//_echolounge is a concept, a movement, a philosophy, a merging of corners, a blurring of edges, a desire, a passion, a vision, a sacrifice, a commitment, a fusion, a meeting of minds, is inclusive, is exclusive, has past, is future, something, everything, nothing...and is simply a matter of time


"Your the only band that have ever said they would get a slot with us and actually pulled it off" said Jared Piccone INNERPARTYSYSTEM...after echolounge suppprted them at the Cardiff Barfly on 30th June 2008 to a 200+ crowd

This comment optimizes echolounge's hard work, determination and graft to succeed against all odds as the edgy alternative brand of electronic rock they play is now starting to recieve the recognition it deserves.

2008 was echolounge's biggest year to date with an INNERPARTYSYSTEM support slot at Cardiff barfly running a close second in terms of size and stature of performance to winning an appearance at the 2008 Wickerman festival alongside Gary Numan, KT Tunstall and Dodgy to name but a few.

2008 also saw the band release their debut 'THE INSIPID EP' through the small independent label Zillo records run out of Cardiff bay but have resisted the temptation of being tied into any deal other than for this intial release.

2008 also saw the departure of one of the original members of the band Daryl Watts with the remaining four members of echolounge wanted to pursue a much more commercially viable, catchy and more accesable sound.

The band have started 2009 with a bang already chalking up numerous dates including The Bullett Bar in Camden and the Globe in Cardiff and are currently on a relentless writing and recording campaign with a view for a second release to be out before the end of the year.

The band are consistently and constantly told at live shows "you belong on a much bigger stage" and it is simply a matter of time until someone realises this and provides that opportunity and cashes-in, can you afford to miss it?


The Insipid EP - 2008 Zillo Records

Insipid - BBC Radio Bristol

Distant - Main playlist Cardiff University Radio

Distant - Electrical Language Podcast no. 109

Distant - American Indie Music Podcast

I thought you had it all - Ouroboros Podcast

Set List

1.] Well? [Happy now]

2.] Somethings got to give

3.] You win

4.] Failed to Fail

5.] I am [lie]

6.] Insipid

7.] I thought you had it all

8.] Go with the Flow [Cover]