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-ecid "biograffiti"
-ecid "Bargain Junkie Classics vol.1"
-sa legboots "but what if it's all bullshit?"
-ecid & impulse "Living Stereo"
-the N-E-S(nomad & ecid) "the anarchy smiles"


Feeling a bit camera shy


ECID is an mc/producer aswell the frontman of "FILL IN THE BREAK'S" an indie hiphop label he & his crew "substance abuse" formed in january of 06'.

Ecid's journey threw hiphop began in the late late 90's during a time when hiphop/rap was turning into the digusting monster we all know today, but he never moved with the times even when he was still learning the ropes. Instead ecid took a more against the grain aproach with his first recordings, which were very unorthodox and unconventional. in 2002 he released those first recordings but soon found he still had alot to learn so later that year after getting an itch for production he enrolled @ the institute of production and recording in Minneapolis and by early 2003 he had began producing for himself aswell as david mars & nomad the other two original members of "substance abuse" a crew/label ecid started at that same time. By april of 03' sector 7-G(impulse & dj pseudonym) decided to join the crew aswell. At that point everything was in place so ecid & "sa" decided to release there first project which was a bootleg entitled
"sa legboots vol. 38: abnormal portal hiphop" the album received a luke warm response but was instrumental in building a continuety between ecid & the rest of substance abuse

next ecid released "nineteen80three" his second solo effort as an mc but he didn't produce the entire album he left that up to aj peterson a local minneapols producer the album featured some classic songs "man made material" & "yoda" both songs showed his range as a song writer, but overall the album was immature and unfocused.

Ecid has never been one to take breaks and immedietly after "nineteen80three" he began producing beats for the debut SECTOR 7-G record "reaching recognition" aswell as writing & producing songs/beats for the debut N-E-S record "the anarchy smiles" which is a duo consisting of himself & NOMAD. both albums were released in the spring & summer of 2004' respectivly. The albums received alot of praise from peers & hiphop fans alike and helped establish the crew as a viable source for dope forward thinking hiphop but the project that really showcased the ecid & "sa" sound was soon to come

Which brings us to "LIVING STEREO" the collaboration between ecid & impulse of sector 7-g released in june of 05' the project that put ecid on the map as one of the more highly regarded producers in the minneapols hiphop scene aswell as proving he was just as good as an mc. People were lovin' the new sound which was a little more like the crew's live set aswell as much more style laden & in-your face than the past recordings you could say times were good. and then july happened....

In mid july of 2005 ecid had to deal with some sobering personal setbacks that were quite shocking. He found himself overwelmed with an amazing range of emotions so he did what any artist would do, he wrote about it and recorded his personal opus "july" which is one of the many true to life songs from his unapalogetic, inventive, dark, & brutally honest official debut as an mc/producer "BIOGRAFFITI" the bulk of the album was created during august & november of 05' with a new sence of dediction to telling his story aswell as the story's of other's outside his little box. The album is slated for a june 06' release on "FILL IN THE BREAKS" the brand new indie label he and his crew decided to form. Dropping the substance abuse title for a much more fitting name for a group of artists that are coming into there own, especially ECID