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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop




"New Kid on the Block!"

On June 23, 2011Hip Hop Artist E. Cov released “Draft Day”, featuring Giulietta, the 1st single off his debut mix tape entitled “Steal Of Tha Draft”. Eight hours after release, the single hit the Top Ten for up & coming artist on Hot New Hip Hop.com. 34 days later on July 27th at 12:00am, E. Cov released his highly anticipated debut mix tape entitled “Steal Of Tha Draft”, while at the same time celebrating his 20th Birthday. “Steal Of Tha Draft’s” downloads reached over 20,000 downloads in the first 30 days of release! Official Download Link: http://limelinx.com/files/8e9c3d9d837843b1f78d32991c346f74. “The response from the fans has been overwhelming, I couldn’t do this without them”, said E. Cov.
E. Cov went Live on UStream.tv/channel/steal-of-tha-draft with die hard fans prior to the release. When asked by his fans what he wanted for his Birthday he simply responded, “All I want for my Birthday is for everyone to download my mix tape “Steal Of Tha Draft” at midnight tonight!” The anticipation built on UStream prior to the July 27th release of “Steal Of Tha Draft” was absolutely amazing and very heart felt. “The reviews, downloads and comments from the fans has been greatly appreciated and the response and support from everyone involved in this project has been overwhelming and very rewarding for E. Cov and his entire team over at FLAWLE$$ ENTERTAINMENT, INC. We are in high gear and extremely excited about what the future holds for this kid E. Cov”, said Jahir CEO of FLAWLE$$ ENTERTAINMENT, INC.
By Rani Pierce
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Debut Mixtape entitled "Steal Of Tha Draft", released 7.27.11
Official Download Link: http://limelinx.com/files/8e9c3d9d837843b1f78d32991c346f74 (35k + downloads)



Eric Covington was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He spent a very short time in his hometown of Baltimore; at nine days old, he and his mother headed to Los Angeles, CA to be with his maternal grandmother. Two years later, he and his family relocated to Atlanta, GA where they resided for the next seven years. While in Atlanta, Eric began listening to Atlanta’s Native Hip Hop Artist Ludacris on the radio and for the first time was truly inspired by music. During this time, he was also inspired by the sounds of Nas, Mos Def, Notorious BIG, Slick Rick, and Lupe Fiasco. This inspiration planted a seed in Eric that was sure to grow.

When Eric was nine years old he spent a year in his parent’s hometown of Chester, Pennsylvania. It was during this time, that Eric became totally aware of his roots and his East Coast/Down South Connection. This Bi-Coastal experience would ultimately play a role in Eric being such a well-rounded individual. Eric would continue throughout the years to visit his family on the East Coast and Down South (Durham, North Carolina), claiming his stake to those roots. At the age of ten, Eric and his family headed back to Los Angeles, CA. During these years, inspired by Lil Wayne, Eric began to express and explore his love for music and performing. Eric, his brother & friends would perform for hours on at his home while his parents were the audience as well as the recorder.

In 2006 Eric witnessed his father develop an Independent Record Label, FLAWLE$$ ENTERTAINMENT, INC. During this time he became familiar with the hard work and dedication behind the scenes. He watched his father manage an artist by the name of Ill Knob from KGB (one of Wu Tang Clans first hip hop groups). Eric became Ill Knob’s biggest fan and Ill Knob became Eric’s biggest influence and true inspiration (Ill Knob features on E. Cov's debut Mixtape entitled "Steal Of Tha Draft", released 7.27.2011). Also during this time Eric learned that he had relatives in the Industry such as Oli “Power” Grant (mogul actor and co-founder of legendary hip hop group Wu Tang Clan). With Eric surrounded by these musical influences in his young life, it’s no surprise that music would be his destiny.

After graduating High School In 2009, Eric was accepted to Arizona State University. After a year of college and plenty of soul searching, he came to the conclusion that he wasn't fulfilled in his current situation and was ready to pursue his dreams. Eric returned home to Los Angeles, where he poured all his love and passion into making his music. With the support of his father, he built a very sufficient home recording studio where he and his father spent countless nights recording music. Thus, through this father/son quest, E. Cov was born.

E. Cov is a Hip Hop artist in his own lane with his catchy lyrics and feel good tracks creating his own style of feel good music. He has a unique lyrical flow that grabs your attention and makes you listen. He is inspired today by artist such as Mann, Casey Veggies, Jay Z, Kanye West, Big Sean, J Cole, & Wiz Khalifa. Today E. Cov is signed to Flawle$$ Entertainment, Inc. and with the support of his label he is on a non-stop grind in pursuit of his career in music. The first single "Draft Day" off his debut mix-tape "Steal Of Tha Draft", hit top10 on Hot New Hip Hop within the first 8hrs of release. He has countless opportunities ahead of him, which will most certainly play a major role in jumpstarting a successful and lucrative career. He is dedicated, motivated and focused on making his dream a reality. He is without a doubt a young, self-motivated and determined up & coming Hip Hop artist. He is E. Cov!