EcoArt Band

EcoArt Band

 Komotiní, East Macedonia and Thrace, GRC

When the ecology, met art and became one with the music, then was born EcoArt Band a special and unique ensemble,for the international music scene.
The uniqueness and peculiarity of the use of musical instruments, made almost entirely from used paper and fabric.


"The world's first band, consisting of musical instruments made from recycled materials like newspapers, burlap and denim, premièred in music hall of Komotini , Greece. The manufacturer of instruments and musician of ECO ART BAND as named the prototype ensemble warmly applauded by the Komotini music fans who were impressed by the project." National TV Channel ET3

The EcoArt Band,is a quite new band from Greece!!Is the first, unique and distinctive musical band in the world, which have the particularity to use recycled musical instruments, made almost entirely from used paper and fabrics, painted and designed with artistic mood and style.
From this special existence, artistic and ecological appearance and construction features, the band got its name.
The EcoArt Band was created in collaboration with the manufacturer and artist of recycled musical instruments Christos Tsonias and the extraordinary composer, musician and friend Dimitris Svidridis.
The music style of the band, is a fusion with really great music, coming from different musical areas and styles, predisposing listeners and viewers for a trip and a tour to the magical world of music and art together (with the tracks of Mozart, Vivaldi, Bartok, Villa Lobos, Piazzolla, Jazz music, etc).
The EcoArt Band are......
Dimitris Svidridis, composition, orchestration, music editing and playing in the band, a guitar made of paper.
Fotis Zanelaris, violinist, in the band plays a violin made of denim and one violin from paper.
Fotini Tsialiki, pianist and vocalist, in the band plays a piano made of paper and fabric.
Georgia Petmeza, cellist, in the band plays a cello made out of paper.
Christos Tsonias, artist & constructor of musical instruments.

"Where a photocopy go, when we throwing away ? In the Paradise of music. " Julia N.Kalimeri from


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Set List

One Microphone or jack for the piano and monitor.
One microphone for the classical guitar and monitor.
One microphone for the violin and monitor.
One microphone for the cello and monitor.