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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Toronto, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Roots




"Local musician Gar Reid plays villain in Stephen King’s Willa"


Gar Reid steps onto the set of horror flick Willa for the first time on a cold December evening. The ground is littered with prop train girders and drones buzz overhead.

With coffee in hand, Reid arrives in a flurry of action. His actor cohorts are disarmed by the mystery of his figure hidden in the juxtaposition of his dark eyes and a clean-shaved head that gleams under the rig lighting.

“None of the cast knew who I was,” Reid said. “Corey Mayne (director) asked me to come in and be this creepy guy.”

The singer-songwriter, and guitarist for local band Eclecticus was enrolled by his band manager and the film’s line producer, Jeremy Campbell, to play the villain Skinhead.

“It was more for his look,” Campbell answered over the phone after being asked why he picked Reid for the role. “Gar had that perfect villain look on camera.”

“Who doesn’t want to be a villain in Stephen King film,” Reid responded, laughing.

First premiered at the L.A. International Shorts Film Festival in July, Willa is a high-school dream come true for Windsor locals Corey Mayne (director), Barbara Szeman (screenplay) and Adrian Jarowski (actor).

Based on the short story of the same name by Stephen King, the 12-minute film features Canada’s up and coming stars.

Toronto has become a mecca of world-class crews, said Campbell, who has worked in the film industry here for more than 20 years.

The long-time Beach resident has seen what he describes as the growth, decline and regrowth of film in Toronto.

He was was taken aback at the family of the entertainment industry’s best who gave their time to work on Willa, which is being dubbed the biggest little film in Canada.

Eclecticus bandmate Tiina Lemay shuttled actors and crew members to and from Uxbridge where the film was shot, and describes the tenacity of the film family.

“To be a fly on the wall, and see these people work so hard for this wonderful independent film, was really inspiring,” she said.

Lemay also spent time with Reid, perfecting the villain character.

With a long expression and wide eyes, Skinhead seeps into the folds of the audience’s deepest anxieties.

“It was tiring on the eyes,” Reid said about the lineless role that was written into the story by Mayne and Szeman.

“There were small movements you have to really work on, he said. “A glance is worth a thousand words.”

The next screening of Willa in Toronto will take place as part of the Blood in the Snow 2019 Film Festival slated for later this month. It will be playing at The Royal Cinema, at 608 College St. on Nov. 24, at 2 p.m.

To purchase tickets, please visit - Beach Metro News - Toronto

"Beach band Eclecticus to perform at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival"

Two local musicians and their band have been selected to perform three sets at the Burlington Sound of Music Festival which draws 200,000 attendees annually.

Singer-songwriters Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay, formed Eclecticus, a popular rock band in 2009...

click to read more - Beach Metro News

"ECLECTICUS Delivers High Energy With Gorgeous Chords!"

ECLECTICUS Delivers High Energy With Gorgeous Chords!

ECLECTICUS released their latest song titled “Losing Hope” which felt so organic to rock music! The ambitious and breathtaking single begins with a percussion-soaked introduction that remains thorough throughout. Alongside the riveting guitar riffs, the vocalist shakes you completely with his raspy and full brittle vocal tone. Rock n roll grain fleshes out of his melodies with controlled arrangements. The hook showcases the singers most passionate and compelling expression yet and in my opinion, highlights the entire lyrical connotation of the record. “Losing Hope” was a groundbreaking rock record that weaved the lines between chaotic and foghorn energy with focused, and a soft aura. With playful dynamics from loud to soft, ECLECTICUS shows off their versatility as a band and capability to deliver us anything! Expect the unexpected with this revolutionary and cutting-edge band.

Read our exclusive interview with the band below! - Buzz Music LA - Apr 6 2019

"ECLECTICUS joins Sebastian Bach tour"

SEBASTIAN BACH (Skid Row) Live In Concert!
w/ THE STANDSTILLS, ECLECTICUS - brought to you by Impact Live, Diamond Mine Agency, Mavricks Music Hall, Rock95 Barrie

June 28, 2018 - Impact Live, Mavricks Music Hall, Rock95 Barrie, Diamond Mine Agency

"Al Joyne's Summer 2018 Discovery Podcast"

Al Joyne's Interviews Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay regarding their new album release, joining Sebastian Bach on his Tour, and what's next for ECLECTICUS. Listen here! - Al Joyne's

"Press Release"


"150 Canadian Bands You Need To Hear"

ECLECTICUS recognized as #38 of 150 bands you need to hear for Canada150 (June 2017) - Bandbiz Blog

"Q107's Al Joynes Fall Discovery Podcast"

Eclecticus and their new song Losing Hope profiled - recording of show. - Al Joynes

"ECLECTICUS Interview on Jazz FM 91.1"

Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay of ECLECTICUS - Talking with Carole Cederberg-Binsky about songwriting on Jazz FM 91 in Toronto - Jazz FM 91.1

"Review of ECLECTICUS"

Gar Reid of ECLECTICUS has headed various bands since he was 17 years old. His love of performing live and making great music are the result of thousands of hours spent writing, mixing and producing in and out of the studio... - LimeyMusic/Blogger

"ECLECTICUS Free Download"

After you’re done Riding on Sunday, we’re throwing a party in Bandshell Park! One of our bands, ECLECTICUS, would like to offer two free digital downloads for Riders from their latest album – Hole Hearted released in April 2012. - Heart and Stroke Foundation

"Media Advisory - "Halloween Haunt" fans needed to help Heart and Stroke Foundation break the CPR Guinness World Record this Thursday at Wonderland"

Entertainment: Lazybones led by MuchMusic VJ Matt Wells and Toronto band Eclecticus - Canada Newswire

"Inside the uPlaya Music Universe™: Eclecticus"

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Inside the uPlaya Music Universe™: Eclecticus
Imagine a band that does it all. Eclecticus is exactly who they say they are: diverse lyrics, melodies and styles that pull on influences from rap, rock, electronica, Motown and pretty much anything they can derive inspiration from. Gar Reid, a singer/songwriter who toured briefly with the Funk Brothers and who used to jam regularly with the Barenaked Ladies, met guitarist Del Rose at a local watering hole. The fortuitous conversation, along with the instant gravitational connection between Tiina and Gar, led to the birth of Eclecticus. Eclecticus continues to collaborate with a wide variety of musicians including popular rapper, Roach Killa.
Eclecticus I

uPlaya Artist Eclecticus How has your band evolved?

Gar: I think ECLECTICUS is constantly evolving by the very nature of our music’s moniker. Tiina, Del and I believe that people nowadays are far more sophisticated and ready to break with traditional branding of music to a few categories/genres and see no reason why people wouldn’t enjoy various styles by a single band for a more enjoyable experience. For me, I embrace as many musical colors as come to mind when writing. Some of the British Festival bands out there start with an acoustic guitar song which then evolves into full throttle rock, ending with an electronica show which encourages this idea of one band sort of “doing it all”. Tell me more about a band that “does it all”.

Gar: Having various styles of music on one record allows us to reach a wider audience. This way, our fans are getting what they like and then are exposed to something else that they may not normally listen to.

Del: I would like to think that our band may educate people in listening to various genres instead of always keeping to ‘one bag’ Tell me about your fans.

Gar: We are developing a fan base and by the look of things, we seem to be attracting young and old, and from various parts of the world. What we find interesting is when you have a 50 year old woman from Trinidad and Tobago juxtaposed by teenagers enjoying our music. What words of wisdom do you have for other musicians who are just getting started?

Gar: First off, hone your craft and get busy making mistakes. A mentor and friend of mine, Grammy Award winning Dan Hill, who wrote and performed “Sometimes When We Touch” among other hits, once told me that if you’re stuck in a rut on a song, try to minimize your time on it to about 45 minutes, generally, to avoid getting frustrated. You should come back to it with fresh ears the next day or drop it altogether and move on. What is your album art all about?

Gar: The debut album art for Eclecticus I was a photo taken by Tiina while vacationing in Switzerland. The photo was taken at the Red Cross Museum in Geneva. This cinderblock room with a fluorescent light was a holding cell for POWs in WWII. If you look closely, there are three sets of footprints on the ground, which represent the three of us working from a fresh palette without interference from outside influence in following just one trend. It may be a motif we continue to work from for subsequent albums. The image is powerful and off kilter, much like us.
- UPlaya Blog


LP - So Illogical, distributed through CD Baby, on Spotify, Deezer,YouTube Music, iTunes, etc

EP - Easier Harder Stronger, distributed via CD Baby (2014)

LP - Hole Hearted, distributed through CD Baby, on iTunes, Amazon, etc.(2012)

LP- Eclecticus I on iTunes, Amazon,  uPlaya Records/The Orchard (San Francisco, CA & Atlanta, GA).(2009)

Radio airplay on CBC Radio, Q107, KKID FM 92.9 FM (Missouri USA), Jazz FM 91.1, etc.

Online: iHeartRadio



ECLECTICUS is a dynamic five-piece rock band from Toronto, Canada, including singer-songwriters Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay with Jono Grant (electric guitars), Chris Ross (drums) and Darrell Goodman (bass). Where New York meets LA, their music is catchy, crossing all genres of rock. Their chemistry is undeniable and they give an exciting performance every time they hit the stage!

The band has experience performing at both large and small venues such as Mavricks Music Hall, CNE Bandshell, Canada's Wonderland, Mount Tremblant, Horseshoe Tavern, Linsmore Tavern, The Hideout, The Rivoli, Mod Club, Opera House, and more. Gar and Tiina have also performed at The Bluebird Cafe and The Commodore in Nashville, TN. 

New album release!
ECLECTICUS recently released their fourth album, So Illogical, produced by award winning and nominated music producer and composer,Jono Grant, at his studio Victory Drive Music.

Words and music: Gar Reid and Tina LeMay, SOCAN/ASCAP
Producer, co-writer, and engineer: Jono Grant, Victory Drive Music

So Illogical June 2018
Easier Harder Stronger October 2014 (limited release)
Hole Hearted April 2012
Eclecticus I
January 2010 

Recent highlights:

  • ECLECTICUS is stoked to announce they will be performing at this year's 40th Sound of Music Festival, one of Canada's largest multi-day music festivals on June 14, 2019 with an amazing line up including Bush, Live!, Headstones, Monster Truck, David Wilcox, and more!
  • ECLECTICUS joined the SEBASTIAN BACH of SKID ROW - Home Away From Home Tour Summer 2018
  • Featured on Q107's famed radio broadcaster Al Joynes Summer 2018 and Fall 2017 Fall Discovery podcasts
  • Recognized as #38 of 150 Canadian bands you need to hear in the spirit of Canada150 via Bandbiz Blog (June 2017)

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