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"Eclipse Sol-Air"

Eclipse Sol-Air is no 70s cover band that just trots out songs from that long ago era. They take the Elements of the style and create something completely individual - Amberger Zeitung

"Eclipse Sol-Air"

Eclipse Sol-Air is no 70s cover band that just trots out songs from that long ago era. They take the Elements of the style and create something completely individual - Amberger Zeitung


Single: You'll see it tomorrow 2011
Maxi Album: Waiting for You 2011
Album 2011 : Bartoks Crisis (double-vinyl+CD)
Schizophilia (release 4/2013)



"Sophisticated art rock" is how most music journalists refer to the cocktail of styles of this unusual group – a group that drew top reviews for their debut album last year, produced by themselves no less, attracting large numbers of fans especially in the prog rock community and everything from the gothic genre to world music. With their second album, “Schizophilia”, produced by Frank Bornemann in the legendary Horus Sound Studios in Hannover (e.g. Eloy, Scorpions, Guano Apes, Subway to Sally, Helloween, Revolverheld), the group now show that they deserve even greater attention.
In their hr3 Tour featuring 11 concerts in 2011 and at the Burg Herzberg Festival in 2012, the German/French formation presented an impressive and truly individual blend of complex rock structures, evocative atmospheres and classical elements, always accompanied by a background theme story. The fact that they won four awards at the German Rock & Pop Awards in December 2011 says everything about their quality. Musical parallels are made with rock giants which themselves are enormously varied, such as YES, NIGHTWISH, JETHRO TULL, RAMMSTEIN or PINK FLOYD, but without really being able to adequately describe where the group actually stands and how they sound in reality. Eclipse Sol-Air have to be accorded a special position in the current music scene. Their artistic profile almost defies definition, but it unquestionably stands out from the rest! This is by no means just down to the unusual instrumentation with flute and violin, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums and two vocalists who, with their striking voices, give the group a special identity with the combined effect of their singing together as male and female vocalists. The music certainly makes you prick up your ears!

The new Album, to be released May 2013 is a concept work produced not only to the highest quality but one which also demonstrates that young musicians with professional and classical training are most definitely able to hold their own with the big names of their genre in terms of concepts and compositions. What this ambitious album shows above all is that there is still music out there beyond the conventional rock pop mainstream which is capable of stirring deeper emotions and transcending the mundane.
“Schizophilia”: A musical journey of discovery in old and new sounds of symphonic rock music that is well worth listening to.

Several recent reviews of the music of the french-german-slovakian Band Eclipse Sol-Air (abbreviation "ESA") in european music magazins (Classic Rock, RockIt, Rocks, break out, Good Times, Zillo, Sonic Seducer, SLAM, eclipsed) with rhapsodic critics: “Never heard such a music full of fantasy and new ideas”.Singing their own Songs in french, english, german and kroatian, " New Jethro Tull", "New Pink Floyd" or "New Yes" was the most interesting review in a newspaper. But nothing can be better than the "old masters" of Rock music and the music of ESA cannot be compared.It is a own genre.This is fact! But: isn´t there a yearning for young successors of that rock titans? But standing ovations during their last tour 2011 with the radio station hr3 "Pink Floyd meets Art-Rock" underline their professionality and exciting music.
Epic Tales, artistic music "Back to the Art" is the future, and not just in musical terms: On stage the band put on a phantasm show. Musically their own songs can be really compared to Genesis, Yes, Marillion or Mike Oldfield mixed with borrowings of classical masters like Bach, Haendel and even Bartok. They use sound to give world a frame- interpretation is open. Professional musicians playing violin, piano and Flute besides the usual rock-band members guitar, bass and drums together with two front-acts, a unforgettable french girl and a crazy french boy guarantees professional and precise music.
But, for all the art, they still have mass appeal at the same time. They know exactly how to win over their audience by presenting them with a varied arrayof rock epics and ballads with the potential of radio hits. A gain for every gig.
Hardly surprising , therefore, that the band has frequently selected as a winner of band contests:-1st prize in Maxi DSL Contest
-1st prize in the Ringoffire Contest in Austria
- 1st prize in the Band Contest of the Bavarian Music Academy,
- several prices in German national Music Award 2011
and many more.The musicians have won several first prices with their individual instrument even in classical music awards
A real extraordinary performance on stage.