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Echo Screen


Echo Screen is a fun, energetic band that delivers in-your-face rock songs that leave you wanting more!


New Jersey, the breeding ground for countless underground, talented acts has added a new flavor to its peak. Echo Screen, a rock band from Brick, NJ, uses their unique tools to generate a fresh sound into their meaningful songs, while capturing emotions of the highs and lows of life, while putting it into perfect melody. Echo Screen stands alone from the fabricated bands out there today, and with the formation complete in October 2003, Echo Screen set out to embark on pumping glorious tunes into listeners across the globe.

It was apparent to Nick Singleton (Guitar, 19) that the philosophy of a newly-sounding, genuine band had to emerge, and in September 2003, Nick met up with Shaune Scutellaro (Vocals/Guitar, 20) and the building began to take form. Tim Sager (Bass, 19), who had been best friends with Nick growing up, asked no questions about starting the new band, but the search for a steady drummer was yet to unfold. After a few drummers that had fallen through, Nick suggested Mike Badders (Drums, 19), a talented drummer that he had known through previous bands, and the lineup had been complete. After a month and a half of work, Echo Screen looked to JP Sheganowski (Risus Productions) in December to record their first 5-song demo. The band spent a couple of days putting finishing touches on the CD; the tracks (in order) include: “This Chance”, “Take the Money and Run”, “Then What’s Milwaukee’s Worst”, “After All”, and “Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Society”. Each track portrays a different emotion and feeling that anybody can relate to, along with a smooth melody that keeps you singing along to yourself all day.

With a CD under their belts, Echo Screen started to generate much feedback from fans around the country who raved about the 5-song Demo. Interviews and positive reviews surfaced from magazines and webzines including: Jersey Beat, Asbury Park Press Newspaper, The Punk Site, Absolute Punk, Frequency Reviews, Acclaimed Punk, Driven Far Off, 518 Music, Idolized Magazin and many more! In addition, Echo Screen saw consistent radio airplay, being featured on NJ’s 95.9 The WRAT, performing live acoustic sessions on NJ’s B98.5 (twice) as well as performing Montclair College’s WMSU, and many others around the country. It wasn’t soon after Excess DB (NJ Promotions) heard the CD and contacted Echo Screen to perform as an opener for the Diffuser (Hollywood Records), Spitalfield (Victory Records), and Silverstein (Victory) tour.

The band has also seen tremendous play on PureVolume, reaching “Most Plays by a Single Artist” several times, and being featured on its main page in the PurePicks section. Performing throughout New Jersey, including the Starland Ballroom, Convention Hall, The Stone Pony, The Saint, Birch Hill, Club Krome, The Rexplex, Bloomfield Ave Café, Hamilton St. Café, numerous VFW’s and Hall’s, as well as performing at the 2005 Bamboozle Festival in Asbury, NJ has helped contribute to make quite a name and a strong following for the band. Since the band has started, they have been able to perform with some of the following National Acts such as: The Starting Line, Senses Fail, The Early November, Hidden in Plainview Jenoah, Adelphi, HelloGoodbye, Steel Train, Socratic, Halifax (all on Drive Thru Records), Spitalfield, Silverstein, Bayside, Action Action (all on Victory Records), Diffuser (Hollywood Records), Fall Out Boy (Island Records), Midtown (Columbia Records), The Matches (Epitaph Records), Stars Hide Fire (I-Surrender Records), along with many other great bands.

With new music flowing throughout the band, Echo Screen went to producer John Naclerio (Senses Fail, Autopilot Off, Armor for Sleep, Midtown) and Nada Studio to record a two-song sampler CD in July 2004. The band recorded two uniquely-sounding, highly impulsive songs entitled “Rushmore” and “Run Home Jack which have seen a great deal of positive feedback and major-label attention, including Drive-Thru Records, who contacted Echo Screen to be added to a “Drive-Thru/PureVolume Compilation” with a release on February 8, 2004. Drive-Thru has continued to show support with the band in many ways, and has kept in a very close relationship! In March 2005, Echo Screen released their debut EP entitled “An American Tale”. Praised by fans and critics alike, “An American Tale” has seen strong sales early on, which has been a huge accomplishment for the band. You can catch Echo Screen over the summer on select 2005 Vans Warped Tour dates!

"This is a band that is doing what they want to do and not falling to the pressure of the current trends ... Simply incredible sums up what Echo Screen is!"


Run Home Jack

Written By: Echo Screen

We ran away the bright lights proclaimed just how far we've come. After today I'm just a visage of the things I thought that I once was.

We wanted out oh so bad but now we're back imagine that there's no time to waste on growing up cuz we just want the answers now.

June kept us safe, intoxicated by the warm air in our lungs. A contract with me, just promise you'll make sense of all this for me when we're gone.

Forget everything you thought you knew about this life won't be the same again.

We hid in sheets to disarm fate we hoped we'd fall asleep for days and wake up before this all began.

...but will we ever move on, will i ever move on.

So I'm waiting for bombs to burn holes in this town til no street is unscathed and no child sleeps sound. So now I'll be alright with more victims around but right now I feel faint at the thought that nothing feels like solid ground.

Goodbye old life.


Written By: Echo Screen

Two hours sleep again, so that makes six or seven days since I could steal a wink of sleep from this cold bed. Stuck watching planes ascend, my sanity's surely frayed. This city's slowly giving me nowhere to go.

And as antennas bleed into the sky, my mind is set on winter's end. Driving convertables down highways that never end.

I'm moving out to South Dakota, yeah I'll see you out in South Dakota.

Just let me drive away, instead of chasing hollow dreams and aquiesing to the mess inside my head. Trips home and heart attacks don't bring me down or keep me safe and running doesn't do a thing but numb my face.

We can't go back to how things were, but if I find a highway long enough, I swear I'm gone.

Promise you'll live it well cuz this could be the last time you get to roll your windows down with the radio turned up as loud as hell.


2003 Demo:

1. This Chance
2. Take the Money and Run
3. ...Then What's Milwaukee's Worst?
4. After All
5. Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Society

2004 Summer Sampler:

1. Rushmore
2. Run Home Jack

"An American Tale" 2005 EP:

1. The Thing's We've Left Behind
2. An American Tale
3. Rushmore
4. Fool's Gold
5. I'll Have You Sleeping with the Fishes
6. Autumn in Disguise
7. Run Home Jack

Songs Available for stream at PureVolume and MySpace

Set List

We often play an average of 30 - 45 minutes of a set, performing mostly new songs mixed with older songs. Two fan favorites are "Rushmore" and "Then What's Milwaukee's Worst?" We perform covers when asked, we have played songs by Blink 182, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Coheed and Cambria, and Saves the Day.