is also available on its Myspace page as well as on

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Untitled - release date: TBD, 2007
Amplify The Sun - 2006
Echofission (self-titled) - 2002

Set List

The band's catalouge of 3 album's, choice covers and material that is played live and not on a studio album allows the band to draw setlists that are always changing and different.
The set is usually 13 songs. 18 if the band plays 2 sets.

Correspondence Blues
Teaching Jimmy
Monsooned in Guam
Ideal Sky
Canopy Monkey
I Percieve Truth According To Me
Racetrack Nightclub
Manumission Position
Going Home
The Dow Jones Fell
Turned To Glass
The Galaxy Needs Work
In The Distance
The Roads Will Pave Themselves
Don't Wake Up
Walk The Plank
Our Last Moments
Seismic Election
Sundown Town
Amplify The Sun
War and Trains
Dig Me Up
Woman By The Water
Blue Plastic Chairs
Brand New God
When Autumn Leaves
Illumination Song

Songs the band has covered. Only 1 or 2 covers are played per show.

A Day In The Life (Beatles)
Taxman (Beatles)
Blue Sky (Allman Brothers)
Breathe (Pink Floyd)
Tired Of Waiting For You (T