Eco Del Sur

Eco Del Sur

 Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA

Eco Del Sur performs the enchanting folk music of the Andes and several Latin American regions. The music of Eco Del Sur includes a wide range of styles and rhythms, which were influeced by the Pre-Columbian civilizations and the Spanish and African culture and heritage.


Eco Del Sur is the name of this musical ensemble, which consists of Latin artists from various musical backgrounds who are united to explore and perform ancient and contemporary music from the Andean Mountains and other Latin American regions.

The members of the band are from different countries including Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador, making Eco Del Sur the result of a very diverse mixture of backgrounds and musical experiences. Each member has mastered several indigenous and contemporary instruments. Some of these instruments used by Eco Del Sur include: zampoƱas, quenas, quenachos, antaras, zencas, rondador, ocarinas, moxenos, flute, charango, mandolin, guitar, Venezuelan cuatro, bass, bombo, tambora, bongos, wankara, Peruvian cajon, maracas, guacharaca, claves, rain sticks, guaza, chakchas, etc.

Eco Del Sur has performed at well recognized centers and museums such as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in Newark, NJ; the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) in Detroit, Michigan; the Museum of Natural History in NY; Newark Public Library in Newark, NJ; as well as at various festivals, universities and libraries on the Eastern United States.

The band members have put a lot of hours in the composition and arrangement of their songs, and have prepared a large repertoire of famous Latin American songs that are now part of the world popular culture.


Latin American Roots, 2006
Mixed colors, 2000

Set List

Eco Del Sur performs sets with a duraction of 45-60 minutes. Performances or concerts by Eco Del Sur include one or two shows. Workshops and education programs are also provided by members of the band. The typical repertoire include music from the Andes, Latin America and the Caribbean.