Chamberflow/Dan Varner

Chamberflow/Dan Varner


Eclecitc is four young guys with diverse influences and backgrounds coming together with a magical song writing ability, musical ability, and a passionate performing ability to make one incrediable sound. They live up to their name and definition of "eclectic"


2004 Media Kit

It all started when Brendan Kavanaugh told a little white lie...
ECLECTIC may be the only band in history to be booked for a gig before they existed. More than three years ago, lead singer Kavanaugh was asked if he had a band that could play at the Jeffersontown Gaslight Festival. He lied, said
“yes,” and that was the beginning of this dynamic group.

With a gig weeks away, Kavanaugh decided he better make good on his promise. He called guitarist Justin “J.T. “ Smith, who he had played music with before. “I called Justin and I said, ‘we’ve got a gig,’ and Justin said, ‘what are you talking
about? We don’t even have a band.’” Justin’s brother, Terry, played the drums, so he rented a set and in just a few weeks the three collaborated and learned 35 songs.

The Gaslight gig was days away and they were still without a bass player. “We were just going to go ahead and play without one, but at the last minute I
remembered Jamie had a bass,” Kavanaugh said. Jamie Richardson was Kavanaugh’s high school friend and former college roommate. He drove in from the University of Kentucky the day before the Gaslight gig. “We wrote all the chords down on a piece of paper,” Richardson said. “I sat on a chair with that paper on the floor and played.”

The four had an immediate chemistry. As time progressed, so did their talent. They developed their own sound, began playing original music, and found themselves playing to packed rooms at Louisville’s premier music venues. Today, crowds in Louisville, Chicago and elsewhere are singing along to ECLECTIC originals.

On November 15, 2003, they released Tables Turned, their first CD as ECLECTIC, to a sold out crowd of more than 800 fans at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. The first single from Tables Turned, “Breathe,” began being played in
regular rotation at Louisville’s WLRS 105.1 radio. It was among the top five most requested songs of the day for more than 14 weeks. “Breathe” can also be found on the A&R Worldwide compilation CD of independent artists entitled, Unearthed Vol. 1.


2001 under the name Irishanna "breakout"
2003 "tables turned" with their single "breathe" being placed in full rotationon WLRS Radio and was in the top five most requested song for 16 weeks straight and hit a high of number 2
"breathe" is also being played in and getting great reviews. 2005 demo work with brand new Eclectic material.

Set List

Eclectic Concert Song Sheet 2004

1. Holding You Down
2. Precious Time
3. Hold On
4. Set It Straight
5. Tables Turned
6. Regret
7. For You
8. Breathe
9. Shine
10. Take It Off
11. On Your Knees
12. Forget You
13. New Orleans
14. Mad
15. Take It
16. Estatic

Lose It All