Ed Amann

Ed Amann

 Akron, Ohio, USA

Unique and surprising, but at the same time comfortable and familiar would be a way of describing Ed Amann, guitarist, songwriter and folksinger. Ed performs songs from many eras and traditions along with original songs carefully crafted to add to the overall effect.


Ed started with guitar in 1963. Started playing in public at The Needle's Eye in Kent in the 60's. Started playing with bands while in Army in Texas. Toured with Elmore Brothers Band in mid '70s. Played with a lot of commercial bands around Akron since. Started playing as a single in 2001 in order to get original songs out to the public.

Ed picks music from all times and many genres for his shows. He likes to say, "If you don't like what I'm doing, wait 3 minutes, it will change". The songs he writes are crafted to fit within this wide range of material and include songs of conscience, railroad songs, blues, alt-country and hilljazz (a countrified take on jazz and pop standards)

Ed says:
"My all-time favorite activity is getting out and playing for people."


Lazy Day

Written By: Ed Amann

Lazy day just driftin’ by,
Like a cloud across the sky
Or is it just a cloud reflection.

Layin’ in the grass with you,
Not a thing we’ve got to do,
Dear you know that’s just about perfection.

Just a lazy summer day,
Really nothing more to say,
Wishin’ for a summer day and you.

Summer breeze shakes the leaves,
Sunlight filters through the trees,
Puts on a show for you and me to see.

Grapes ripenin’ in the sun,
Got to wait until they’re done,
Then there’ll be some wine for you and me.

Just a lazy summer day,
Really nothing more to say,
Wishin’ for a summer day and you.


Written By: Ed Amann

You think that you know it all,
You own the only way,
If you are so certain,
Why can’t I have my say.


A daily dose of heresy,
To keep you on your toes,
A different way of thinking,
Just to get up in your nose.

These things you take for granted now,
These words you set in stone,
Why can’t a person question,
Why can’t I pick a bone.

If you are so certain,
What is it that you fear,
Why do you want me silent,
Why can’t you let them hear.

Is the truth so fragile,
Does it really take such care,
Or are you really hiding,
That there’s really,

Fly Away Sometime

Written By: Ed Amann

Wouldn't you like just to fly away,
Away from all your cares,
Break through these clouds to the sunlit sky that's there,
Out of the reach of these earthbound storms and troubles far below,
Wouldn't you like just to fly away sometime.

Sun setting West to make room for the stars in a purple evening sky,
Moon shining down on the sea catches your eye,
On through the night as we turn into dreams like all we ever were,
Wouldn't you like just to fly away sometime.

Flying in my dreams and dreaming about you,
Wishing we were one but knowing we are two,


Repeat verse 2


"The Real Deal" - released Dec. '02. Still available only at shows. If you want this one you've got to come and see me.
"Lazy Day" - released Oct. '04. Available at Spin More and CDBaby.com and any shows.
"Playing The Game" - Released May '11. Available at CDBaby.com and shows.
Most tracks have been played on "Just Plain Folk" radio show.
Both CDs are true to live performances. Somewhere in the future I may do a more "produced" project.

Set List

Typically I do 2 to 3 hour shows, consisting of 2 or 3 sets of mixed cover and original material. On engagements in places I've been before, I work out a custom set list more tailored to my audience. Here is a typical set:
"Railroad Work Song" - traditional
"Color Tee Vee" - original
"Built For Comfort" - Howlin' Wolf cover
"Catch The Wind" - Donovan cover
"Lazy Day" - original
"Chimes Of Freedom" - Dylan cover
"Sixteen Tons" - Tennessee Ernie Ford cover
"Chopping Down The Mountains" - original
"Hallelujah" - Leonard Cohen cover
"John Riley" - Byrds cover
"Passing Through" - original
"Jambalaya" - Hank Williams cover
"Singin' About A Brown Eyed Girl" - original
"Who's Been Talking" - Howlin' Wolf cover
"You Are The Only Rose" - original
"Life Is Good" - original
"Forever Young" - Dylan cover

Sets are about an hour long. Yes, I do adjust for audience, venue, requests, etc.