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"A Band For All Seasons"

Champaign-Urbana is a college town. Oh, you didn't notice? Is that because we lack some true-to-form college bands? Well, if that's the case then you might want to check out Eclectic Theory this Friday at the Cowboy Monkey. The heyday of "college rock" may have come and gone (arguments continue to be waged over the "truer" era of college rock: the mid-80's or late 90s'/early 00s), however some remnants kick up a fanbase and relevant music worth hearing. Here in C-U we've got Eclectic Theory, who fall moreso into the category of late 90s/early 00s college rock.
Familiar college groups like Phish, O.A.R. and Ben Harper appear to have faded into oblivion while Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews give their music a new twist that effectively distanced themselves from their college fanbase.
Eclectic Theory finds itself treading the multi-genre path of the above-mentioned predecessors. Fusing influences from rock to jazzified funk to acoustic folk, Eclectic Theory is an approprate namesake for this young group. This genre mish-mash lends itself to music fans of all tastes, and this group embraces an expansive fanbase. Founded in 2003, the group's only lineup change came in 2005 when founding members, Dan "Pete" Peterson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar and trombone) and Matt McDuffie (lead guitar) were joined by Scott Gregory (drums, percussion) and Steve Hull (bass guitar, vocals). This lineup appreciates playful jamming and soloing with various musical influences like so many of the jam band-ilk. Oftentimes though, an overarching lyrical hook and bright melody propels the song into the realm of "catchy." Point is, the group likes to jam, but you won't find them breaking down a song for a 30 minute noodling session.
After some time spent building a strong live presence, the group managed to find regular residencies at the campus locations of the White Horse Inn, Joe's Brewery and Firehaus. Unlike many of C-U's homegrown bands, Eclectic Theory is one of the few to break into the campus bar scene that usually is reserved for drink specials and enormous crowds on pub crawls. Beating out the dated jukeboxes in these establishments was no small feat for the group and thankfully live music can be found in Champaign's campus bars courtesy of Eclectic Theory.
With regular gigs, the band's sound is increasingly tight and its fanbase expanding. The group signed to PawnStar Records of Chicago and have consequently booked numerous shows in the Windy City. The "Eclectic Theory" EP was recorded in the PawnStar Production space in Chicago where the group spent hours achieving its target sound.
Nothing compares to the live sound and energy Eclectic Theory has spent years perfecting. In case you needed a reminder of the community's collegiateness, Eclectic Theory will surely take you back to your favorite era of college rock.

By Jacob Dittmer
- Accent (Feb. 7, 2007)

"Eclectic Theory C.D. Release Show Review"

Friday night I hit up the Cowboy Monkey for the Eclectic Theory CD Release Party, and this show was the jam. Eclectic Theory had the best show I have ever seen them play. Every aspect of their show was spot on, and they are without a doubt one of the most exciting rock bands in the area. Each tune really gets you moving, and everyone in the house was on their feet moving to the music. If you have never been to one of their shows, make time to check them out. They are rock influenced with their own flare. You can hear influence from such bands as Led Zeppelin, Buckcherry, STP, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix... I could go on forever. They Rock! They wrapped their set with a cover of "All Along the Watchtower", and no body wanted to leave. The house lights were on and they were still rock'n the crowd.

Ashley Davis-Extra 99.1 - Extra 99.1


Self-titled EP 2007



Unique. If one word was needed to describe the style of Eclectic Theory, that would be it. From folk rock inspired acoustic riffs, to classic rock driven leads, the well written music speaks for itself. The music is backed up by well written poetic lyrics, carried by a jazzy funk rhythm section. Starting out on the campus town of Champaign, Illinois, Eclectic Theory quickly built a large fan base. This led to a regular residency at a campus bar called Joes Brewery, a place where a band called REO Speedwagon used to reside. Eventually the band branched out to play in places like Iowa, Virginia, St. Louis, and Chicago. Recently Eclectic Theory just finished recording their debut self-titled EP with PawnStar Productions in Chicago, with plans for a full length album to be released in fall 2007. With a full-slate of shows constantly on the horizon, Eclectic Theory will no doubt continue to please fans of old and new, who know best what they are-unique.