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Echo Jet
Like many other aspiring musicians, the band members of Echo Jet formerly known as Swirl 360 (twin brothers Denny and Kenny Scott) moved to Los Angeles in 1997 from Jacksonville, Florida to make their mark in the music business. They swiftly caught the eye of A&R man Steve Greenberg and scored a record deal with Mercury/Polygram .

The resulting album, Ask Anybody, was released in mid 1998, and the track ‘Hey Now Now’ became a nationwide radio hit garnering tremendous air -play and appearing in the films Jack Frost and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Not a bad start, but unfortunately big record company mergers put them back at square one.

Two years later would find the band resurfacing with the majestic acoustic ballad ‘Okay’ and the raw-tinged alternative track ‘Radio Song’ which appeared in National Lampoon’s film Van Wilder. While this success helped pay the bills and keep them busy, the frustration of hitting the wall again at the label was a major disappointment.

The brothers kept writing and continued with their sophomore release, California Blur. Regardless of fantastic reviews, California Blur marked another great album to be lost in the demise of a record label. So Kenny and Denny retreated into a two-year break to escape the bottomless pit of the music business, wondering can this even be real?

They recently came back with fresh ideas and a new outlook on creating music. At the same time, music label, Machine Records, got wind of them via Rhonda Bedikian, the band’s publisher, and the Machine’s CEO, Mike Reynolds, offered the guys a new deal, and a new way to do “The Record Business”. Giving them the support and freedom to be creative, changing their name to "Echo Jet" and engaging Super Producer/Engineer, Jimbo Barton (Matchbox Twenty, Linkin Park, Godsmack), to complete their third album.

As music great, James Taylor says, “I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others.” That is exactly the passion that fueled Kenny and Denny to create this new album. Their song ‘Love Kills’ is a deep reflection of heartache and pain both brothers experienced at different times in their lives. While ‘Something to Believe In’ originates from music business frustrations and persevering through the rat race to follow their passion of music.

Their new self titled album is the culmination of a very long journey that shows all good things are worth waiting for. This full and robust song collection is destined for greatness following the durable endurance of two inspiringly gifted musicians.


Soundtrack Appearances

* I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) ("Hey Now Now")
* Jack Frost (1998) ("Hey Now Now")
* Never Been Kissed (1999) ("Candy in the Sun")
* Our Lips Are Sealed (2001) ("Hey Now Now")
* National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002) ("Radio Song," "Okay")
* Wildfire (2005) ("Runway")
* Television show “Greek” ABC Networks (2007) (“California Blur”)

Set List

Full 45 minute set with original music, or 10 to 15 minute opening act show. Acoustic or full band.