Echo Love Chamber

Echo Love Chamber


We're a high energy alternative band that plays very new music from radio stations such as KROQ in Los Angeles, California. Hot Hot Heat, The Killers, White Stripes, The Stokes just to name a few. We have a great time entertaining the crowd and getting people on their feet dancing!


Echo Love Chamber began in 1994 and immediatly established thamselves as local club favorites. They specialize in playing new radio hits. This philosophy has kept them very busy and in demand at Orange County clubs, parties, weddings and corporate events. Even at the mountain resort Mammoth Lakes, California, locals await the bands return to kick off the ski season with great music. They keep a rigorous schedule and even have some clubs booked through the 2007 year.
While playing new hits is their specialty, they cover much of the old stuff too. You want to hear The Rolling stones? They’ll play some. How about Skinnard? O.K. they play them too. How about 80s and 90s hits? They play The Cure, The Cult, U2, The Violent Femmes and many more. For the Disco fans, they play a set or so of disco favorites to keep the dance floor pumping.
All four of the members sing. Harmonies separate the great bands from the good ones, and Echo has tight harmonies. They are gifted musicians who love to entertain people at any event. They keep on file letters of recommendation from clubs and corporations that have hired them. These will soon be uploaded to be a part of the EPK. They’re in the process of recording live to make CDs and DVDs for promotion. This will be part of their EPK too.
Whatever your event is, if great live music is what you need, you need Echo Love Chamber to provide the entertainment and make your event a memorable hit!

Set List

Our set list is different every night. We tailor it to the crowd that we're playing to. If they want 80s, we play 80s. If it's disco they want, we play disco. It keeps the music fresh while catering to what the crowd wants. A " typical" set might start with some Green Day then do some Sublime or Social Distortion. Then we might go into Coldplay or The Cure. The Killers could follow then The White stripes. The set ends with I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick. This is just an example, we really don't have a "typical" set.