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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"Right away something grabs me about this song. And it's not that it reminds me of Tool a little bit, but the instruments sound different and so does the song. The vocals are definately great because the tone, pitch, mood, everything is perfect. And the band is right in the pocket! You guys are really good!"
-- review of "Blue Monday"

"Lyrically and musically this song packs a punch. A fine vocal arrangement and performance coupled with a well written song. The mellow intro sets you up for that first right hook. A few nice jabs in the guitar solo. And still on your feet at the end."
-- review of "Blue Monday"

"Definite modern rock. If you listen to mainstream rock radio stations, you will like this song. Riffy, driving, and catchy, this modern rock song would fit right in with the likes of Nickleback and others of that style. Solid and catchy."
-- review of "Blue Monday"

"Jethro Tull and XTC meet and create a rock tune. It's a little weird off the top but it does get ones' foot tapping when the music kicks in. I'd have to say it's the best thing I've heard today. A simple tune that doesn't waste time on too many effects but relies on it's strength and the writing that went into it. It's pretty darned good and I might listen again if it were on the radio. It's not the most accesible tune but not so far gone it can't make friends with ya."
-- review of "Blue Monday"

- listener comments


"...Echo Hotel call Atlanta their home. But they want to make your living room's stereo their permanent home. With hard rock and alternative pop hand in hand the band musters some good moments on their two tracks here... with some hard work and tenacity no doubt the next time I'll be talking about them will be about how some major label totally got them for a steal at a four-album deal."
- J-Sin


The Key (featured as Track of the Day on 1/25/06)

Blue Monday (featured as Track of the Day on on 3/26/06)

Currently in studio working on new 4 song EP for release at end of summer


Feeling a bit camera shy


Echo Hotel is a new band from Atlanta, on a mission to rescue rock from its doldrums and breathe new life into a unique but familiar sound, combining the best elements of classic and modern rock.

Echo Hotel is building a reputation on powerful shows that hug the line between populist accessibility and clever musicianship, with song hooks that reel the listener in and incisive lyrics that go beyond the typical rock clichés of boy-meets-girl, teenage angst and strutting boasts. Sure, you can fire up the lighter or pump your fist, but you’ll probably do some thinking too. And watch out for the moments of improvisational give-and-take that surface live, as free-form jams morph into radio-ready anthems.

Currently, Echo Hotel is playing around Atlanta while recording new demos for release at the end of the summer.

Welcome to the Echo Hotel … enjoy your stay.