Echo Twin

Echo Twin

 San Francisco, California, USA

Echo Twin is a duo - female vocals and guitars over vintage drum machines and loops.
The sound is somewhere in the realm of CocoRosie meets Tom Waits - cinematic and intimate, groovy and soulful, rootsy but experimental.


Sioban and Martin became Echo Twin in 2010 though they've been writing and performing music together since 2004. Back then they wrote rootsy, bluesy guitar based songs accompanied by a 1970's home-organ drum machine. Soon they recruited drummer/engineer Nick Pelliciotto (New Wet Kojak, Fugazi, Lucinda Williams) and evolved into the band Best Wishes. After several self-released recordings and many Bay Area shows alongside bands as diverse as Beach House, Dosh, Obits and Friends of Dean Martinez, Nick departed for Texas in 2009.

With Echo Twin Sioban and Martin are moving away from BW's indie-art-rock sound and returning to their low-fi roots. Sioban's character filled lyrics are as personal as they are obtuse, and the music veers from crafted hook-driven songs to abstract sonic workouts. Whether atmospheric or down and dirty, Echo Twin's wheezy loops and beats keep the groove ever present.

Sioban previously fronted all-female noise punks Chinchilla (Revelation Records) and Martin is a veteran of numerous bands and soundtrack projects in England.


Currently recording new Echo Twin material that will be posted on myspace as it comes. Best Wishes EPs and album are at