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Echo Movement

Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | SELF

Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Rock Reggae


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Echo Movement has been featured in..."

In addition to critic's reviews below, Echo Movement has been featured in major publications such as: New Jersey Monthly, New York Times, Asbury Park Press, New Jersey Shore Life, Philadelphia Style Magazine, and Night and Day Magazine. - Various

""A cohesive blend of roots reggae and pop songwriting smarts""

Echo Movement's full-length release is a cohesive blend of roots reggae and pop songwriting smarts. Taking inspiration from the greats (Marley, Maytals) while also working in a crossover angle (think Sublime or the Police), the group shows an adherence to form that proves just how much they love to make the music they're making. There is also enough originality in their lyrical explorations to prove that they can push things further when the spirit moves them.

By: iTunes Review - iTunes

""They're surrounding you with good vibes""

"Trying to describe the music of Echo Movement is like trying to describe the warmth of the's just they're surrounding you with good vibes. Grab a Red Stripe and settle in with Echo Movement!"
- Dave Wetmore, G-Rock Radio (106.3/98.5FM) - Dave Wetmore, G-Rock Radio (106.3/98.5FM)

""Infectious blend of reggae and rock""

"Their infectious blend of reggae and rock makes them one of the more unique acts on the shore"
- Kevin Borkoski, Night & Day Magazine - Kevin Borkoski, Night & Day Magazine

""Really talented and amazing guys""

"Really talented and amazing guys"
- Pat Marino, SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Pat Marino, SIRIUS Satellite Radio

""Echo Movement, are as true as they get""

The reggae sounds coming from the Jersey Shore band, Echo Movement, are as true as they get. This isn't a group of kids trying to cover Bob Marley, and they aren't just some Shore band soaking up beers on the strip. These guys are all about playing reggae in the tradition of its highest ancestors. You can tell they've done their research by listening to and echoing to the finest traditional reggae, soca and dancehall-and blended them into a modern sound.

Their debut album hit shelves in 2005 and their newest CD, titled "On Our Way" was released this summer. Check out for upcoming shows or check out to check out some of their songs.

Date: October 16, 2006
By: Ryan McDermott - Ryan McDermott, Philadelphia STYLE Magazine

"""Red Sunday" has an enticing instrumental beat that captures the imagination""

Sometimes you can hear a performer talk and just know they are going to deliver a great performance. I have a feeling that will be true of tomorrow night's performance by Echo Movement at the Stone Pony. Now I've never heard the band play live before, but I could tell from the way Stephen Fowler spoke during our interview that when he said people will not leave the show disappointed, he really meant it.

Prior to Tuesday of this week, I had heard only a few tracks from Echo Movement online via myspace. It was through myspace that I became aware of Echo Movement's upcoming show at the Pony and the combination of a local shore-based band and a legendary historic musical venue seemed like a very Buzz-worthy article.

Following my interview with the brothers Fowler, they were kind enough to comp me a copy of their recent self-titled CD. (Hey, sometimes its good to be the Press!). Several playings through later, let me recommend picking up this CD, which will be for sale during their concert tomorrow night.

With 13 tracks, the album has a very good musical flow from track to track creating a cohesive mix of island reggae music that any fan of that style will enjoy.

The first full song on the album (following a 40 second intro track) is "Get Me Up" and it serves as an introduction to the band both by lyrically and to its smooth island sound.

The album's third track "Red Sunday", which can be heard on their myspace site, has an enticing instrumental beat that captures the imagination, and lyrics that fit right into the groove established by the instrumentals.

Track five, "No Need to Worry", is perfect for capturing the calming mindset so often found in reggae island music that fans of that style usually gravitate too. This is the kind of song I could easily see being played at Key West and fitting right in with all other great tunes one hears on a Keys vacation.

The song "Things I've Done" is thematically a little different than some of the other tracks giving it a nice appeal, while "One Shot" is perhaps the album's catchiest tune, (although like "Red Sunday" myspace predisposed me to this one)

The album's final official track (there is a bonus track that follows), "Sweet Summer" uses a traditional Hawaii string sound and lyrics to express the longing many of us feel in the winter waiting for the glory of sunny summer days to return.

All in all this CD represents an outstanding effort for a self-produced album. And if I can quote from the band themselves, it's a heck of lot better than most of what you hear on MTV today.

Date: April 22, 2006
By: Bill Miller - Bill Miller, Community Connection

""Keep the listener's endorphins jumping""

"The group has definitely got a tropical twang to keep the listener's endorphins jumping and mind thinking of a distant warm sun"
- Christina Guardino, The Outlook (Monmouth University) - Christina Guardino, The Outlook (Monmouth University)


2009 - Echo Movement - "In The Ocean" (15 tracks)
2006 - Echo Movement - "On My Way" (11 tracks)
2005 - Echo Movement - "self titled" (13 tracks)



Echo Movement is an alternative-reggae band based out of New Jersey. The band was formed in 2004 referencing its name from the “echo generation” of which the band is a part. The band draws inspiration from a wide variety of artists including: Bob Marley, The Police, The Doors, Sublime and 311.

Their latest album “In The Ocean” features the 2009 crowd favorite “I Think God Smokes Weed” which has been a featured track on's "Exposed 2010 Sampler" as well as multiple online radio stations including the very popular NORML Daily Audio Stash.

In 2009, Echo Movement was on the Vans Warped Tour and was touring support for Streetlight Manifesto. When Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman was asked at a Fuel TV interview if there were any first-year bands that really stood out, Echo Movement was one of only several bands he mentioned by simply describing them as “great”.

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