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"Local Band One Step Closer to Opening for KISS"

One of the youngest bands to ever come from the Annapolis Valley, Ecö-Shöck (Eee-Ko-Shock), is one step closer to opening for KISS in Halifax on July 18.

Ecö-Shöck has opened for such well-known bands as Much Music’s, “Ten Second Epic”. More recently, performing songs from their self-titled album, Ecö-Shöck was chosen by Valley’s Smoking’ Entertainment as the opening act for Guitar Hero III’s “Priestess” and ECMA’s “Iron Giant.” The performance took place at the Halifax Pavilion on Saturday, only a few metres away from the Halifax Commons – the site of this summer’s KISS concert – and marked a huge leap for the band.

Their next big goal is to open for the rock and roll icons this summer. They hope Gene Simmons will recognize their young, raw talent and will sign them to Simmons Records.

Ranging in age from 14-16, Ecö-Shöck’s rise to popularity in only 18 short months has a lot to do with their growing local fan base and love of bringing ‘real’ music back to teens. Ecö-Shöck hopes to change the outlook and sound of popular music with their unique brand of rock ‘n roll/metal music.

On their debut album, the song, “Veteran” was written to remind teens of the sacrifices Canadian Troops have made for our freedom. Even songs like, “I’ll Arrive” is a softer instrumental with a slight Celtic influence.

With Adam Clarke and Lucas Bowlby on split vocals and lead guitars, Andrew Nickerson booming away on bass, and Jake Gracie, slamming the drums, you can say these guys have the talent to make their mark in the music industry along with the giants.

After opening for a KISS Cover Band last December, Ecö-Shöck is now ready for the real thing!

Fans can find them at

For more information or to arrange for an interview or photos, please contact:
Adam Clarke

- Aurora Newspaper May 4, 2009

"Review: Canada's Leading Music Authority"

By Keith Carman

What the fuck are they putting in Cheerios these days? The average Exclaim! reader probably has racing stripes on their underwear that are older than the collective age of Eco-Shock's members. Yet here they are with an ass-tearing full-length in hand before you've managed to break out the liquid bleach. These youths are seriously that: kids who most likely weren't out of Pampers when Metallica's Load came out but are far more rockin'. Taking primary influences from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal but allowing for doses of their parents' horrific/hopefully joking hair metal dalliances, there's a surprising amount of grit and severity on these nine tracks. Naturally, Get Shocked! is rife with obvious riff-copping (don't let Iron Maiden hear it), juvenility and a dire need to get to the point but, for the brats they are, it rocks. (Independent) - Exclaim Magazine Dec. 2009

"Kings Arts Scene - As of Nov. 26"

Best at Westock

West Kings hosted this year’s Westock Nov. 19, with a ‘60s- themed Battle of the Bands.

With a talented line-up of bands and K-Rock’s Neil Spence officiating, the evening was a phenomenal success.

Local band Eco-Shock was voted the favourite band in a landslide vote, receiving first-place honors. This talented, two-year-old band continues to reach for its collective dream of playing in stadiums. Music is more than just a hobby: it’s a way of life. The band hopes its big break will come before their oldest band member graduates from high school in 2010, so timing and luck are very much factors. Their music continues to capture the interest of many who have bought their “Get Shocked” album, and their songs are listened to from coast to coast, with listings on some of the TOP 10 radio charts for college radio in October and November.

Eco-Shock was also given a “thumbs up” review this month by Canada’s leading music magazine, Exclaim.

WEBLINK: - by Wendy Elliott/The Advertiser /Kings County Register

"Eco-Shock Releases Video to Honour Armed Forces"

A new music video by a local band is using the infinite reach of the internet to help commemorate the sacrifices made by Canads's Armed Forces.

Valley-based Eco-Shock has made its first music video, “Veteran,” available on Worthy of note is the fact that the band members, Lucas Bowlby, Adam Clarke, Andrew Nickerson and Jake Gracie, range in age from 15 to 17.

The video combines innovative black and white shooting with raw footage of troops on the front lines - many of whom are only a few years older than the band’s members. According to Rene Frenette, retired sergeant and Canadian Forces veteran, "The only word I can think of after watching the video is outstanding! I loved the footage and video editing.

“Their sound is "tight" and powerful, certainly beyond their years."

According to Eco-Shock, the video will really help spread the band’s message.

“We see the potential viewership in uploading a video to YouTube and hope that this will continue to relay our message of support for the sacrifices our troops have made for our country; especially at this time of year.”

Shot independently, the professional production is available at

Eco-Shock wrote the song Remembrance Day in 2008. Plans are underway to play the song – and other tracks – live for service members in several East Coast Canadian Forces bases in the coming year. - Aurora Newspaper - Jan. 02, 2010

"Another band battle win for Eco-Shock"

Proving age is only a number, amateur sensation Eco-Shock once again rocked its way into the hearts of fans and judges over the Natal Day weekend in Halifax.

The Valley-based band beat out 25 other amateur musicians/ bands from across Nova Scotia to capture the Natal Days battle of the bands, $1,200 and a membership to the Atlantic Federation of Musicians.

Eco-Shock wowed the crowd with their original tune, “Veteran,” written Remembrance Day last year as a tribute to the ultimate sacrifice Canadians have made for their country and our freedom. It struck a chord with at least one older fan, who told the band after its performance she would be listening to Eco-Shock until she was “well into her eighties.”

“It was awesome to see a bonding of generations come together to listen to our music,” said drummer Jake Gracie, “even though we didn’t expect them to embrace our music.”

Age was a hot topic earlier this summer when Eco-Shock attempted to join a contest to open for rock icons KISS on the Halifax Commons. Contest rules prevented anyone who wasn’t 19 years old from even trying out. Eco-Shock’s members are all still in high school, too young to rock.

Their talent didn’t go unnoticed by one of the judges at the Natal Day event, who remarked, “KISS didn’t know what they were missing out on.”

Eco-Shock entered the August 9 Battle of the Bands at Upper Clements Park, with the winner returning September 6 for the finals.

Eco-Shock has successfully won every battle of the bands it has participated in this summer. The band hopes to continue on this path of success and reach its goal of playing to millions of fans, regardless of their age, all around the world.

Eco-Shock has also been offered a spot to play at the annual Wharf Rat Rally in Digby in early September. The motorcycle rally is the biggest of its kind east of New York and attracts tens of thousands of motorcyclists. This year’s attendance is estimated to be reach over 60,000 people. - NovaNewsNow.COM August 13rd 2009

"No KISS for Valley boys Eco-Shock hoped to share stage, music with the real thing"

One of the youngest bands to come from the Annapolis Valley, Ecö-Shöck, was hoping to open for KISS in Halifax July 18.

Instead, their age become an issue: none of the band’s members is over 19 years old; they’ll play July 17 for the 100th anniversary clebrations in Middleton as part of Heart of the Valley Days.

“The band was disqualified because of their age by KISS concert promoters” in June, says the band’s spokesoman Heather Clarke.

“It’s really too bad - some of the bands they were up against they’ve played with, opened for and even beaten in competitions before this.”

Ecö-Shöck has opened for some well-known bands, such as Much Music’s Ten Second Epic. Performing songs from their self-titled album, Ecö-Shöck was chosen recently by Valley’s Smoking’ Entertainment as the opening act for Guitar Hero III’s Priestess and ECMA’s Iron Giant at the Halifax Pavilion, only a few metres from the Halifax Commons: the site of the upcoming KISS concert; an opportunity, says band member Adam Clarke, that would have marked a huge leap for the band.

Clarke’s action plan to front for KISS included playing as many shows as possible, as often as possible; opening for bands already popular or award-winning, playing in contests and winning, self-promotion and writing new music.

“It shows you’ve got talent with both composing and playing to your audience,” he says. Growing fan support is important, and so is playing music that resonates.

Ranging in age from 15 to 17, Ecö-Shöck’s rise in just 20 months has a lot to do with their growing, local fan base and love of bringing “real” music back to teens, says Clarke. All West Kings students, the band aims to change the outlook and sound of popular music with their unique brand of rock ‘n roll/ metal music.

On their debut, the song Veteran was written to remind teens of the sacrifices Canadian troops have made for freedom, notes Clarke. Songs like I’ll Arrive are a softer instrumental sound, with a slight Celtic influence.

With Clarke and Lucas Bowlby on split vocals and lead guitars, Andrew Nickerson booming away on bass and Jake Gracie, slamming the drums; the band wants to use its collective talent to make a mark in the music industry. They were hopeful Gene Simmons would get the chance to hear their young, raw talent and sign them to Simmons Records.

“I’ve watched the brilliant Gene Simmons for years and admire his ability to take an idea and run with it,” Clarke says. “He has great business and marketing skills and he’s always looking for new, young talent he could sign.

“We’d love to be a part of that.”

Band members believe “playing for a full stadium would be the greatest feeling we could ever experience because we feed off the intensity of the screaming crowds and their energy.”

After opening for a KISS cover band last December, Ecö-Shöck had hoped to play alongside the real thing.

“It's our dream to spread our music, and Eco-Shock intends to share that with the world in some way, some day.” - NovaNewsnow.COM July 16th 2009,

"Priestess w/Iron Giant, Eco-Shock and more"

Eco-Shock opens for Priestess and Iron Giant

"Oh Christ!" responds Mikey Heppner, lead singer and guitarist of Montreal band Priestess, when told that they are being billed as the "stars of Guitar Hero III" on posters advertising their latest Halifax shows.

"I think it's cool that we're on the game and I think it's cool that it's brought us to the attention of a lot of younger people," says Heppner, while acknowledging the perils that come with being known as simply "that band with the song in Guitar Hero."

Fortunately for Priestess, they're not one-trick ponies and there's more to the band than just "Lay Down." They're also touring material from their upcoming album---a heavier offering than previous discs. The album should only disappoint Priestess fans because of its current lack of availability. They announced a release date of March 2009, but the month went out like a lamb and there was no album. Heppner says that the album will be released in Canada on Indica Records, Quebec's largest alternative record label, which previously released Priestess' Hello Master. Unfortunately for Priestess, the album doesn't have an US home right now and that's holding up the Canadian release.

Those looking for new Priestess material will have to satisfy themselves with shows at The Pavilion and Coconut Grove. Priestess plays here this weekend before heading off on tour with gore-grind vegetarians Cattle Decapitation and comedy metal legends Gwar. After that, they head to China to play to one of the world's fastest growing entertainment markets. The current Atlantic tour is a continuation of Priestess' previous Canadian tour with Bison, B.C. (ex S.T.R.E.E.T.S.) and Barnburner (featuring members of Black Ships). This incarnation of the tour sees them playing with Black Moor and ECMA winners Iron Giant.

Tickets for both shows $12adv/$15 Priestess w/Iron Giant, Eco-Shock and more door,
- The Coast April 16, 2009

"Eco-Shock Rocks in the Studio"

In the early fall, September 2007, Eco-Shock was born, a straight up rock and roll band, with so much to offer. Eco-Shock features Jake Gracie on drums, Andrew Nickerson on bass, Adam Clarke and Lucas Bowlby both on vocals and guitars. This extremely talented, diverse line-up adds excitement and enthusiasm to any show. One of the best bands I’ve seen live.

V:What’s the origin of the band name? Any stories behind it?

Eco-Shock: Oh man…we hate answering this question, ahaha. Well, back in 2007 when the band just started, we had jammed out a bunch of songs and we were ready to play our first show and all that noise. Anyways, we needed a name, and as we were all walking down the street in Kingston one day, we were talking about how everybody was saying how the world was gonna end and global warming was killing us…and we just pretty much based our name around that, even though we don’t sing songs about saving the earth and stuff, cause were not about that….but when people ask us what it means, we just say its about environmental destruction and the impact we intend to make on the world with our music.

V: How did you meet? What inspired you to make music together?

Jake: Well, Lucas and I knew each other since we were born pretty much, and when Lucas started learning to play guitar, I had already known how to play guitar a bit and drums, and we started jamming together. Eventually, we wrote our first song together,”Coming Fast” and realized we wanted to start a band. So we looked for guitarists and I remembered Adam from taking the bus home with him everyday from school. I hated his fucking guts at the time, but I was willing to compromise. Anyways, he auditioned for the band and we were stoked on his guitar playing, so he joined the band. Nick Ryan just kind of showed up to practices whenever he wanted, and eventually he left on his own behalf. So then Andrew contacted us and asked if he could audition, and like Adam, we were stoked on his bass playing, so he was accepted as our new bass player.

V: Now you guys have gone through some bassists, Nick Ryan started as the bassist, then a month later Andrew Nickerson was brought in; later Andrew left Eco-Shock leaving the spot open for a few months, and now he’s back busting away. How has that changed or influenced Eco-Shock?

J: Nick Ryan didn’t really write anything for the band originally, he just jammed with us, and I think he realized eventually that it wasn’t the type of music he wanted to play, so he left before the first show. Andrew came to us like a week and half before the first show and learned the songs, and we were really impressed with his playing, so he stayed in the band for 8 months or so, until he left or we kicked him out (we can’t remember how it exactly went) and then, yet again, before a big show we had lined up, our bassist was gone. Then a long time die-hard fan of ours, Chad Amirault, didn’t even know how to play bass, but proceeded to learn how to play all of our songs in a week alone. That was just fucking awesome, and he stayed with the band for the summer, until a bunch of not needed bullshit happened, and we were forced to kick him out of the band. Andrew wasn’t in Apollyon anymore at that time, and quickly offered to take up playing bass for us again after Chad was gone…so I think having our original bassist back has helped us develop our style better, and were all glad to have him back.

V: I’ve heard some rumors that some people think Eco-Shock is all about metal. True, not so true?

J: I would say that’s not so true…we listen to a lot of different stuff, like, Adam and I listen to Frank Sinatra sometimes man, but yeah, personally, I listen to a lot of the NWOBHM, and pretty much any rock music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and I still listen to new rock music that’s not on Much Music, but yeah, we listen to everything…not the 90’s though, that decade fucking blew.

V: What genre of music do you consider the band to be? Who or what is a major influence of the bands work?

E: We just refer to ourselves as a no-bullshit, straight up rock n roll band with influences of heavy metal….we have a lot of influences otherwise, but I can’t label them all off right now, it would take forever.

V: Do any of the members do any other work in the local music scene? Host shows, online sites or anything like that?

E: We don’t really host any of our own shows yet, but there’s a growing amount of promotion and show companies around here that are putting on shows and were thankful for that. We go out to other shows though and support the local bands. Were really glad that the music scene around here is growing and that there’s more places to play.

V: How has the music evolved since the last E.P?

E: It’s gotten heavier and a little bit more complex…and just overall better in our eyes.

V: Who produced this album or where was it recorded and mastered?

E: We recorded it in Coldbrook at the Ocean Sound Productions studio. Carey Langille produced and mastered the entire album.

V: Anything specific you could describe about how you all come together to write the songs?

E: It just usually starts with one of us writing a riff and then the rest of us just work with it, add on to it, change it around a bit and it eventually turns into a song….we put everything we got into it…blood, sweat and tears!(Only tears if were doing power-ballads though)

V: How long did it take to get the album out? Any complications?

E: We recorded it in a weekend alone, and then it took some time to get mastered and produced, and then we had to get a print run done….we were a few hundred bucks in debt by the end of it all, but we paid it all off in less than a week of the release, which was awesome and didn’t create any hassle for us as a band.

V: Is this a heavier album from the E.P release in 2008? Or how does it differ from that?

E: We think it’s heavier, but were not that heavy compared to most other local bands in the first place. When we put the demo out, it was all self-financed, recorded, produced, and mastered, even though there’s not a whole lot of mastering that could be done for it. Jake didn’t even have a metronome to follow when he laid down the drum tracks…so it took us a lot longer to put out the demo then it did to put out our actual album, surprisingly.

V: How much is the album and where can fans get the self-titled debut?

E: The album is 12 bucks and you can get it personally from us at any show, or by walking up to us. You can also get it at CD Plus in Greenwood, and New Minus, or you can order it online through our Myspace page at , or by sending us an email at: or .

V: Anyone or any group you’d like to mention that supported the band on the making of the album or provides continuous support?

E: Oh man [thinking] we would like to thank Jay Chetwynd, Smokin’ Entertainment, Carey Langille, Ocean Sound Productions, Vision Productions, All the bands we’ve played with, Anybody that has let us use a drum-kit or amplifier at a show, everybody that has done sound for us, Our families, Jake’s parents for putting up with us all this time, anybody who has taken a video for us or snapped pictures for us, and everybody that comes out to our shows and any other shows around the Valley to support the music scene here, We really appreciate it! Sorry if we have forgot you, please notify us and kick our asses. Thank You!

V: Anything to add?

You can check us out on our Myspace page at: for regular updates on the band, upcoming shows, and listen to a few songs off the new album!

We will be playing at Upper Clements Park on August 9th for Round 1 of the Battle of the Bands being hosted there, its free once you’re in the park, we will be on at around 1PM Were also playing WHARF RAT RALLEY 2009 in Digby this year! This is also free, and we will be playing Friday or Saturday on Main Street. More info to be announced on both of these shows, but keep checking back for updates!check out our Facebook group at:

Thanks Guys!
Get Shocked!
- Ecö-Shöck - VisiONtheNet THE #1 UNDERGROUND WEBZINE September 10, 2009

"89.3 FM Rock Alarm 'Eco-Shock'"

“Ecö-Shöck, see 'em now so you can say you saw them before they became famous." ... K'Rock's Colin and Kate - K-Rock 89.3

"Eco-Shock Ready to Rock the Indie TV Series"

Eco-Shock hopes the musical momentum they’ve created in just over two years will lead to new opportunities in the music business.

Band members Lucas Bowlby, Adam Clarke, Jake Gracie and Andrew Nickerson - all students at West Kings; have met with success on the local scene and college charts and recently broke new ground when the band was chosen for the third installment of the Indie Music Showcase television series.

Sponsored by Rock 1 Productions, the music showcase features songs from two top local indie bands and one headline band during each of its 12 episodes. Rock 1 has a total viewership of over 7.5 million people worldwide. Every weekly episode is broadcast four times in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. to an 18- to 30-year-old core demographic. Episodes are also distributed throughout North America on DVD and worldwide via downloads. Bands selected for the showcase demonstrate the program's core values of quality, diversity, originality, community involvement and exciting live performance.

“It is a great opportunity for us to get some exposure on a big scale,” explains Clarke, the oldest member of the group, now in his senior year of high school.

When the band formed, it leaned towards a hard rock and heavy metal sound but, in the past year, the foursome has added an entire set list of cover tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s music to their original material.

“It was a natural for us - we all grew up listening to classic rock,” says Bowlby, “and we know what people like.”

Despite their youth, the group has played at several music events, appearing at the Yarmouth Air Show and Upper Clements Park and winning the 2009 Apple Blossom Festival’s Battle of the Bands.

“Ninety-nine percent of the time, we are the youngest band wherever we go, but the feedback we get is that we definitely have a more mature sound,” says Gracie, the drummer for the band.

Last summer, the group tried in vain to be considered as an opening act for KISS in Halifax, but they were too young. Having run into that problem more than once, Clarke says “we are now able to have our parents sign a waiver so we can play in venues where people are over 19.” He thinks this will provide more opportunities for the band. “We can now do gigs at clubs, fire halls - wherever.”

While they continue to work on securing opportunities to play, the band members, three of whom are from military families; are also focused on 2011, when they plan to release a military tribute project that will include a documentary and musical appearances.

“We would like to do concerts at Canadian Forces bases, with the goal of eventually going to Kandahar in Afghanistan.”

With Clarke set to graduate this spring, the band has been forced to look at the future and decide if they are in it “for the long haul.

“We definitely are,” says Clarke, who has decided to stay local and study classical guitar at Acadia University.

The four band mates hope the upcoming Indie Music Showcase will open more doors for them. While they are all equally committed to the entertainment industry, Clarke says they aren’t “complete dreamers.

“We can’t just focus on the music - we need to have a business mind, too.”

Nickerson says the band is fortunate to have the considerable support of all members’ parents.

“It’s important to have our families behind us.”

For now, the band remains focused on expanding its playlist and developing a profile that will garner them more notice and, in turn, result in more gigs.

“If we work at it, it will come together,” Clarke says. “Ultimately, our music and our fans will lead us to our destiny.”
website: - Nova News - Nancy Kelly


'Get Shocked" EP - Released April 2009

College RADIO Play:

CKXU 88.3MHz - Lethbridge Eco-Shock #10
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CKXU 88.3MHz - Lethbridge Loud Eco-Shock #9
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CAPR Sydney Eco-Shock #10
Top 30
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CFBX 92.5FM - Kamloops Eco-Shock #3
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CFBX 92.5FM - Kamloops Eco-Shock #8
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CHMR 93.5 MHz - St. John's Eco-Shock #25
Top 30
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CHMR 93.5 MHz - St. John's Eco-Shock #15
Top 30
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CJSF 90.1 MHz - Burnaby Eco-Shock #14
Top 30
For the Week Ending: Tuesday, February 23, 2010



Eco-Shock formed in September of 2007 in Kingston, Nova Scotia.

Looking back on the past four years, it really puts things so much perspective on things for us. We've managed to keep a strong lineup and improve together as a band, but more importantly, we've stayed true to our original mission. We wanted to stand apart from other bands while making a difference. For inspiration we looked out to the world, and asked questions... but more importantly we listened.

The 60’s youth movement had bands like The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Joni Mitchell and Hendrix. We felt it was time for another global change and with the increasing awareness of a declining environment and economy we felt the Earth movement needed a voice and that is what Eco-Shock stands for. We are grass roots Earth Rock!

The origins of Eco-Shock began in the summer of 2007. Like most bands in the beginning, we were virtually unknown and only had an original or two. Finding a venue to play in was tough because most gigs were played in bars and clubs and we were underage. Taking young musicians like ourselves seriously was a tough road but we started playing at dens, all age shows, private gigs and even festivals. Finding decent venues was the first major obstacle we had to overcome. And we had done that.

The next obstacle was getting into a recording studio to produce our first album…. Through intense self-promotion, pre-sales, winning battle of the bands and the creation of an Eco-Shock sponsorship program, we were able to fund the recording, pressing and distribution of our first EP.

Recording our First Album
In the Spring of 2009 we recorded and released our debut self-titled album, "Eco-Shock". We've got 8 tracks of AMAZING Rock 'n' Roll music and one awe-inspiring, Celtic instrumental entitled, "I'll Arrive".

PRESS: “Ecö-Shöck, see 'em now so you can say you saw them before they became famous." - K-Rock's 89.3 FM Rock Alarm ... Colin and Kate

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