Echo Mile

Echo Mile


A mature yet raucous mix of rock, pop, folk, funk, experimental, and singer-songwriter styles. The freewheeling, jamming, growling engine of a traditional garage band with the sexy-smooth finish of 3 part harmonies, keyboards, and a 6 string bass. Music for the heart, the mind, and the dancing feet.


Echo Mile is a band with a future, not a past. They combine the straight-up two-guitar assault of rock music with a sophisticated combination of vocal harmonies, jazzy keyboards, and the funk of the 6 string bass.

A mature and diverse group of musicians, they can turn on a musical dime; their songwriting and fearless improvisation shows a range of influences well beyond the narrow confines of mainstream radio, with influences ranging from world beat to jazz to Chopin, Zappa, and Tin Pan Alley.

Marcy has known Tom for...oh, lets just say more than 20 years now, and has collaborated with him off and on since high school. The rest of the band appeared more or less simultaneously on the doorstep last summer, and were immediately welcomed in, on account of their being exceedingly good-looking and having great gear. As a bonus, they all turned out to be fabulous musicians and ridiculously nice people, too.

Echo Mile, collectively, is a daring songwriting machine, a heart-stopping contemporary rock band of great depth and range, and a party of epic and joyful proportions.


Walk Lightly

Written By: Shea

“Walk lightly,” she said, “on the ground and the air
and remember the way of before you were born.
there were trees. you had feet like the sun.
powdered gold danced around
your every step.

“you have learned to curse the madness, to invoke the righteous poets
and to tremble at the footfalls of the careless sleepwalk giants
as the trees learn to shrink from the sun.
powdered poison dances in
their every step

“you must learn to deny the inevitable--
you are not just the product of a long line of products--
now sing and now dance and invent a new colour
each time you breathe in, you breathe out
you breathe in, you breathe out
breathe in and breathe out

“walk lightly,” she said, “on the sea and the snow and
remember the way of before you were poisoned.
you had feet like a drop of the sun
“the powdered gold danced around
your every step
so now in the dark
you must learn to breathe in, breathe out...

“breathe in, breathe out.”

For You When You Go

Written By: Brandow, Hull, Shea

I will be here
Sitting in your favourite chair;
In your absence keeping warm
The contour of your form.

What time is it?
The clocks stopped years ago,
when you left this room.
I’ve been sleeping,
Biting my tongue.

And the winged tears of snow
Burst their hearts against my window
We all succumb to cold at last, but
If and when you go
I will remain

I will sip at a mug of tea
When the winter shakes the glass,
Trim the dead wood
From the tree of silence.

What time is it?…

And the winged tears of snow…

You will come back
Trigger the mechanisms of my heart.
You will come back,
Complete the idea I began.

And the winged tears of snow…

I will be here
Sitting in your favourite chair.

Blues with a Bright Red Crayon

Written By: Shea

Because the big things are all too big
I take my comfort in the small
Because the pages are too wide I draw a margin for myself
When the source of my confusion is the colour of the ocean
I draw the blues with a bright red crayon.

It is not something I am accustomed to,
This need to spit it out or swallow it all
It burns inside me like a kerosene lamp
But the truth is a shiny red ball.

And when the big things are all broken
You will find comfort in the glue
And when you cannot find your own name
You will learn to go without
But when you come to me for comfort
and I cannot raise a hand
You will draw the blues with a bright red crayon.

It is not something...

Know the facts and pile them like so many voiceless stones
Into a low and pretty wall around your ignorance of things.

Carry your sorrow to the river and fold it painted paper sails.
Set them free. Ask them to do the same for you.

Logic of Real Arguments

Written By: Shea

A puts a hand out like a crossing guard--he wants it all to stop.
B says “You never talk--who are these ghosts that haunt your tongue?”
The books are closed on this game; we are taking no more bets
Good blood has incurred bad debts before this.

I had a textbook, read it cover to cover.
I was so prepared--I knew the rules-- I thought--and I was wrong-- That I knew you.

B has thought this all through--each conclusion follows premise
Like a wind-up toy. A can only shout, but that will do.
Throw out your guidebook—it’s the same in every language,
Kind words strangled in your throat before these.

I had a textbook, told me
“Cut through words to structures,
Dispel needless emotions,
Think clearly now.” But...

I shout and you crumple.
I learn to fight dirty and win.
My record speaks for itself,
It has learned to shout for itself.

All This By Tomorrow

Written By: Lockman

Nowhere I have to go, nothing I have to do
I’d like to waste my time with you
No one you have to see, no one you have to be
How ‘bout you waste your time with me?


I don’t wanna worry bout what it all means
So much time wasted thinking ‘bout who we could be
Not enough time just being…
I don’t wanna worry ‘bout makin it right
So much time wasted getting ready for life
Not enough time just living…

Here is where I want to be, this is what I want to do
I’d like to waste my time with you
I am who you want to see, this is where you want to be
How ‘bout you waste your time with me?

Let’s feel the sun on our faces, put extra salt on our fries
Have a few drinks, watch the paint dry…

Somewhere I have to go, something I have to do
There is no time to waste with you
Someone you have to see, someone you choose to be
You just can’t waste your time with me


Written By: Brandow

Lately, I’m feelin’ lonely, I know that I shouldn’t be
But you’ve been leavin’, while I’ve been stayin’
I find myself on my knees and I’m still prayin’

That maybe you’re gonna see me for the woman that I really am
I’m someone to look for, I ain’t just your little whore
I could be the one to bring you so much meaning

If you could see what I see, then honey, you’d be blinded by my inner beauty
Blinded by the light that shines through me

Lately, I’m feelin’ sorry, things aren’t they way they could have been
Cause you’ve been lyin’ while I’ve been tryin’
Can’t find the words to say to you ‘cause I’m still cryin’

But maybe you’re gonna need me, but I won’t be there to comfort you
And what you’re needin’ is what I’ll be keepin’
Until you realize that I’m a woman with feelin’s.

Why won’t you hold my hand, like I’ve been holding yours?
Why can’t you understand, I want it all, I want it all!

Closer to the Sky

Written By: Shea

I expect too much
From this world.
And I am less, far less
Than I expect.

I hold things too long.
I let them go
And I am lighter, closer
To the sky.

My head in my hands where it is safest.
My heart in my mouth where can I speak it.
My faith in my feet walking back.
My hope in you. There is nowhere else.

I expect too much
From this contract
I signed when I first
Held you in my hand.

I love you too much.
It drains me.
And I am lighter, closer
To the sky.

Your head in my hands where it is safest.
Your heart in my arms where I feel it beat.
Your faith in me to protect you

From the ceaseless light, the crushing sound
The roar of a world that spins around you

The anger goes away.
Sorrow goes with it.
All that remains
Is hope, purified.

It is not too late
To start over.
And we will be lighter,
Closer to the sky.

The Kind of a Rain (that could go on all night...)

Written By: Shea

The sky sets down a lonely patch of grey
And then another one,
Laying tiles of loneliness until the evening’s done.
The first blue taxi shines a dim and hopeless light;
Calls down a rain that could go on all night.

Upstairs is just theology;
Downstairs is a pizza joint.
We live between our appetites and our need to feel redeemed.
The bodhisattva pigeons on the fire escapes are right:
Survival is resistance. The rain will go on all night.

All of the years are like water
And all of the days are just drops of rain.
We are born into this falling—
In the end, we just trickle away.

Yesterday is fading like a
Photo on a windowsill
Tomorrow is a shot glass, waiting to be filled.
The last tired taxi crawls slowly out of sight
Shoulder to this rain that could go on all night.


Written By: Shea

like a restless summer wind
you blow back in town again
make it impossible to sleep
if I should dream of you
in the night
I am unable to wake
So I sleepwalk through my days,
Wait for you to lift this haze;
I am in too deep.

But it’s not love that keeps me awake:
It’s the thought of love,
The thought of love,
The thought of all the love (we have) yet to make.

You appear in silhouette
Like a storm cloud in the west
Whisper thunder, threaten rain
If I should dream of you
In the night
I wake soaked to the skin
So I sleepwalk through the night
Eyes wide open without sight
Search the dark for you in vain.

But it’s not love that keeps me awake:
It’s the thought of love,
The thought of love,
The thought of all the love (we have) yet to make.


No commercially released music yet. Our first EP is currently streaming online at CBC Radio 3:

Set List

Can do two full one hour sets of original material:

Set One:
Blues with a Bright Red Crayon
Logic of Real Arguments
All this by Tomorrow
Anything for You
Carry the One
Circle of Words
Subconscious Camera
Closer to the Sky
For You When You Return
The Things That We Leave Running Will Consume Us All in Time

Set Two:
Human Condition
Is Love (So Open)
Lay Down the Sword
This Far Off the Ground
Voices in the Wires
Seventeen Years
Walk Lightly
When the Power Goes Out for Good
Sea of Sound
Kind of a Rain that Could Go On All Night

We occasionally do covers, and have been known to perform such chestnuts as:
The Chain (Fleetwood Mac);
Sweet Dreams (Eurhythmics);
The Last Day of Our Acquaintance (Sinead O'Connor);
What's Going On? (Four Non-Blondes);
All Apologies (Nirvana), and every now and then,
She Talks To Angels (The Black Crowes).

Other covers certainly available on request, but we're happi