The Echo Hunters

The Echo Hunters


THE ECHO HUNTERS, favorite sons of the Montreal roots circuit, blend folk-rock, blues, country and pop sounds , layered with their signature dynamic vocal harmonies and deep soul grooves. They’ve been compared to CSN&Y, Buffalo Springfield and Harmonium, something altogether fresh.


The Echo Hunters' music is at once familiar, yet new, with favourite influences from the last few decades blended into a contemporary roots/rock feel: there's a taste of country, blues and folk in the pop mix. From their life-long friendship comes a love of jamming and exploring, as well as beautiful blended harmonies. Their tuneful material is
enhanced by a driving beat and savvy arrangements. The band has released 2 critically acclaimed CD’s, 2007’s *Cabin Fever*, the follow-up to their 2003 debut album "Twenty Years", and features the collective writing and performing team of longtime friends Larry Cassini, Gordon Fleming, Kirk Fontaine, and percussionist Rob Couture, along with Sylvain Dancausse on violin, blues bass
player Carl Rufh, and Alan Springer on resonator guitar. They have played festivals from Yosemite, California to Vancouver Island, BC to Lunenberg, NS, and clubs and showcases throughout North America (NXNE, Folk Alliance, etc.), along the way have opened for and backed up rootsman *Jim Condie*, folk/blues darling *Penny Lang*, Yukon alt-country sweetheart *Kim Beggs*, and *Chris Jagger’s Atcha!* a UK Zydo-funk outfit. Both their live show and the CD have been getting rave reviews, and the disc has been charting across the country on college radio.
“Like the best southern barbecue, the best music often benefits from long, slow cooking...Cabin Fever is a collection of masterful folk-country-blues originals..."its shows have become the stuff of legend. Cabin Fever has already scored major rave reviews and airplay on roots and college radio.” *Toronto Star *
Their songs – such as the haunting Walking Home- are dark reflections on life, love and the world in which we live. Bloody Big World is a comment
on the environmental chaos surrounding us; Going Down a sombre and deeply personal ballad. Chester is about a larger-than-life character who lived near one of their favourite fishing spots: Second Chance is “a muscular jam eerily reminiscent of Cinnamon-Girl era Neil Young”
“Key ingredients in their sound include strong lead vocals, multiple acoustic guitars and jaw-dropping harmonies. The delicate application of flute, mandolin, piano, fiddle and percussion add a progressive edge to an age- old blend that, when coupled with exceptional songwriting, results in a novel approach” “Theirs is a quintessentially Canadian sound, distilled into an unforgettable evening’s entertainment” “.. taut harmonies and a wall of acoustic guitars that first gave wings to the seductive sound of ‘70s California yet advances the substantial groove through progressive elements that add the haunting quality first pioneered by Cano and Harmonium” *Eric Thom, Exclaim.*


Second Chance

Written By: The Echo Hunters

I¡¯ve been alone for two years now
With these two kids to raise
One week a month
And alternate Saturdays

You could say my life¡¯s fulfilled
But that wouldn¡¯t be true
I realize how much is gone
When I set my eyes on you

And I won¡¯t make half-meant promises
To kick-start some romance
I promise brutal honesty
I¡¯m asking for a second chance

The future spans in front of you
Like a gate to anywhere
Riding with that 20-something guy
But I can take you there

I don¡¯t care what people say
I could be your dad
I know my legs go weak
When you ask me to be bad

I¡¯m not trying to hide my years
Got less hair on my head
Than in my ears
But you can¡¯t say I¡¯m dead

I won¡¯t make half-baked promises
To get inside your pants
I promise to be honest
I¡¯m asking for a second chance

Bloody Big World

Written By: The Echo Hunters

It¡¯s a bloody big world
All the flags are unfurled
Bloody smoke is in the air
Bloody bombs are everywhere

It¡¯s a bloody sad mess
Who can take the bloody stress
Bloody garbage underground
Our bloody water¡®s going brown

It¡¯s a bloody crying shame
Get a bloody guy to blame
Hope the story turns out good
Hope she walks out of the wood

Hearts I¡¯ve known¡¦Hands to hold
Seeds to sow¡¦Deeds to show

TV woman TV men
Roll those bloody clips again
I can¡¯t believe what they show
Do I need to bloody know?


Written By: Larry Cassini

Chester shoots a turkey; he brings the bird back home
He tells me it's the biggest bird that the world has ever known
And he takes it home
But He eats it all alone
He asks me to come over
And I tell him that I could
But I never would
He says he has two daughters
There's a model and a queen
Boy the blondest blue-eyed beauties
That the world has ever seen
But they never see him
Though he sees them all the time
And he says I should meet them
And I tell him that I would
But I never could

Chester's gone away

Chester sits in heaven; he said, everyone would mourn
I saw it on the morning news; he was laid to rest alone
No one thought to come
He was lowered down alone
I thought that I should be there
And I told him that I would
But I never could

Chester's gone away


Cabin Fever (2007-Shewolf/Outside)
Charting across the country!

20 Years (2003-SheWolf)
The Echo Hunters got some radio play for All I Want to Do, The Burden and Lay Down Your Arms.

Set List

The Echo Hunters usually play 2 sets of 45 minutes each. Their song list includes (all originals except *)
01) Walking Home
02) Chester
03) Crumbling into Rust
04) Ain't Life Sweet* (Penny Lang cover)
05) Bloody big world
06) In My Dreams
07) We Are WE
08) Take me In
09) O Marie* (daniel Lanois)
10) Second Chance
11) Mary
12) The Burden
13) The Maker
14) Going Down
15) Lay Down Your Arms
18) Another Sad Day
19) Guilty
20) If I Had Something
21) Send Me Back Home
22) Need You Loving Me
23) The Bridge
24) All I Want To Do
25) Birds*(Neil Young cover)