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"Funkadelphia Exclusive: Ecklipze – “Battleaxe” (FREE DL!) + Artist Interview & Album Announcement!!!!"

That’s right!! It’s time for the next installation of our artist interview series. This time, I was lucky enough to sit down and ask Canadian dubstep producer Ecklipze a couple questions. In addition, he was nice enough to also provide us with a FREE new track, called “Battleaxe”. As you will read in the below interview, Ecklipze is working on an album, due to be released in the near future. You can find a couple of the songs from Ecklipze’s career, as well as the new track, below; and you can be sure at least a few of them will be making an appearance on the upcoming album. For now, just read and enjoy (you can cop the new track at the bottom of the interview)!!

Ecklipze - Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

F: Let’s start off just with some background info: where are you originally from? And where do you call home now?

KE: I’m originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and currently living in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, a small retirement town about 40 mins away from Kelowna BC.

F: Other than your music project, Ecklipze, what are you doing there now? Working, school, anything like that?

KE: Currently music is my full time job. In the last few years I’ve been focusing on my company (Track Star Productions), which I co-own with Chad Hector. It has opened up doors with working with some great artists and slowly making our name into this massive music industry.

F: And what would you say first got you interested on getting involved with music?

KE: Family and the passion for music. My family always encouraged me to focus on music no matter where it would take me. As well, the reactions that I get from listener motivate me to get heard by the entire world. It has always been a goal of mine to be successful with music, but still maintain the passion for it and have fun producing [it].

F: Awesome answer. Do you think growing up in Vernon has had any impact on your music?

KE: Growing up in Vernon has had a massive impact on my music. Inspiration is everything to me, and I live in a town where I can walk around and get inspired and gather new ideas that I can incorporate into my music. There are a lot of very talented artists in this town, and since it’s a small town it’s easy to meet up with different local artists and talk about music and new creation processes and we can all adapt into our music.

F: I assume Ecklipze is your main project, but do you have any other music projects on the side?

KE: Ecklipze is actually a side project of mine. It started as challenge for me to try and produce dubstep so I could expand my multi-genre of producing skills. When I made my first track I swore to myself that I wouldn’t ever make another dubstep track because it sounded horrible. Dubstep is my favourite genre though so I gave it another shot and now have been working on my solo album for the past eight months. My main project right now is with an artist by the name of NOX. He is a rap/hip-hop artist with an insane amount of talent. I have been producing his debut album for the last two years, recording and mastering it. The album is set to drop very soon.

F: Oh wow, that’s really interesting. That’s something else I’d definitely be interested in hearing when it drops. But I do want to try to stay on the topic of Ecklipze. Let’s get on to some technical stuff. As of now, what software do you use to produce your filth? And what software do you use when mixing it?

KE: Right now I’m using Ableton Live and Reason Rewired. I only use three plug-ins: Massive, Melodyne, and Izotope Ozone 5. I do all of my mixing and mastering in Ableton Live and just use the standard effects for processing. I’ve tried a lot of programs over the years and by far Ableton has been the the best tool.

F: Awesome. Now, just for nostalgia purposes: what was your first piece of equipment, and what software did you first start producing in?

KE: My first piece of equipment was a turntable and dual deck cassette player. I user to record off vinyl onto the cassettes and then chop the samples onto to second deck on the cassette player; just mash sh*t together. It was kind of a messed up process but it worked. First software I started producing on was Fruity Loops and Cubase.

F: Now I know you’ve got an album in the works. Who’s going to be putting that out for you? Or is it an independent release?

KE: The album will be released through Trenchant Records based out of Chicago, and I will be releasing a follow-up EP that will be released through Track Star Productions.

F: Awesome. And what can we expect on the album? Plenty of good old Ecklipze filth?

KE: LOTS of filth! Also I will have a track that features [WobGobliN] that will be dubstep/electro/drum and bass/moombahton. I’m hoping to have a few other tracks on there that will be “different” in the world of dubstep.

F: Does the album have an official title and/or release date at this point?

KE: The album will be called Movement and no official release date is set yet due to some unfinished tracks. I’m hoping tht it will drop late October.

F: Very cool. So once the album drops, what are your plans after that? Anything big in the near future you can tell us about?

KE: After the album drops I will be working on the follow-up EP and hopefully hitting the road and playing some shows!

F: Well thanks a lot man. Anything else you want to say before we go?

KE: Big ups to Funkadelphia….. And I hope I can get a igloo theme stage for my first show. Canadian filth! - Funkadelphia


Breathe/Bullet - Single
Monsters EP
Walk away EP



Kyle English p.k.a. ECKLIPZE is a Dubstep producer from Vernon, British Columbia. He has already caught massive attention within the Dubstep community and reaching over 7 million people with a commercial spot with Forever 21 Clothing, multiple compilation CD's available in Hot Topic & HMV, as well as numerous positive reviews across the Internet (Funkadelphia) (US Dubstep). Ecklipze has been producing Hip-hop & rap for over ten years and likes to mash theses influences into his Dubstep production. Ecklipze has been producing Hip-hop & rap for over ten years and likes to mash theses influences into his Dubstep production. Ecklipze is signed with Trenchant Records, as well as the head producer/Audio Engineer at Track Star Productions, a record production/recording company based out of Canada and founded by Chad Hector & Kyle English. His first single for Trenchant Dubs is a blazing, double a-sided single containing 2 expertly produced Dubstep tracks. “Breathe” makes use of a vocal snippet to assist in building up the anticipation for the crushing drop. An arpeggiated synth melody and warping bassline combine to make this one a massive dancefloor smasher. “Bullet” uses a variety of synthesizer sounds to give the track great depth while staying true to a cutting edge sound. ECKLIPZE is an incredibly talented producer with unlimited potential. This pair of tracks only scratches the surface of what is to come. Current ECKLIPZE projects soon to be released: MONSTERS EP, H.A.M EP, MOVEMENT ALBUM.