Echo Lawrence

Echo Lawrence


Echo Lawrence are an energetic rock act with a sound that some have compared to "Dinosaur Jr meets Joy Division". They pride themselves on delivering every song with as much honesty and passion as humanely possible


We are a Galway based 3 Piece Consisting of Oisin Dillon and brothers Kevin and Declan O Connor. We met at a random house party and discovered a mutual love of Biffy Clyro, Brand New, Gang Of Four, and The Thermals. We knew instantly that there was an energy between us and a common set of musical ideals that were set to lead us into a band together. We play lyrical, hard hitting, punk based emotional rock n roll. We have no interest in becoming part of the current one hit wonder indie scene that has been dominating the airwaves recently. We aim to bring back the excitement of the L.P, the beauty of 12 well thought out songs that fit together not only as an important piece of art, but as a collectors item to be treasured. We aim to become our own favourite band. We write music with a definite set of creative ideals and we present that music with honesty emotion and passion.


Echo Lawrence E.P (2008)

Set List

We have an evergrowing set list at the moment our set is 11 songs, all original material. We do not play covers.

Song Listing
1. Red Blink
2. Sunrise Love
3. Is It Over Yet?
4. The Letter
5. Fading
6. Into The Blue
7. TinTin On The Moon
8. My Lady In Blue
9. Four Years
10. My Disappeared
11. Lovers Tastes