Eckie will play intense acoustic guitar / vocals in a style that would represent John Mayer getting kicked by Metallica while Radiohead and Jeff Buckley play one-on-one word association with Stevie Ray Vaughan as the special guest referee.


You wouldn't expect THIS much energy to come out of a solo acoustic singer / songwriter. Eckie redefines the word intensity by hitting the acoustic rock scene hard over the head and not stopping until someone is knocked out. Take in the passionate lyrics of Jeff Buckley, add in the fire of Stevie Ray Vaughan, let Radiohead be the special guest referee, and you get Eckie - plays acoustic guitar until his hand bleeds, literally.

While attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick he rocked the coffeehouse / bar circuit, played in New York City with the rock trio Seifer, played alongside local hero Michelle Citrin, and still managed to graduate in four years. After a brief hiatus to cut down the dreaded student loans, Eckie is back in full force with a fresh 6 song EP "Eckie (plays guitar)" that bleeds with love, hate, and everything in between.

Regardless of a crowded bar, an intimate coffeehouse, or a simple storytime for kids, Eckie's soulful voice, high-energy guitar playing, and quirky stage banter keep crowds of all ages captivated, leaving everyone smiling as if they were the ones performing. When looking for a prime example of having someone tell / sing a tale like no other, you get Eckie (plays guitar).



Written By: Eckie

Good to see such a gilded site
Lure me with your scent
And cast me with your touch
Your forbidden fruits I cannot ignore

Living in my mind
Always messing up my thinking
All the time
See you got me wanting you as mine
Can't I hold you now?

Letting what I see
Getting by my thinking
What I need
See you got me wanting to remember
When did we ever?

Play for me
I want to get down with you
Let me let me try
Let me let me die with you

Wait for you
So you can get inside me
Feel this new
Never never why
Let me let me fly with you

You owe me everything
I gave to you with no care
And cast me with your kiss
Show me how it was before


Written By: Eckie

If I could hold you like my only
my only reason left to live
a story I never thought would happen
open high and I shall give

Stare in
to your
drowning love

from above

Gone again
Been so long, my friend
Since someone like you came along
and overcame me with this song

Gone again
Been so long, my friend
I'm missing you when you're away
You're the reason I will stay right here

It's something like transparent beauty
Something I can't see alone
Picture perfect complementary
Drowning in your eyes, I'm home


Eckie (plays guitar) solo acoustic EP

1. Ecstasy
2. Drifter
3. Aquarion
4. Never Again
5. ObsessionProgression
6. Paralyzed

Set List

Can play up to three (3) - hour-long sets, 30+ originals plus assortment of classic / pop rock covers ranging from Beatles to Radiohead to Metallica. Everything served raw and uninhibited.