ecksclusiv Vine

ecksclusiv Vine

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We are an inspirational Christian Hip Hop Sibling Group, with a heart to reach the lost and dying world to Jesus Christ, who give's hope to the hopeless, and to those who already know Jesus Christ, to give them continued inspiration in Him.


We are a sibling group straight out of the church taking God's word to the streets in a hip hop fashion. The lyrics in our songs range from testimony's to hope for all through Jesus Christ, who may be struggling in life's tough situations. We became a group in 2002, being inspired by music artist's such as Kirk Franklin, Gospel Ganstaz, Grits, etc. We did appearances at Youth Explosions, Youth Jams, Banquets, various churches, and also community outreach events with local artists. We love reaching out to the community with our music in hopes that it will touch lives in a positive way.


CD Album titled "Rich In Christ" will be released soon.