Echo Glen

Echo Glen


In the general vicinity of RadioHead, U2, Tool, Chili Peppers. Perhaps some Flaming Lips...


The band that became Echo Glen was formed in 1992 by Josh Dull. The band has gone though several line-up changes from 92' until the present. The early incarnation of the band was heavily influenced by the melodic punk style, i.e. NOFX, Green Day, Bad Religion, etc., as well as early 90's alt rock such as Faith No More, Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc. The later incarnation of the band, while still drawing on those influences, has begun to utilize a more ambient, etheral, approach in the area of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, U2, Tool, etc., not only in song structure, but also in atmosphere. The band's current line-up seems to be made up of people who share not only the same vision, but the same all-enveloping(perhaps mildly obsessive) love of, and dedication to music.


Old Folks Home

Written By: Jim

Happy 82nd, I'd like to buy you flowers but I'm just as stuck... just as stuck inside my head as you.

Well... its a nice day in the old folks
home, the nurses look so pretty and maybe if were good we'll get a bath today.

Well I doubt it, we haven't been bathed in weeks and lately they've been feeding us cold cat food.

Take your medication. You dirty defacating old bastard, I hate taking care of you, yea.

You wake up and you get out of bed, You think its easy try living in a flesh coffin, too many times I've seen you walkin by. I'd think you'd come and visit me once in a while

I never told you dear, but I've got super powers. I try not to use 'em but i've had it up to here. So when the nurse comes in I think I'm gonna incinerate her. Oh here she comes, (yelly yelly grunt thingy).


Yellow Marker

Written By: Josh

The moon is full of fluid. Why do you think it shines? The crayons in the kitchen said they fell out of the sky. I'm picking scabs and picking fruits and picking truths so I won't forget to lie on the forms I send. I found the string, but i can't tie the end to the lights ahead. It's the sad same thing, it's just happening again.

Examining the pie charts, I saw suspicious lines. Grouping us with insects that had balls of yarn for eyes. They fill us in with manufactured versions of events in real time. And somehow I can still recall the look of shock and awe, as the mailbombs embedded truth just above their jaws. And the knowledge panicked it's new owner's. It frightened them to action. They stood shoulder to shoulder. And with their pens, they took away the world.

Rats Of Nymh

Written By: Josh

I don't have much left to give, or to make up a clever story with. Second hand thoughts and words make it all seem quite absurd. Take in my manufactured angst and pretend that somehow you relate. Scratch the surface, you might see an empty, hollow, shallow me.

Fight. Die.

Symbolic winds and cubist bees reign in the problematic seas. The pages of the book I read become the pictures that I need. Switch the soothing of your head for a crushing hammer blow instead. Here's the answer noone knows. Laugh until your head explodes.


Recording a debut album now. Will be released december 06-january 07

Set List

Cold Space
Steady and Mounting
Hope Springs Eternal
Rats of Nymh
Yellow Marker
Dumb Girlfriend
Old Folks Home
Shy People
Sex, Drugs and a Bottle of Viagra