Ecö-Shöck are the guys you'll be telling your kids, "I went to high school with them." We write and play our own original tunes and covers with a sexy metal twist. We are ready to rock the world just put us on the bill and we're there! Get ready to be 'Shöcked' world! Ecö-Shöck


Ecö-Shöck formed in September of 2007 in Kingston Nova Scotia. We play ‘Hard Rock’ with influences of ‘Heavy Metal’. We have an original sound but can be linked to the sounds of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Metallica.

Officially best band in half of Nova Scotia, Canada (province) 1st place @ Apple Blossom Battle of the Bands!
We've opened for Much Music Band "Ten Second Epic" and GH3 band "Priestess"!

We've opened for the well-known ‘Much Music’ band “Ten Second Epic”.

Each member lives and breathes music, and it shows not only in our music but in our performance. We have the energy of KISS with the power of Sabbath!



Written By: Eco-Shock

I've seen the days,
I've seen the nights,
I've seen more than you can imagine, I've seen people die,
I've seen people cry,
I've seen people with nothing at all

Veteran pain in you
Veteran stay true
Veteran stand tall
Veteran take the fall

You swear you've seen it all,
Still living yet to fall,
Mercy for your soul is never too kind,
Veteran Fight, Veteran Die
Freed too late a slave to time.


I'll Arrive

Written By: Eco-Shock



Listen to us at:

In early 2008 we released a demo including tracks -
1. Coming Fast
2. Sleepless Nights
3. The Burden
4. Love Child

Just recently we finished recording our first, professionally produced LP. It is for sale in CD Plus Greenwood and New Minus or from us directly.

1. Veteran
2. Coming Fast
3. Skies of the Past
4. Rise From the Ashes
5. The Burden
6. Metal Massacre
7. Sleepless Nights
8. Love Child
9. I'll Arrive

You can listen to us at:

Set List

Our setlist usually includes most originals with a few covers.

Originals include:
Veteran, Coming Fast, The Burden, Love Child, Metal Massacre, Sleepless Nights, Rise From the Ashes, Skies of The Past, I'll Arrive and Wildcat.

Covers include:
Holy Diver - Dio
The Trooper - Iron Maiden
Seek and Destroy - Metallica
No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper
The Metal - Tenacious D
Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top