Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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Minneapolis rapper/producer, ECID raps with a fierce angst, comedic honesty, and a subliminal social awareness. His iconoclastic beats, layered with grungy synth and choppy loops can trick the saddest bastard in the room into believing he/she can get laid. I mean, that's what it's all about right?


At first glance most would think a skinny, blue-eyed hipster looking dude in a flannel with obnoxious Nike’s to match, would be in a post-electro indie-band. But this is the 90’s for the third time and one of rap’s most exciting new voices, ECID, is not your average newsstand heartthrob. In 2012, with the release of Werewolf Hologram, he saw his sound realized in a major scope. The album reached #20 on the College Music Journal’s Top 50 Hiphop Albums of 2012 list among many other accolades. It was an album fueled by life’s harsh kicks to the family jewels and a newly found passion for heat yoga which completely changed his creative DNA. ECID was shiny and new again.

Embracing the chaos of his artistic evolution, 2013 is shaping up to be a busy year for Ecid. With a new studio album, Pheromone Heavy nearly finished, he is set to release a companion EP, Post Euphoria as a sneak peek of things to come. Realizing his best asset as an artist is himself, the songs are more vulnerable, yet more playful than ever. A hopeless-romantic at heart, Ecid has finally found a way to bring his true charm & unique creative quirks to the surface, making you root for him that much more. His new style is matched by sexier beats, marrying big synth lines with choppy samples. It is tailor-made for blasting out of a stolen Mazda louder than a blow horn attached to a stadium sized amplifier.

Chest pumping (ribbed for her pleasure):

In the past year ECID, has been featured on Rolling, MTV Hive, AOL Spinner, Stupid, Pigeons and Planes, & Societte Perrier to name a few.

"’s also clear that Ecid is someone worth getting excited over. He may have a masterpiece in him."

"...stunningly intricate and grounded in the kind of conscious-rap reality that any hip-hop fan will find appealing."

“He’s one of the more thoughtful and interesting...emcees to emerge in recent memory. He’s assured but not arrogant, biting but not belligerent, and his social commentary would come off as snooty if it wasn’t couched in such intricate wordplay.”
- City Pages

“...Ecid does merit comparisons to Astronautalis and Sage Francis with his brainy, topical themes and indie-rocky flavor...”
- Star Tribune

"Ecid is honest, cynical, dark, imaginative, creative, witty, funny, politically aware, and, at times, a fucking genius."

“Werewolf Hologram is a lot of play on words, over a wide array of microsampled, yet organic sounds, and a dizzying array of cynical, freshly delivered puns and plays on words that rank among the best work that Ecid has committed to record.”

"Ecid is playing some really cool audio games with the samples he uses, and some of the production techniques help pull the listener in and keep them there. It's not only a rapper's album, but it's for the production heads too, who will be smiling at the known sounds and scratching their heads at the unknown ones for days, if not months or years."- OKAYPLAYER.COM..


Post Euphoria Vol. 1 (Fill In The Breaks, 2013)
*reached the top ten on the CMJ hiphop charts

Werewolf Hologram (Fill In The Breaks, 2012)
*peeked at #3 on CMJ hiphop charts

Kings Of Compton - NWA v.s. Kings Of Leon mash up
(Fill In The Breaks, 2012)

Swagger Wagon mini ep (Fill In The Breaks, 2011)

100 Smiles and Runnin (Fill In The Breaks, 2010)

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