Springfield, Virginia, USA


As an aural stimuli Ecliptic began its existence in 1998, formed by Markus Hampel and Sidney Mortensen. It is the embodiement of an idea of musical perception, a purpose given substance and cause given effect by the macro and micro of existence.
What we create is not often easily defined, fitting within and yet without many genre specific parameters, so classify us how you see fit. At present we reside on the Eastern shore of the North American continent, however as a mental and auditory form we hail from parts unknown and draw our water far and wide. As individuals our origins reside in the old country but we claim no geneology as our own, for we are everything and nothing, merely what others will us to be... and that which is perceived...


Cause of Progress

Written By: MH

blackens sky
blue to night
it deepens the eye

into triviality,
likening sea
to incandescent speech

white paper void
wiped clean
the unfocused stream

reverberates within scream

a membrane
thin and taught
spliced with razor
awaiting blood to clot
imprinting foil
concocts design
flaying flesh's
conspicuous line

progress guides
black to blue,
quiets few

The River Flows On

Written By: MH

As I looked…
Unbroken and fluid, did the
Waters flow,
Cascading down
Through a never-ending course

And yet…
Ever-flowing as it were
Did it expand itself
Branching off to
Passing through,
As perpendicular
And parallel

Then beheld…
Before wizened sight
As far as could be seen
Did the waters
Of their own volition
Return of whence they

Thus I see and yet lose sight
My muscles relax, my body dies
Thus it is my soul is free
Confined no longer in entropy

Thus did they…
Breed and breath new life
(breed and breath new life)
Always forward
(always forward)
Even when going back
(even when going back)
A constant surge of
Cosmic energy
Separate but eternal
Forming divergent streams

The water flows, inexorably on…

The Five Ways

Written By: MH

Vacuous and full
Such radiant emptiness.
It was then,
That life moved suddenly
From it’s state of stillness
The beginning as an end

Virtue is simplicity
Seeing the illusionary nature of worldly things.
Know things that exist:
To ground thyself in
The ways of the multitudes.
Know that which does not exist:
To release thyself from
The limits of man.
Firm and Steadfast

Simplicity is wisdom
Let that which surrounds you
Reflect through you
Shapeless and without form
Yet take all into ones self
To acquire the natural way of things
Cool and contained

Wisdom is understanding
Feed from the flame
Let it destroy the barriers
Cleanse the soul and purify the spirit.
Seek amongst the ashes, that most sought,
The heralding of enlightened rebirth
Controlled and unleashed

Understanding is knowledge
The spirit of night and of day
That of above and below
Come forth as one
Knowing that there is no unity or one,
“That one is all and all is one.
Yet the all remains all, the one remains one”*
As the winds set astir the spirit and soul
Free and flowing

Emptiness and fullness
Such a vacuous state
It was, that suddenly
Life transcended
From it’s physical being
Into the void

The end is the beginning

(*quoted lines taken from “The Book of Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi)

Sleep of Reason

Written By: MH

Time can pass away through the line of the subconscious
Dripping through the holes in the thought process
Life close on its heels, is fading fast
The present becoming a 2 dimensional cell

Unable to flee through the doors of the mind
Perception slowly receding into an eye-like window
Darkened tunnel walls guiding forward
Shutters closing tight, trapping the soul

Alas, bereft of the open air
Alas, thoughts no longer here
Alas, chains bind me
Alas… I can’t see

Fleeting visions of visionless sight
An Incomprehensible pallid night
As Dreams of fanciful flight pass me by
Wandering through fields of empty voids

My way is lost, no longer clear
Yet the path unchanged, is always there
Hidden to that which limits me
Let this go, set me free

At last, a view of the open air
At last, a thought comes through clear
At last, of binding chains I’m free’d
At last… I can see

Once Becoming

Written By: MH

Is the world not born from me
created out of my being
formed through my thoughts
and understood through my senses?
For is it not merely my perception
of all that exists that gives substance
and form to the formlessness

in this indolent existence
an organism
gliding over illusory planes
am I?
Am I not,
an illusion within the illusion?
can I perceive that I no longer exist
so in that instant, at that moment
I am whisked away on the whim of a thought?
Or am I bound as a vine
rooted in this conscious dream,
anticipating the axe to fell me
waiting to be sent speeding
into the fantastic void!

nothing existed before I
now that which only I am aware of resides
whence I depart all shall exit with me
for these things are alone... mine

I will myself to think of nothing
therefore, I am not


1999 - 4 Song (Demo)
2004 - Mysteriium Cosmographicum (Demo)
2010 - As of Yet Unknown (Full Length