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Here at C-Heads Magazine we have stumbled upon a great new band called Echoville – thanks to our London based stylist Marina German. On hearing the Echoville sound which could be described as an unbrushed hair and untied shoe laces Steely Dan, we at C-Heads wanted to know more about the band. By harnessing the power of the- worldwide- wonder- web we asked frontman/songwriter, Jay Zieseniss and Drummer/songwriter, Mark “Monty” Garfield, a few questions to shed some light on the garden of Echoville.

Echoville has written and co-produced with the legendary writer Pete Brown(Cream), tell us about this process and experience?

MG: ‘Working with Pete is like being in a permanent master class! Usually Jay and I knock up the basic frame work of the song, then we take it to Pete and he works his magic… Sometimes we take him a song and we think it’s complete and doesn’t need anymore messing with… But Pete always pulls something out- of- the- hat… and improves the song by a 100%… the mans a genius end-of! As an experience, working with Pete is price- less all the stories we hear about the legendary people he’s worked with and his observations about the world/life around him is so funny and interesting. Jay and I worked with Pete and the legendary producer Eddie Kramer in LA a few years back and hearing the two talking about Hendrix, Cream, Traffic,Led Zeppelin, The Beatles The Stones as well and there love of the Blues RnB and jazz this was all gold.

JZ: Not only have we learned about music from Pete, but we now know where all the best health food stores and fish & chip shops are around the world.

What would be your desert island disc, book and luxury item be?

MG: Book would be Peter Benchley’s ‘Jaws” but then I wouldn’t go in the sea so that would have to be changed to ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’. Disc (this changes week by week) but this week Peter Gabriel’s ‘So’. Luxury would be a Springer Spaniel Dog (preferably bring back to life my childhood one, Miller).

JZ: I’m currently listening to Jeff Bridge’s new album which was produced by T-Bone Burnett and I’ve always wanted to read The Histories of Herodotus. As for a luxury item how about a cinema with a good selection of films from the past, present and future.

Whats the best gig you’ve been too?

MG: INXS at Wembley 1990 (I think) and Tom Petty at The Hollywood bowl.

JZ: Tom Petty at The Hollywood Bowl supported by Steve Winwood, Summer 2008. Monty and I had box seats!!!

What is important to you as musicians and songwriters?

MG: I think its important to understand the greats from the past… in other words to try to understand musically what they did and where it came from. Then bring your own thing to that and try to create something new and original. Easy eh!

JZ: At this point in our careers, trying to break through, I really value economy and vibe as a songwriter, take the listener somewhere with atmosphere and lyrics but be concise, all killer no filler baby.

Who do you listen to new and old?

MG: The Beatles, The Stones are always there for me. On the turn table at the moment Moanin’ Jazz Messengers, Mad Dogs and Englishman Joe Cocker, Otis Redding, Fleetwood Mac Rumours, its a healthy rotation. The radio is always on. And the internet is a great source for the new stuff I love The Shins (they are a new act by my standards) and Michael Kiwanuka he’s very interesting a mix of Van Morrison and Marvin Gay.

JZ: The old stuff is classic rock for me! The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Doors,Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, The Police, INXS, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Dave Mathews Band. On the Jazz side of things Oscar Peterson and Chet Baker. New stuff The Avett Brothers, Band Of Horses, Beirut, Cold War Kids, Dawes, Feist, The Felice Brothers, The Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady, Josh Ritter, Low, The Magic Numbers, My Morning Jacket, Ryan Adams. It’s in alphabetical order because I’m reading off my iPhone!

What are the craziest things that have happened to you on tour?

JZ: Let’s see, for awhile we thought we were cursed for example when we were doing a jazz festival in Thailand our saxophone player was hospitalized because of breathing insecticide freshly sprayed in his hotel room, then there was the time Monty and I got caught up in The Mumbai Terror attack and had to escape to Singapore! When we were last in France the guitarist and bass player forgot there instruments and clothes in the apartment we were staying in and we had to break in to get them back, the only problem was the apartment was literally in front of a police station. Well… No one ever said it was going to be easy!

MG: What goes on tour stays on tour… end of!

Where do you guys see yourselves in ten years time?

JZ: Touring the world in style with our friends and family along for the ride, hopefully rubbing shoulders with our heroes and if we don’t make it we’ll just keep on trying, cause we do it out of love man.

MG: Running my own Ice cream van.

Which musicians past or present would you like to meet or jam with?

JZ: It’s got to be Pearl Jam or The Band for me!

MG: I would like to have been in The Monkees.

Thanks for your time!
- C-Heads


There's something about the late '60s and early-mid '70s horn heavy rock that just puts you in a good mood. You know, the bands that had the awesome brass of R&B and could still rock an audience just as hard as any classic, bluesy rock outfit: Blood, Sweat, & Tears, Steely Dan, and early Chicago. Echoville is successfully entering themselves into the line-up of classics. The band also has a bit of an edginess to their sound, perhaps because Pete Brown (lyricist and percussionist of, the legendary, Cream) and Eddie Kramer (sound engineer and producer for acts including Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix) are helping out. I really hope Echoville gains great fame, so that more bands might be inspired to include horn sections in their music. The trumpet and the saxophone have been missing from rock and roll for too long, and it's about time that they make a strong comeback. Echoville currently only has three song available to stream, but all three are strong samples of what's in store for the future. You can bet that whatever they come out with next will be featured here.
- The Record Stache


Still working on that hot first release.



Echoville take their name from a late night, post rehearsal bus journey home through dark and abandoned streets, where there was nothing but the stir of echoes... Hence it was a ride to Echoville.

Musically, they combine rock (and a lost 70's soundtrack that might include The Chicago Transit Authority and Blood, Sweat and Tears) with perhaps a more loose take on Steely Dan. However, an Echoville song is as likely to remind you of Strange Days era Doors and conjure up images of a Weill/Brechtian theatre-piece performed by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

Echoville was formed by the songwriters, Jay Zieseniss on lead vocals, and Mark "Monty" Garfield on drums, together with a revolving cast of "cats" from around the world they have taken their sonic journey through out the United Kingdom and further afield to Thailand, France and the United States, supporting names like The Zombies, Arthur Brown, David Amram, Finley Quaye and being personally invited by Pete Townshend, of The Who, to perform at the wrap party of his musical, Quadrophenia. The Echoville sound is at it's most cinematic when accompanied by their blonde bombshell horn section, led by the fiery Kate "Jet" Plane.

Intriguingly, legendary Cream lyricist/percussionist Pete Brown is a co-writer and backing vocalist and co-producer, alongside another historic figure, Eddie Kramer, the sound engineer and producer famed for his work with Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin amongst countless others...